Are writers really snubbed by Logie Awards? Yes and no…

Writers take to social media to lament their omission at annual awards, but the answer is more complex.

Screenwriter Blake Ayshford took to Twitter to point out that despite having three shows nominated on Sunday he did not score an invite to the Logie Awards.

Those projects were ABC dramas Mystery Road: Origin, Significant Others and Here Out West.

Following his tweet others agreed they too had never been invited including Greg Waters (Wellmania, Surviving Summer, Riot, New Gold Mountain) and even veteran David Sale (Number 96).

On a night of celebrating creative work, it certainly does seem harsh. But the answer is more complex.

Firstly, there were writers in the room on Sunday night…including writer performers such as Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall (Colin from Accounts), writer directors such as Nicholas Verso (Crazy Fun Park) or Rachel Perkins (Australian Wars) and writer producers such as Sarah Walker (The Twelve).

But as even Amanda Keller has testified, getting a Logie ticket can be slim pickings, especially when the capacity of the room is reduced as it was for The Star.

Ticketing is up to the broadcaster in conjunction with producers. ABC had around 45 nominations on Sunday so it’s clear not everyone will score an invite. These things vary from show to show, year to year, venue to venue….

Historically TV Week as a consumer mag has always had a focus on talent, which differs somewhat from the AACTA Awards which offers specific categories for writers, directors, composers, cinematography, costume, casting etc.

It’s reasonable to ask whether the Logies should add a screenwriter category, but at 4+ hours long just where do you draw the line in adding more? Those decisions are made in conjunction with broadcasters themselves as part of annual post-awards discussion.

Even the AACTAs ends up splitting some categories into an Industry daytime event, separate from its sexier primetime ceremony.

So yes, it is disappointing that writers were not in attendance on Sunday, and we should definitely be celebrating the origins of story.

But it’s not as black and white as suggesting that Logies snubs writers.

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  1. It is disgusting that writers aren’t included. I mean the Logies are our Emmys and at the Emmys the writers are highly awarded as they should be. And yes they can have them broken into – already given out earlier…. but to not offer an awards to writers is terrible. But then again here in Australia yes unfortunately you have to form a team and produce and direct if you want product out there. We unfortunately don’t have major writer’s rooms like they do in Hollywood, which is a pity and a reason why our writing – especially scripted comedy is few and far between.

  2. Just to break down this argument… when you say ‘writer performers’ were there, they were there as performers. Believe me. Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall are actors. Nicholas Verso is a producer/director. Rachel Perkins and Sarah Walker are producers. That’s why they were there. No writer who creates a show or is a head writer is ever invited. Let’s be clear on what’s being debated. Writers are above-the-line talent and as important to the final content as producers, directors and actors.

    And yes, the focus is on shiny talent but if that’s really the case, why are producers there?

    1. It’s not complete to say Nicholas Verso is a producer/director as he is also the writer / creator of the work. Similarly Rachel and Sarah are multiskilled (but these points are made in the story). Sarah’s writing was even acknowledged on stage. I don’t think it is correct to say no creator / head writer is “ever” invited as you’re dismissing six decades of invitations. I have no argument about their importance or how brilliant it would be to include them. But the story outlines the complexities and the decisions that fall to broadcasters / production companies.

  3. The AACTAS are far more prestigious than the Logies, which is seen by most as daggy and cringey. When people who make shows don’t get invites, but the current disposable crop of reality flunkies are front and centre, there can be no doubt who this is aimed at. Let the Logies do their thing and hand out 50 paper weights, and focus on getting an invite to the AACTAS instead, you’ll enjoy the night a whole lot more!

  4. I have huge empathy and understanding of, and for the writers – but it’s unrealistic to broadly suggest writers attend – there are so many of them on the shows. However the script department needs to be represented and given voice – via the head writer/script producer/show runner.

    Often it’s the Production Company’s choice who to give tickets to, and suggest attendees, not the Logies. Maybe if they had a rule against partners going, we would see more script people get a ticket. I noticed Waleed Aly’s wife there – why?? – when so many hard working practitioners have never been. He wasn’t even nominated! Nor was The Project – so what were any of them doing there?

  5. The two times I worked on a nominated show, none of the writers were ever invited to the Logies. It is as others have pointed out, a ‘star studded’ event. The fact that there are some writer/performers more on display accounts for the higher profile ones. Perhaps writers wanted a public nod to the current industrial action going on.

  6. As long as i can remember, the Logies have been about the on air talent, rather than those behind the scenes, generally speaking. Usually when a show wins (for Best Drama, Comedy, Reality, Sports Broadcast and so on), the “spokesperson” may thank those working behind the scenes. But they say a short speech is a good speech. And thus some behind the scenes talent may be “forgotten”.

    We do see the odd producer accept the award though from time to time, like those working on Gogglebox, and the winners of Best Children’s Programs. And we do se journalists accept for the Public Affairs Report award. But that’s usually the extent to those “behind the scenes”. on stage.

    The AACTA Awards caters very well between on and off air talent.

  7. Less talking & ‘comedy’ by presenters (Daryl, Larry & Grant, Patrick & Harriet etc) plus just 1 musical act (especially if they are a nominee as well) and they could maybe have time to end like the Emmys with the Most Outstanding Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Actor,Actress, Drama then the Gold.

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