What has been 2023’s Story of the Year?

What will we will look back on as 2023’s legacy?

It’s nearly time for voting in the annual TV Tonight Awards.

Ahead of that I usually invite reader suggestions for Story of the Year and Blunder of the Year for survey voting.

Story of the Year is a fairly broad category, and could be a single TV moment, issue or trend, Australian or international, either on or off screen.

Basically it’s the thing that we will look back on as 2023’s legacy, for better or worse!

Blunder of the Year is pretty self-explanatory, but can also be on or off screen.

If you are suggesting any legal or sensitive matters kindly refrain from commentary, or it may not be publishable.  The less wording the better here…

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and let me know which category it’s for!

5 Responses

  1. Story of the year: agree with others on the Matilda’s especially given how little seven reportedly paid; Warburton moving on is big given it was not expected (as far as I know) and made substantial progress on turning seven around.
    Flops: about half of sevens prime time attempts; not securing the England based Ashes seems really dumb to me also given they claim home of cricket.

  2. Big stories
    – Matilda’s unbelievable run in the WWC
    – David Koch exits sunrise
    – Death of Jock Zonfrillo

    – Seven’s string of failures (Blow Up, BB)
    – studio 10 moving to 10am and cutting down to 2 hours

  3. Biggest Stories:
    Matildas, certainly providing the biggest story/moment of TV for the year.
    Peter Hitchener’s 50 years at Nine, and move from weeknights.
    Lehrmann v Network Ten/Lisa Wilkinson

    Internationally: Probably the writers strike?

    Biggest Blunders: Big Brother, The Bachelors ratings performance. And it pains me to add: Mother And Son 2.0 (I love Denise Scott, but, sorry!)

  4. The TV story of the year is Matildas phenomenal ratings success. If anyone said at the beginning of the year that one game would get 7 million viewers and 5 of the top six most watched events, they would have been optimistic.

    Blunder for me is either a string of Seven flops (Blow Up, Big Brother) or FTA losing ICC events for the next four years. There are probably others, but can’t think of them right now.

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