Telstra adds Fetch TV

After acquiring a majority interest in Fetch TV, Telstra now sells Fetch TV plans.

Telstra has launched streaming platform Fetch, enabling  Telstra customers to stream, search, record and consume their favourite content, including subscription channels, free-to-air, video on demand, movies, TV shows and pay per view events.

Pricing for a Fetch Mini begins at $8.25 per month for 24 months while a Fetch Mighty is $16.50 per month for 24 months.

Kim Krogh Andersen, Telstra Group Executive, Product and Technology said that “Telstra’s partnership with Fetch is a big part of our T25 growth strategy, with home and entertainment a core focus area for us. We acquired a majority interest in Fetch TV last year, as an opportunity to further evolve the entertainment experience that we offer to our customers.

“The TV is often the centre of the Australian home, and we’ve always been a leader in what we offer customers in this space. For existing Telstra TV customers, they can continue to use their device into 2024. However, over the coming months, Telstra will begin to reach out to TTV customers to help them transition to the new Fetch platform.”

Telstra customers will also enjoy added benefits, with the Telstra Plus loyalty program now integrated into the Fetch experience from Telstra. This means Telstra Plus members can use their Telstra Plus points to pay for a wide range of content in the Fetch TV and Movie Store, and customers can also earn points on purchases and rentals. For Telstra Plus Silver and Gold members, they’ll receive a 25% and 50% discount respectively on rentals and purchases from the Fetch Store.

To sweeten the deal for customers at launch, Telstra is offering three months of complementary access to the Ultimate Channel pack and Movie Box pack. Fetch’s Ultimate Channel pack includes 43 linear channels, including the likes of ESPN, BBC First, Discovery and Universal TV. While Movie Box offers 30 pre-selected movies at any time with a new one added daily.

Telstra will offer both the Fetch Mini puck and Mighty PVR devices, with the latter including a 1 TB hard drive with rich multi-channel recording functionality. Currently available to order online, the rollout to additional sales channels will commence next week. With pricing starting at $198 for the Fetch Mini outright or $8.25/month and $396 outright or $16.50/month for the Fetch Mighty, the introduction of Fetch marks a new leap for Telstra customers and home entertainment.

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  1. If you get it you will probably find it’s locked to telstra. You can’t change ISP. If you want one buy it outright from a retailer so you can use it with any ISP

  2. For new Fetch users, they might find the Mighty and Mini boxes okay, as they have little to compare with. Existing users (like me) have seen Fetch horrendously downgrade the performance and usability of their boxes since their “upgrade” in May. Their productreview.com.au pages has plummeted the average rating to 2.2 stars. Almost every Facebook post they have made are getting hundreds to thousands of negative comments on what has been perceived as a complete downgrade to what was once a fantastic box. Their changes to the layout and functionality of the box have made it painful to use, things which were one click (like episode summary of current show) is now up to 5 clicks. The extended information on recordings has been scrapped, although the mighty is a PVR, they’re moving all focus to streaming apps. I always record rather than stream FTA on catch-up so I can avoid commercials.

  3. For a few years i was getting Foxtel from Telstra but decided a while back when i heard whispers which way they were heading i decided to get Foxtel outright.I love my sport.Fetch TV is certainly very lucky to survive all thanks to Telstra

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