Great Australian Walks with Julia Zemiro: Oct 12

The final episode for Julia Zemiro sees her undertake the 7km Bondi- Coogee coastal walk.

This week’s final episode of Great Australian Walks, Julia Zemiro is in Bondi Beach.

This episode is set in and around Bondi Beach, probably the most instagrammed beach in the country. Nestled on the east coast of Sydney in NSW, and just a stone’s throw away from the CBD, Julia treads the 7km Bondi- Coogee coastal walk, inhaling the magnificent views, golden beaches, spectacular clifftops and richly diverse multicultural history.

Arriving by car, Julia Zemiro is back on her old stomping ground and remembers the less glamorous history of Bondi; meets a local who reveals images from thousands of years ago that’s hidden in plain sight; catches up with one of our great Australian chess masters; and gets her hands dirty in the quest to preserve these beaches from pollution, all the while savouring the stunning scenery that’s just a stone’s throw from the CBD.

7:30pm Thursday on SBS.

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