60 Minutes: Mar 24

Adam Hegarty continues his royal family reports, while Nick McKenzie reports on Chinese influence in Fiji.

On 60 Minutes Adam Hegarty continues his royal family reports with more “Crown and Out” scrutiny, while Nick McKenzie reports on Chinese influence in Fiji.

Power in Paradise
When China’s powerful foreign minister Wang Yi met his Australian counterpart Penny Wong a few days ago, the pair, albeit awkwardly, smiled and shook hands for the cameras. But behind closed doors there’s no doubt the atmosphere would have been much less cordial. Both nations have plenty of differences to work through, including the ongoing battle for influence in the Pacific. While Canberra takes a more softly-softly approach to our near neighbours, that’s not Beijing’s way of doing business. In a joint investigation by 60 Minutes, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Nick McKenzie reveals some of the downright dirty tactics China uses to assert its dominance over tiny nations like Fiji.
Reporter: Nick McKenzie
Producer: Amelia Ballinger

Intensive Care
The weather is spectacular and the swimming pool is always inviting. The rooms have all the mod-cons and the food is great. At the Vivo Bene resort in northern Thailand, pampering is the priority. But while the intensive care is very deliberate, this is no ordinary holiday paradise. That’s because the guests are elderly and most have dementia. Unlike other aged-care providers though, the world-renowned treatment at Vivo Bene is not dominated by medication. Instead, it includes love, laughter, and giving vulnerable humans the time – and respect – they deserve. For reporter Dimity Clancey, providing the best care possible for dementia patients is a cause close to her heart. Her mother, Lorraine, has battled the disease for more than a decade and currently lives in an aged-care home in Sydney. In this special report for 60 Minutes, Clancey asks why can’t there be facilities like Vivo Bene in Australia?
Reporter: Dimity Clancey
Producer: Natalie Clancy

Crown and Out
Just when it seemed it couldn’t get any worse for the Royal Family, it did. This time last week the palace was attempting but failing to mop up the scandal of Princess Catherine’s photoshopping blunder, while at the same time trying to deflect attention away from the fact the star royal hadn’t been seen in public for so long. This week things appeared to be brighter when Kate and Prince William were filmed, looking quite happy, at their local shops. But then there was more drama after it was reported that attempts had been made to access the Princess of Wales’ hospital records. As Adam Hegarty reports, speculation about the Royal family is now so rife, it’s ridiculous.
Reporter: Adam Hegarty
Producers: Garry McNab, Sheree Gibson

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.

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  1. No apology offered though from any media news outlets has been offered to Catherine….no consideration was given to her young children whilst all those media people were criticising and critiquing a photo…or any respect given when she asked for privacy….and now the media are still bringing in “Royal” correspondents giving their opinions…this is why I personally think news media can be vulgar, spiteful and vindictive…I just wish Catherine well and is given the respect she deserves and more importantly time to recover in private. No one young or old in the public eye should be put through this…it is just appalling…but even worse the media think people have to justify to them what happens in their lives because they think the world should know just to get a “scoop” and if they don’t reveal all they will be hounded…and I make no apologies either for being so scathing towards the media.

  2. As I was scrolling down to say just that……. .- but please just leave her alone 60 Minutes. Dump that story and give us something light – like – The smartest dog in the world, or 11 Of The Most Faked Foods In The World – from CBS 60M – if 10 hasn’t used it.

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