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UK actor Julian Sands, best known for A Room With a View, Warlock and 24, has died.

UK actor Julian Sands, best known for A Room With a View, Warlock and 24, has died, aged 65.

Sands, a passionate hiker, was officially declared missing in California on January 13 by his family but hikers recently discovered his body outside Los Angeles in the Mount Baldy mountains.

“The identification process for the body located on Mt. Baldy on June 24, 2023, has been completed and was positively identified as 65-year-old Julian Sands of North Hollywood,” the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. “The manner of death is still under investigation, pending further test results. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the volunteers that worked tirelessly to locate Mr. Sands.”

A day before his remains were found, his family released their first statement since his search began, saying: “We continue to hold Julian in our hearts with bright memories of him as a wonderful father, husband, explorer, lover of the natural world and the arts and as an original and collaborative performer.”

Sands wooed Helena Bonham Carter’s character in 1985’s A Room With a View and starred as a son of Satan in a pair of Warlock movies. He played British photographer Jon Swain in 1984’s The Killing Fields and featured in Leaving Las Vegas, Arachnophobia, One Night Stand, The Loss of Sexual Innocence, Hotel, The Browning Version, Timecode, Suspension of Disbelief, Naked Lunch, he Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Boxing Helena.

On the small screen his credits included Smallville, 24, Jackie Chan Adventures, The L Word, Person of Interest, Gotham, Elementary, Lipstick Jungle, Banshee, Crossbones and The Blacklist.

Source: TV Insider, Hollywood Reporter.

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  1. Julian did a great job with a small recurring role in Stargate SG1 as the fanatical evil leader of a society in a faraway galaxy, misled by other beings, which for reasons a bit too complex to fit in this comment, was intent on eradicating anyone in our galaxy who refused to convert to their sham religion.

    His character’s impassioned “great holy armies shall be built” speech and later utter horror and despair at the death and destruction he had caused after he eventually came to see the error of his ways, showed the great range and acting skill which Julian brought to his work.

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