Shelter: July highlights

On Shelter, architects in Thailand, the secrets behind a powerhouse Australian architectural firm and a live stream event.

In July on design / architecture streamer Shelter, architects in Thailand, the secrets behind a powerhouse Australian architectural firm and a live stream event with the filmmakers of a world premiere doco.

Design: e²
Season 1 (6 x 30 mins) USA 2006 (Continues weekly from 3 July)
Design e² Season 1 continues this July on Shelter, further exploring the complex social, political, cultural, environmental and economic issues of sustainable architecture. Narrated by Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Brad Pitt, the series investigates recycling on a grand scale after civil engineer Paul Pedini built his own home from the massive amount of waste created by Boston’s “Big Dig”; then looks into the green design solutions in sustainability emanating from China’s unprecedented urbanisation boom; before concluding with a focus on three of the most remarkable thinkers and designers of our time: Ken Yeang, Werner Sobek and William McDonough, who are all radically changing the faces of both architecture & environmentalism.

Smart Cities 2.0
(8 x 60 mins) 2017 (Continues from 3 July)
Continue on the journey with architect, academic & urban planner Jason Pomeroy, as he travels to eight of the world’s most renowned urban hubs in Smart Cities 2.0. The series progresses to Bandung in Indonesia, known as the Paris of West Java, where urban challenges are being combated with the use of social media and hi-tech control centres; then to Singapore, where Jason finds out how the city-state is turning to data & technology to tackle the never-ending problems of city life; before going to Ahmedabad, to find out if a Smart City can be inclusive and improve the lives of all its people. Finally Jason travels to the ever-evolving Barcelona, a true Smart City 2.0; before venturing to Shenzhen in China, the hardware capital of the world and one of the country’s major ports – to investigate if a commercially successful city equates to a Smart City.

Grand Spaces Thailand
(6 x 30 mins) Thailand 2019 (Available 3 July)
With lush jungles, jagged mountains and beautiful waterways, Thailand’s beautiful landscape is unique and one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. But how do architects harness this beauty without compromising it with jarring designs? Discover some of the greatest minds of modern luxury design, as they reveal the secrets behind their exquisite creations; from resorts in Chiang Mai to retreats on far-flung tropical islands in Grand Spaces Thailand. Across 6 episodes, uncover how ingenious architecture respects local tradition as well as Thailand’s stunning natural landscape.

Richard Henriquez: Building Stories
World Premiere: (30 mins) 2023 (Available 24 July)
How does art try to connect the things that are not connectable, or explain what it means to be human? Canadian architect Richard Henriquez has sought the answers to this throughout his lifetime and through his work. Based in Vancouver, Henriquez has spent over six decades impacting the landscape with small and large-scale buildings – including Vancouver’s Gaslight Square, UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratory and Ottawa’s Peacekeeping Monument – each designed with the intention of enriching the creative culture of their cities. Richard Henriquez: Building Stories delves into the life and work of the remarkable and enigmatic narrative architect Richard Henriquez, and the importance he found in narrative architecture. From filmmakers Gavin Froome & Mike Bernard (Coast Modern), The documentary focuses on the architect’s approach to design and his use of storytelling when contemplating his buildings.

Shelter Extras: In Conversation with Gavin Froome & Mike Bernard live stream
7pm AEST July 31st
Join Rory Fraser (Shelter Originals: Follies) as he hosts a conversation with directors Gavin Froome and Mike Bernard, about their latest project Richard Henriquez: Building Stories. The filmmakers will discuss the success of their first feature documentary Coast Modern (available to stream on Shelter) and what inspired them to delve into the story of Canadian architect Richard Henriques.

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