Airdate: Atomic Hope

Doco on iwonder asks if it is time to reconsider nuclear energy as a viable solution to an impending climate catastrophe?

Documentary film Atomic Hope drops today on streaming platform iwonder.

The film follows a tiny global movement of unpopular pro-nuclear activists, who strongly believe we need nuclear power in order to decarbonise global energy systems, before catastrophic climate change occurs.

Adrian Chia, Head of Content at iWonder, says: “While bedded into scientific fact, the fight to protect the climate is filled with emotion, something which the pro-nuclear activists in Atomic Hope encounter at every turn as they try to overcome decades of mistrust deeply embedded in people’s association with nuclear energy.

“Few would argue that we should be using all the tools at our disposal to decarbonise the planet, so why is nuclear energy not higher on the international climate agenda? That’s the key question raised by Atomic Hope.

Intimately filmed over a ten year period, these advocates for nuclear energy come from all over the world; from Japan to Switzerland, America to Australia. But these activists face clashes and opposition at every juncture. Nuclear meltdowns, costs, radiation fears, and nuclear waste are just some of the very serious issues which traditional environmentalists have against this technology.

However in the face of this pushback and conflict, they argue that “science and data is all we have”. It’s the science they base their environmental movement on, which directly challenges popular beliefs and myths around nuclear energy and these prevailing issues.

So are they right? In the face of a very real climate emergency – with time ticking towards irreversible climate change – is it now time that people around the world pause to take a sober look at the science, stop the mass closure of nuclear power plants, and fully reconsider nuclear energy as a viable solution to the impending climate catastrophe?

Thursday September 28 on iwonder.

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