Sharks yet to be confirmed for Shark Tank return

Casting for entrepreneurs closes next week, while the network is yet to confirm which Sharks will return.

10 is yet to confirm its five Sharks for the 2024 season of Shark Tank, with casting for Aussie entrepreneurs and inventors still underway.

Last season featured five new Sharks in Sabri Suby, founder of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency and author of Sell Like Crazy; Dr. Catriona Wallace, founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance; Davie Fogarty, founder of Davie Group Jane Lu, CEO of online fashion boutique, Showpo and US Shark, Robert Herjavec, who has invested over $A23 million across his 14 seasons of the US show.

Daniel Monaghan, senior vice president of content and programming at Paramount ANZ told Mediaweek, “While Shark Tank wasn’t a massive hit by anyone’s imagination, it was really successful in the demos that we targeted and the advertisers were so happy with it last year that we couldn’t not bring it back.”

Sarah Thornton, Network Executive Producer for Shark Tank Australia and Head of Non-Scripted at Paramount Australia, said: “Australia is home to some of the world’s most successful startups and Shark Tank taps into our deep pool of entrepreneurial talent right across the country.

“There is no other show like this, where genuine investors put their own money, business acumen and time up for grabs.

“It’s no surprise there has been feverish interest to pitch this year, with applications already up 150% on last year.

“I’m loving the innovation, talent and great Aussie characters we’re seeing coming through and can’t wait to share them with viewers on Shark Tank Australia.

“This show offers brands next level audience engagement across a community of fans inspired by great startup ideas,” added Michael Stanford, Head of Paramount ANZ Brand Studio.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind format that aligns with how brands can and do support small business, while demonstrating the wide appeal of the entrepreneurial mindset.

“It’s no surprise advertisers wanted it back as much as we did.”

Casting for entrepreneurs closes 24 May at 10play.com.au/casting.

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  1. Love the show and have watched all seasons, but I really hope Dr. Catriona Wallace doesn’t return – all she did is talk herself up and mention the metaverse over and over. Usually this is done when someone is insecure and feels the need to prove themselves. And yes, I’m aware we only see a few minutes edited from hours of footage, but if I played a drinking game and took a shot every time she said she was an IT expert I’d be drunk every episode!

  2. Love the format, but they really missed the mark with the judge casting last season. The original panel with Janine, Steve Baxter, etc was far better.
    This more recent season left me scratching my head… Ok so if you only invest in AI, why are you there? Yes you are in digital marketing but you’re there as an investor, not to come on board as CMO. And yes. You sell snuggies. We get it.
    That’s probably unfair and they’ll grow into it, but the old judges and the US version you warm to the judges. These ones after a whole season you have no rapport with all. Except Robert who we already know from the US version. Should have kept a couple of experienced Sharks and changed one or two of them each season rather than a whole re-do. Bring back Janine, assuming that Frankenstein Gordon Ramsay thing won’t be back.

  3. I enjoyed last years line up of sharks, with the exception of Dr. Catriona Wallace. Her continued need to remind everyone that she works in tech and AI was annoying, but as a shark, she rejected so many products because she couldn’t see how she could add AI into it.
    It makes no sense to have her if she’s got such a limited background to make an offer to the contestants.

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