Adam and Poh’s Great Australian Bites: Aug 29

Time for the Aussie pub and Aussie bakery as Adam and Poh head to Ballarat.

Tonight on Adam and Poh’s Great Australian Bites, our hosts are in Ballarat, regional Victoria.

We’re travelling through Regional Victoria from Ballarat to the Bite. Within Australia’s regional lies the secret sauce that gives Australia not just great food, but also a unique culture and approach to life. Pubs are not just a place to drink – they’re a family friendly place to grab a meal and catch up with friends. Bakeries stretch back many thousands of years, and like other imported institutions, an Aussie bakery has an identity all its own.

8pm Tuesday on SBS Food.

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  1. Yet to watch this show, but two exceptional talents with great back stories. It will be interesting to hear their take on what makes Australian food, because I heard an interesting interview on the radio the other day about a person who wrote a book about how what we consider certain national cuisines, to be not be so national (e.g. Italy and pizza).

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