Screen Tasmania announces Island Screen Incentive

New incentive program hopes to attract large-budget film and television projects to Tasmania.

Screen Tasmania has announced an Island Screen Incentive, a new program aimed at attracting large-budget film and television projects to the state.

The incentive encourages expenditure in the Tasmanian economy and drives employment and skills development in the Tasmanian industry, whilst highlighting Tasmanian landscapes, heritage and lifestyle.

Financial support is provided as a grant at the rate of 10% of the expenditure on Tasmanian goods and services while producing the project, capped at AUD$500,000 (excluding GST).

Projects are eligible if they are long-form live-action that expends at least AUD$1.5 million in Tasmanian spending and are substantially based in Tasmania.

Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner said, “SPA applauds Screen Tasmania’s introduction of the Island Screen Incentive and their proactiveness in encouraging productions to the state to both continue to build the local industry while enabling producers to work with the wealth of local stories and talent while highlighting unique Tasmanian landscapes, history, heritage and culture.”

The program will open for applications soon, for decisions from 1 July 2024.

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