Seven plots Home & Away spin-off, Yabbie Creek.

Lynne McGranger to star as Irene solving murder mysteries in a new 7TWO series.


After 37 seasons, Home & Away is getting its first mystery series spin-off, Yabbie Creek.

An 8 part series set to screen on 7TWO will centre around Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) helping local police to solve a string of murders rippling through the town.

Yabbie Creek has long been referred to as the fictional neighbouring town to Summer Bay. In the new series, Irene is drawn into the investigation of several bizarre murders, determined to help, despite pushback from Detective Sgt. Geoff Cooper (Lincoln Lewis). Irene knows people and can see what makes them tick. It’s a blessing and a curse. But beneath it all are her own fears – that deep down she’s still just a manager at a local diner. Surely it’s only a matter of time before everybody realises it?

Adopting a mystery-of-the-week format, the series will chart a darker, more adult tone than Home & Away and will be rated MA.

Seven Network Chief Content Officer, Entertainment Programming, Angus Ross, said, “Home & Away has a rich history on Australian television and the Summer Bay universe runs deep with drama, intrigue and a tapestry of favourite Aussie characters. With Irene already known for helping to solve everyone’s problems it was a natural fit to apply her earthly instincts into a brand new series, on Australia’s home for mysteries, 7TWO.

“With a spectacular coastal backdrop and Lynne McGranger’s Logie-nominated talents, we can’t wait to bring this to screens in 2025.”

Lynne McGranger said, “You absolute ripper! I’m already living Irene’s ultimate life and now I’m about to do it in Yabbie Creek sortin’ out their muck. Irene is funny, she’s compassionate, she’s flawed, all of those things that we all are. Some days, I’m just going, ‘G’day darl’ can I get you a cuppa?’ and then other days, it’s real emotional stuff.

“In Yabbie Creek she won’t take no for an answer in order to get to the bottom of a new mystery every week. Bring it on!”

Yabbie Creek will draw upon a long legacy of Summer Bay characters including Stephen Heathcote as Daryl Braxton, Debra Lawrance as Pippa Ross, Lyn Collingwood as Colleen Smart, and Norman Coburn as Donald ‘Flathead’ Fisher who spontaneously combusts in the first episode when he is moved into a nursing home for retired surfies and greenies.

Producers are hoping to lure Chris Hemsworth into a guest role reprising his character of Kim Hyde, but sources said they would settle for Les Hill.

The series is also expected to be given a primetime screening on Channel 5 in Britain and will kick off with a Live UK Tour featuring Yabbie Creek merchandise and an audience Q+A.

Producers are also exploring other character spin-offs including Ray Meagher in Alf’s Deadliest Catch, Emily Symons in Marilyn: Bringing Sexy Back and Ada Nicodemou in Leah’s Trip to Eurovision.

Seven reportedly knocked back a suggestion for a drama series based on Fast Forward‘s famous Dumb Street sketch.

Image: Roberto Parlavecchio

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  1. Oh my God you got me. Yesterday I was thinking what April fools joke is David going to play on us this year but then today totally forgot it was April fools day till they mentioned it on the TV. I thought oh what was the April fool joke & then it hit me. The Home & Away spin off. Der I should have realised. Damn I was looking forward to it too. I’m normally on the ball but not this year.

  2. I was ready for whatever hilarious story you would give us this year, Mr Knox! Great job! I wonder if anyone at Channel 7 will think ‘hey that’s not such a bad idea’….

  3. This sounds much more exciting than the show currently is at the moment. Shame it’s April Fools though, couldn’t trick me so easily

  4. This would be great! Sadly it’s an April
    Fools Joke. You might get 7 thinking about a spin off, but it might have a different cast!
    Another great April 1st article!

  5. As Larry David would say, ‘this is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, good’, DK! You almost had me with the headline alone, but reading into it…I twigged! Well done, Sir!

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