Axed: Tokyo Vice

Crime drama with Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe ends at two seasons.

US crime drama Tokyo Vice has ended after two seasons

The series starring Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe and Rachel Keller, was based on journalist Jake Adelstein’s memoir, Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan.

“Over the last five years Max has made sure we got to tell our story,” executive producers J.T. Rogers and Alan Poul said in a statement. “They have supported us through thick and thin. Not only did they give us these two seasons, they said yes when we asked to end season one with a series of cliffhangers, and they said yes when we asked for two extra episodes so we could land the plane in the way J.T. had always envisioned.”

Rogers, a childhood friend of Adelstein, created the series, while Poul served as a director on the show.

“We’re grateful not only to Max, but to our partners Fifth Season, who sold the show around the world, and made it a global success story,” the producers added. “They were in the trenches with us always, guaranteeing that we could make the show we wanted to make. The response from both the press and from fans, in particular to Season 2, has been overwhelming. It’s been thrilling to find out how deeply viewers have engaged with our characters, and to hear how they are clamoring for more.

“We know there is more story to tell,” they added. “Of course we’ll see what the future holds, but we are indeed grateful to have been able to share this story on Max until now.”

It screened in Australia on Paramount+ and SBS VICELAND.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Not surprised, but disappointed. Genuinely enjoyed it and as others have said, it actually concluded satisfactorily, which is not something that can be said often in the current environment. Thoroughly recommend Jake’s books too. Picked up “Tokyo Noir” on a whim at the airport. Devoured it and read “The Last Yakuza” and “Tokyo Vice” fairly soon after.

      1. The show had a very finite VOD screening window – when it premiered the episodes were only available for a month after the SBS airing. They’ve replayed it in the early morning since, which would’ve made it available again via On Demand, but I doubt viewers would’ve had a longer window to view the show before it disappeared.

  2. I loved this show. Jake Adelstein was interviewed on the radio this week (ABC podcasts if you’re reading this and interested) and it was fascinating to hear how close his experience was to aspects of this series. It sounds like the wild ride depicted in the series was very similar to his life in Japan.

    1. It wasn’t produced or distributed internationally by WBD. Only domestic (US) was handled by WBD.

      It was a great show, especially season 2 – and it ended perfectly.

      I don’t believe they need a third unless it was a 2 season commitment. I’d hate for it to get cancelled at the end of 3 on a cliffhanger or a rushed ending.

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