60 Minutes: Nov 26

This Sunday anxiety in school students, mysterious deaths in Russia, and Nine looks at hacking and cyber criminals.

Having been the target of corporate hacking itself, Nine will look at the increasing threat of cyber criminals in Sunday’s 60 Minutes.

School’s Out
There’s a complex and confounding issue affecting an increasing number of Australian school students. They are pupils who want to learn but are refusing to go into the classroom. The reason? They feel physically unable to attend school because they are so overwhelmed by anxiety. It has nothing to do with wagging, and as Nine’s Sylvia Jeffreys reports, it’s not a case of them simply needing to toughen up. The reality is the phenomenon of school refusal is a problem that has many teachers and parents very worried.
Reporter: Sylvia Jeffreys
Producers: Sammi Taylor, Lisa Brown

Every Six Minutes
The facts are frightening. More than half the population of Australia has now been impacted by cyber-crime. The cost to the country is at least thirty billion dollars a year, and despite all the warnings, every six minutes there’s a new report of someone becoming a victim to an online attack. It’s now time to face the truth that the war against cyber criminals can’t be won. But as Amelia Adams reports, that doesn’t mean Australia is surrendering. Far from it.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producers: Amelia Ballinger, Anthony Dowsley

Russian Roulette
The conflict raging in the Middle East has distracted much of the world’s attention from the ongoing war in Ukraine, where sadly the fighting goes on as fiercely and deadly as ever. A drawn-out campaign, however, is not what Russian President Vladimir Putin expected when he launched his illegal invasion early last year. The failure of the dictator’s war effort and his stubborn insistence to continue the fight is causing increased unrest in Russia. As Tom Steinfort reports, it has also led to strange things happening to Putin’s opponents. Many have been dying in highly suspicious circumstances. Mysterious accidents, unexplained suicides, even plain old-fashioned murders have seriously reduced the ranks of Putin’s foes.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producer: Sheree Gibson

7pm Sunday on Nine.

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