Kayo added to OzTAM Video Player Measurement

More transparency as Kayo viewing numbers are added into 7 day and 28 day rolling reports.

Kayo viewing is now being reported in OzTAM’s Video Player Measurement service.

VPM is reported as 7 Day and 28 Day Rolling Reports of Live Streaming and spans audience, minutes viewed and reach (at least 15 seconds of a program). The top 5 shows in Foxtel Group are available for public viewing with performers including And Just Like That, Outlander, The Real Housewives of the OC and FBoy Island over the last 7 days.

OzTAM’s VPM service includes Kayo from the start of Q2 2023, however OzTAM is working with Foxtel to include Kayo in the VPM reports on OzTAM’s website.

Going forward, viewing to Foxtel internet-delivered services in non-set-top box homes (i.e., those homes that receive Foxtel services only via internet) will now be reported exclusively in the OzTAM VPM reporting service.

OzTAM CEO, Doug Peiffer, said: “Kayo’s progressive integration with VPM is a great step forward for the Foxtel Group and OzTAM, and brings us one step closer to Kayo being included in the VOZ Total TV database.

“This also supports OzTAM’s efforts to provide the most comprehensive and accurate audience estimates possible for the industry.”

Foxtel Media CEO, Mark Frain (pictured), said: “After a year of working closely with OzTAM, it is good news that Kayo Sports will now be integrated with OzTAM’s VPM collection service, providing a true picture of the strong growth the Foxtel Group has seen in its digital subscribers and viewership across all our platforms.

“A robust audience measurement system is a critical tenet of television advertising – it is a welcome development that OzTAM is now fully capturing our growing digital sports audiences.”

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  1. Hopefully Mark Frain also receives a report on how many times the app crashes, buffers or randomly restarts during a live game … but sadly when they have all the broadcast rights we are at their mercy!!

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