Chris Allen to scale back role at A Current Affair

Longtime Brissy reporter is moving to a part-time role at Nine's current affairs.

Longtime A Current Affair reporter Chris Allen is scaling back his duties.

The Australian reports he first joined the show when Jana Wendt was hosting, although has also enjoyed time at Seven and ABC.

With nearly two decades in this latest term, the Brissy-based reporter has seen them all.

“I can’t count how many times I’ve been to Bali unfortunately not for lovely holidays instead were usually chasing drunk Australians or drug dealers,” he said.

In 2012 he was grabbed “by the collar” by an angry interview subject.

“I’ve gone to talk to people about wills before and arguments over wills, but this one really became out of control very quickly and these are the kind of ones that you don’t see coming,” Allen reflected.

“Clearly something snapped and he aggressively shoved the camera. So much so, that he cut the cameraman’s eye and bruised him and then turned his attention to me and started to try and grab me by the collar,” Allen said.

“You don’t expect them to physically assault you.”

Allen is now set to feature in a part-time capacity on Nine for a while.

He added, “I think it’s time I start spending a bit more time with my lovely wife.”

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  1. In my books he’s up there with the best like Kay McGarth, Pat Welsh, and Wally Lewis who were all on tv here in Brisbane .he’s done a lot and copped a lot for the show…I’ve no doubt he would have love to have put some of the aggressive ones back in their box…but he has always kept his cool…but then he is a pro at what he does..

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