$2.99 extra to avoid ads on Prime Video

From July ads will screen on Prime Video, unless you pay extra to avoid them.

Advertising on Prime Video will begin in Australia on July 2nd 2024.

To avoid seeing ads, Prime Video members will need to pay a further $2.99 per month on top of their current subsciption.

Advertising was first flagged by Prime Video last September.

“To continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment over a long period of time, starting in 2024, Prime Video shows and movies will include limited advertisements in Australia,” said Prime Video.

“We aim to have meaningfully fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming TV providers. No action is required for Australian Prime members. We’re not making changes in 2024 to the current price of Prime membership.”

The change applies to all Prime and Prime Video Only plans (presumably including those who took out 12 month membership). However Prime is not detailing how much advertising will screen per hour, whether as pre-roll or as commercial breaks during TV and movies (or both).

Subscription TV platforms initially launched as an alternative to Free to Air television but in recent years have introduced advertising, including Binge, Netflix, Disney+.

Prime is emailling subscribers about the changes.

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  1. Got my email yesterday i only watch a small amount of prime but will still keep my yearly subscription because it’s worth it for the free shipping alone prime video is just a bonus

  2. Got the email today and promptly cancelled my prime membership they’ve recently increased pricing and now this. Amazon a nearly 2 trillion dollar conglomerate crying poor no way.

  3. Amazon introduced advertising on Prime in the UK a month or so ago. The ads are very limited (maybe one or two ads, and no more than a minute total ad break in length) during TV shows, with no more than one or two ad breaks depending on the length of the programme. No ad breaks during movies though possibly at pre-roll, but again no more than a minute in total length made up of one or two ads.

    So far, I haven’t really found them to be a problem so I didn’t bother paying the new premium for ad free.

  4. I just kinda forgot that Prime Video is part of my Prime Membership. I only get it for the cheap shipping, which I use multiple times p/month. Given that its going to be only an additional $2.99 and wont affect my price of the membership – which according to my email will stay at $9.99, then I’m not to bothered.
    But it does make me wonder, that if all these companies are having to keep raising their prices to all these subscription services, then maybe there are too many subscription services, that shouldn’t be around. They clearly are not making money and the introduction of ads reinforces that. What I believe may have happened given every Tom, Dick and Harry, the notion of being able to have their own streaming service was the pandemic. Now its over and people aren’t at home 24/7, they are clearly struggling to keep eye balls on their offerings. Ads and price rises are not going to make people suddenly “want” to subscribe.

    1. We had friends who were on the $9.99 a month plan, which works out to be $120 per year. We told them that we pay annually—$79.99, a saving of $40 per year. They promptly swapped to the far cheaper annual payment.

  5. I’m on a one year membership. Not happy if I have to pay an additional $2.99 per month to have no ads. That’s why I paid for 12mths. If they introduce ads in July before my 12mths ends, then I’ll be peeved. I’ll definitely cancel if this happens.

  6. They already jacked up the price of Prime and the free standard shipping threshold, and has it even been a year yet?

    $6.99 was good value for a month’s worth of fast shipping. Didn’t really care for Prime Video though I’d watched a couple of rarities on there. But for nearly double the price? I don’t think I’ll ever spring for Prime again.

  7. That will have me opting out. They were the cheapest, but to be honest I didn’t watch much on it but just kept the subscription going. I won’t now.

    1. The have put up prices which will discourage new poorer subscriber and drive churn amongst rich subscribers, whose demographics now match premium cable subscribers of the past. While they are putting up prices for ad free accounts, those churners pay a cost. Eventually they will all settle on prices for basic and ad supported accounts and have to compete on their premium shows. It’s not as bad as US network TV which is down to 38 with 22 minutes of ads an hour now. This only allows for procedurals with clunky exposition and no character development. You need time to tell complex stories with interesting characters. I thought that The West Wing and The Good Wife just managed to tell a story of week, with some ongoing story and character development, in 42 minutes and they were using montages and some shorthand to do that.

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