“I’m all about the future,” says new Seven News boss.

Seven News boss Anthony De Ceglie looks forward not backwards, while rumours swirl around changes to presenting teams.

Newly-installed Seven News boss Anthony De Ceglie has given an interview in which he responds to claims he is a print media, not television, but without addressing any recent transgressions in the news department.

“It’s kind of funny to see me labeled as a newspaper person, only because really, more than anything, I’m a digital person. But the truth of the matter is that what I am very good at is leading integrated platforms to speak together cohesively,” he told Mediaweek.

“The starting point is we actually have a really good team. I cannot speak to the last couple of months, that’s the past, and I’m all about the future,” De Ceglie says of the headlines.

Those headlines encircled 7News Spotlight, but extended to a Sunrise error regarding Bondi Junction Westfield attacks and the departure of former news director Craig McPherson, Spotlight boss Mark Llewellyn and the resignation of Seven Melbourne news boss, Shaun Menegola who remains in a transition phase.

“My gut feeling is there’s an excellent team around Shaun and an excellent team around the country. So there’ll be a lot of internal candidates for that. That’s obviously one of the most plum spots in Seven News. So we’ll run a process and make sure the best person possible takes on the job … we’re not wanting talent, put it that way.”

The interview comes at a time when media are speculating about changes at Seven News, including one rumour that Mark Ferguson could be replaced by Michael Usher & Angela Cox, and another that even suggests Usher could be axed in order to save costs.

Seven is also yet to replace Mark Llewellyn at 7News Spotlight with one article claiming 60 Minutes producer Gareth Harvey is a likely contender. Producer Phil Goyen is currently in the role following Llewellyn’s departure.

Updated: A Seven spokesperson said, “The claims are rubbish and couldn’t be further from the truth. They are damaging and misleading.”

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  1. I think the Usher/Cox combo is excellent. They work well together and have great chemistry. If it works, why change it. Ferguson is also very good, again, why change things that don’t need to be changed.

  2. The above Daily Mail link – “Anthony De Ceglie, who currently works as editor-in-chief for News Corp mastheads in Western Australia”.
    Um, no, he worked for The West Australian (SWM) I believe.
    Why would Seven Sydney fiddle with their #1 rating news anchors? As much as I dislike dual newsreaders I don’t entirely dislike the Usher/Cox combo. Usher is quite popular in Sydney. Would Seven want him going to 10 or back to 9?

  3. How about they put a woman in charge of Spotlight or primetime current affairs for once? I feel like/hope this guy will lead a more inclusive and progressive Seven. It’s a network wide problem tho isn’t it- are there any women in charge of primetime news or current affairs on Seven, Nine or Ten and has there ever been?

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