60 Minutes: Feb 4

This Sunday, Madeleine West's pursuit for justice, plus Trump's tilt at a return to the White House.

On 60 Minutes Tara Brown speaks with actor Madeleine West about confronting a perpetrator from her past in her pursuit for justice.

Acting for Real
For much-loved Australian actor Madeleine West, it was a role that came with caveats. She was told there would be no audience to admire the part, no applause and certainly no awards. Madeleine desperately didn’t want to do it, but she knew she couldn’t refuse. She also knew it had to be her finest performance ever. And that’s because she’d be acting for real. As Tara Brown reports, the role was about a dark chapter in Madeleine’s own life that she’d kept hidden for 40 years, and taking it on was the only way to help police put a monster behind bars.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Garry McNab, Laura Sparkes

The Power of One
People all over the world are now wondering if, politically at least, Donald Trump is indestructible. The former United States president is facing 91 charges in four criminal trials, and the very real threat of going to prison. On top of that, last week he was ordered to pay more than $120 million in damages to a woman he defamed. For anyone else, any one of these setbacks would mean political death. But not Donald Trump, who just gets stronger, louder and more belligerent. And more likely to make a triumphant return to the White House after the US election later this year. Amelia Adams travels to Trump’s heartland to investigate his secret to turning scandal into success.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producer: Laura Sparkes, Sheree Gibson

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.

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