Dessert Masters, Cheap Seats lead slots for 10.

10 wins key entertainment slots. A history doco lifts SBS, while Seven wins Tuesday overall.

10 managed some timeslot wins last night, while the night was a win overall for Seven.

Dessert Masters led its slot at 451,000 metro viewers and topped the demos, then 7:30 (419,000), 7News Spotlight (361,000), My Mum Your Dad (327,000) and Take 5 with Zan Rowe (277,000).

Later The Cheap Seats led with 348,000 well ahead of  Paramedics at 201,000 and SBS third with The Lost City of Melbourne, which could top its week at 200,000.

Seven network won Tuesday with 27.4% then Nine 26.1%, 10 19.5%, ABC 16.7% and SBS 10.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 841,000 / 817,000. The Chase topped entertainment at 478,000 / 310,000 then Home & Away (440,000). Big Brother managed 130,000. The Endgame was just 63,000.

Nine News (684,000 / 659,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led with 646,000 then Hot Seat (312,000 / 193,000).  Embarrasing Bodies was 126,000.

The Project drew 247,000 / 145,000. 10 News First was 193,000 / 139,000. NCIS was 100,000.

ABC News pulled 526,000. Rose Gold was 160,000 with The Drum at 122,000 then Tom Gleeson’s Secrets of the Australian Museum (113,000).

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (131,000), SBS World News (121,000 / 92,000).

Would I Lie to You? topped multichannels at 108,000.

Sunrise: 216,000
Today: 186,000
News Breakfast: 104,000 / 41,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

Love Island: 350,000
Big Brother: 513,000
My Mum Your Dad: 604,000
Home & Away: 899,000
Old People’s Home for Teenagers: 562,000
Take 5 with Zan Rowe: 411,000
The Cheap Seats: 580,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 14 November 2023

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  1. I looked at a bit of it-will probably watch it when it’s repeated at some time-all the big cities here have much the same tale to tell of break neck rebuilding from the 50s /60s onwards with considerable cultural vandalism-CTV Perth used to show a feature length doco of home movies of Perth from the 40s to the 70s (have it on DVD somewhere). The irony is it’s the old country towns like York WA that have the best preserved Victorian/Federation architecture now as they became backwaters long ago.

  2. I have always watched Seven News in Brisbane but I’m getting sick of the fill in segments they take from social media thinking it is news, it is of no concern to me that someone decided to post a video of a genius hooking a “tiny on a trailer” to an electric scooter and scoot down the footpath beside a main road, nor am I interested in a high performance car in Italy crashing into a tourist’s mobile home, even worse using the social media posts of young career criminals skiting about their steeling and break ins, that’s just giving them more oxygen and incentive to seek more fandom, or the latest analysis segments on how many people are buying everything from chicken to retirement villas. They have a reporter out the front of a hospital after some poor unfortunate is lying inside the hospital, .it’s as bad as a reporter going to a house fire and trying to interview neighbours who probably don’t even know each other to get their side or opinions on the event as en “exclusive”

  3. Surely 7 will have to evict BB from the main channel surely anything they replace it with couldn’t rate any lower than the last couple of nights will be interesting to see the totals for last night and Monday’s episodes

  4. I just wanted to express my disappointment at Home and Away for not having a footnote farewelling Johnny Ruffo. Yes, they did it on their Facebook page but when Belinda Emmett passed away, they paid tribute.

      1. Of course Mr Knox. I made that statement based on emotion but nonetheless, many others feel sad. I can’t recall a time so many stars across the varied mediums have paid tribute. Johnny was so loved and his stoicism is a lesson to everyone. May he truly Rest in Eternal Peace.

  5. How do you solve a problem like Big Brother? Well 7’s tank is empty so will be interesting to see if they take the hit and stick it out like Million Dollar Island, or dump it off to a multichannel like Blow Up. Either way, my guess is clients are not happy and it will hit the bottom line. I also bet it quietly disappears from the 2024 lineup.

    1. You are right, clients are not happy. Can someone explain to me why it “will be interesting to see the totals for last night and Monday’s episodes. Is it that the “Totals” are including viewers on 7+ or whatever that doesn’t carry my commercials, and therefore are only of interest to me for that reason? When a 10 program that costs almost nothing draws 3x 7’s expensive exhibitionist program it seems not even the voyeurs are enough to prop it up.

  6. I watched that Lost City of Melb doco on SBS on demand & I had the chance to witness the rare archive footage of the events that have happened back in the 1950s. Melb has changed a lot since then. As well, it was great to see some photographers using some old archival photos.

    1. My wife and I laugh at the phrase “rare archival footage” which the networks use in abundance to promo nostalgic programs. Thanks for your good review TheMighty, we will watch that show tonight as proud Melburnians.

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