Gallery: Windcatcher goes to Parliament House

Tony Burke & ACTF hosted a screening of Stan family film in Canberra.

Cast members from Windcatcher joined with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation recently for a screening event hosted by The Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke and ACTF Chair Helen Silver.

In attendance were Kelton Pell, Pia Miranda, Max Turner, Coco Greenstone, who were relatively unknown to guests at the pre-screening reception but emerged from the theatre as stars.

The cinema screening was attended by Canberra school children, parents and grandparents.

Tony Burke said, “Sometimes when we talk about Australian stories we talk about the big, grand stories, the big, dramatic stories that deal with huge cultural moments in Australian history… the stories that you’ll see today are the stories that we need to hear. Because from a child’s perspective, the big event in your life is dealing with the bully at school. The big event in your year is the school athletics carnival. They’re the big moments, and to have stories that speak to that means that people grow up in Australia always seeing themselves and knowing that their story is worth telling. The Australian Children’s Television Foundation has always been dedicated to that.

“The last few years, children’s content has fallen off a cliff since changes in the obligation rules… I want people to spend their whole lives growing up in Australia knowing that their own experience and their own story matters. You can have that on a whole lot of different art forms, but if it’s not there on the screen, then people can miss the other messages. Screen is the great equalizer. No matter where you are, in different ways you are going to have access to it, and people need to know their story is worth telling. People need to know that when they look at a screen, that from time to time they see themselves.”

Windcatcher is now screening on Stan.

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