Axed: Minx

US comedy ends a second time, after switching US networks.

Spicy period comedy Minx has been axed for a second time in the US.

First dumped by HBO Max after just one season, it was thrown a lifeline by Starz whose parent company, Lionsgate, produces the show. A second season aired stateside some months ago, as the strikes were biting.

However Deadline reported Starz executives in private conversations with producers lamented that comedy is not working on the network.

The comedy starring Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson screened in Australia on Stan.

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  1. This is such a shame. The cast were clearly having the time of their lives revelling in turning the tables on so much of the sexual politics of the 70s in a way that had oodles of titillation (c**killation?) for the girls (and us boys) whilst delivering plenty of depth to the characters involved. I feel a third and final series would have given us a truly satisfying climax.

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