Tony Armstong’s Extra-Ordinary Things: June 11

Tony heads to regional NSW and Adelaide where an end-of-season soccer trophy symbolises a time when it was dangerous to be Out & Proud.

This week on Tony Armstong’s Extra-Ordinary Things Tony heads to regional New South Wales and discovers why a son who found a rusty old ute in the shed, decides to restore it and then manages to fulfill his father’s lifelong dream.

He meets a woman with an amazing black and white photo that captures an eleven-year-old refugee’s perilous journey to Australia by sea.

And in Adelaide, Tony finds an end-of-season soccer trophy that symbolises one woman’s courage to express her sexuality at a time when it was dangerous to be Out and Proud.

In Melbourne, a lifelong musician shows how a simple leaf can reveal a surprising and little-known part of indigenous history.

And in one of the most remote places in the country, Tony learns of a life-threatening accident and how an airstrip proves a lifeline for an Outback cattle station.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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