“Nothing planned” on more Vera, says Brenda Blethyn.

Days be numbered for a favourite British sleuth.

Vera star Brenda Blethyn has been pressed about the mystery’s future, telling UK’s The Mirror, “At the moment there’s nothing planned” after three new episodes screen.

She added: “But that’s not to say they’re not talking about it. There might be a winding up. I don’t know. Ann Cleeves is also writing her 11th Vera book. So, there’s also that to consider. But a whole series? I think not. We’ll see.”

ABC has screened all of S12 in Australia (with “The Rising Tide” ahead of Britain) but the UK is currently getting 3 new episodes of S13 for 2024.

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  1. All TV franchises can’t last forever, so Vera will obviously come to an end at some point, especially when Brenda Blethyn decides she’s sick of doing it, then again it still rates well in the UK and Australia and in other markets, so ITV would take that into consideration too.
    Maybe reuniting Vera with her old sparring partner Joe Ashworth in this new series could be a good way to call time on the series for a while?

  2. Not surprising after doing 11 episodes over 4 years with COVID disruptions Brethyn said she wasn’t interested in another series, but then agreed to a Christmas special and a 3 episode S13. The ABC will obviously same them for later in the year.

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