Returning: Under Investigation

Liz Hayes retraces the last steps of Tasmanian teen Eden Westbrook to try and unravel the facts of her death in 2015.

Under Investigation returns to Nine next week, now in a Tuesday timeslot, for an episode on the death of Tasmanian teen Eden Westbrook in 2015.

Liz Hayes said: “After visiting the town of St Helens, tracing Eden’s last steps, as well as speaking to witnesses and Eden’s family, the gravity of this tragedy was abundantly obvious. And while our focus is always to bring much needed light to unsolved criminal cases, our commitment also lies in championing justice and providing answers for loved ones like Jason and Amanda.

“It’s a delicate balance between amplifying their voices while offering solace and hope. With an outstanding panel of experts by my side, it’s the hope of Under Investigation that the family’s years of not knowing what happened the night Eden died will come to an end.”

In the blissful coastal town of St Helens in Tasmania, the shocking discovery of 15-year-old Eden Westbrook’s lifeless body, visible to all from the main street, was a traumatic scene.

Her death was quickly assessed by police as suicide and a three-page report by a coroner agreed.

Her grieving parents, haunted by the stark disparity between that verdict and their daughter’s vibrant essence, would ignite their relentless quest for the truth of what happened on the night Eden died.

In this special episode, esteemed journalist Liz Hayes embarks on a mission to unravel the mystery surrounding Eden Westbrook’s tragic end, aided by a panel of experts at the program’s renowned War Table. Among them, Hobart crime reporter Amber Wilson, seasoned podcaster Jay Walkerden, former detective Damian Marrett, and Eden’s father, Jason Westbrook.

UI will hear allegations of crucial missing CCTV footage, questions as to why key witnesses are still to be interviewed by police, and disturbing revelations about an investigator’s dark past as a paedophile.

As part of her investigation, Liz Hayes travels to St Helens, to the scene where Eden died, to speak with witnesses and to meet with Eden’s mother, Amanda Westbrook.

8:30pm Tuesday on Nine.

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