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  1. I know in the U.S., only a man and his dog are watching the Leftovers, but I’ve brought it up in the lounge a few times and I’ll say it again. It’s my favourite tv show on right now. No other show currently makes me feel or think the way it does and if the show doesn’t get some sort of recognition come awards time I’m gonna be pissed!

    Thursday nights episode was bats**t crazy so no one use that as an entry point, u need to build to that sort of hour of television to really understand and appreciate it. It was glorious!

  2. Did anyone else notice that after tonight’s movie on 7, The Lone Ranger, they showed the wrong credits?

    At least half the credits were from Captain Phillips.

    It is one thing to scrunch the credits up, but it is entirely another to not even have the right credits at the end of a movie and not give the artists their deserved credit. Pure disrespect from 7.

  3. did anyone watch the final season of Nurse a Jackie on 11? I am catching up with it now and just finished episode 4 when I noticed something odd, at the end of Ep 4 I noticed the swearing was edited out and replaced. looked like the F word had been dubbed over and replaced with heck and or frick, you could tell that’s not what they were saying. at was slightly frequent which made it noticeable, and they haven’t done this before. anyone watching notice this? wouldn’t imaging 11 would do that, was it Showtime? what’s the meaning of this?

      • the editing of swearing is strange, things like “flipping punk” “what the heck” “freaking” and such were said in the very end scene with Jackie’s old friend in the car garage. it’s very noticeable. not even sure why Showtime would do that, it was dubbed by the actors or someone else. looked like one of those edits you would see on an airline.

    • You are in for a treat! The final season is terrific and stacks up against the previous 6 in quality. The ending got me and my mother arguing whether it was good or not, for me it was a perfect way to end it… And a big thanks to Eleven for actually sticking with it (even if it was on at ungodly hours)!

    • They did the same thing with an episode of House of Lies a few weeks ago. Normally there is nothing censored but one week they has certain swear words replaced. That show contains a lot of swearing sometimes and it was really noticeable.

      • I was about to post the same thing. I wondered if they had accidently bought the wrong version (ie like an edited for airlines) with all the good bits cut out. That episode also ran a few minutes short too!

  4. Oddly, but normal for Nine, Life is starting Hotel Imposisible from S06E08, which in aired in the US a few weeks ago. However the episode title on the EPG and online is the title of S06E12. Why not start from season one, or at least the start of season 6? I know it’s not a show that must be seen in order, but it’s good to know what episodes are coming up each week, not left guessing with out of order and wrong episode names as your only guess. Thankfully I have seen all seasons.

  5. A heads up that Rage is having a Recovery special this weekend showing live performances and episodes of the popular 90s youth program. Playlists are available on the show’s Facebook page.

  6. Extremely lazy programming on ‘Life’ tomorrow night, with 8 back-to-back episodes of House Hunters (in various iterations) from 7.30pm to 12.30am. This must be ‘Life’s’ version of The Big Bang Theory.

    • They do multiple episodes of house hunters in a row on hgtv and house hunters international on travel channel through fetch. You kind of used to seeing that multiple episode of the same show programming style on a paytv channel but its weird seeing it on a f.t.a. multichannel. I’m curious about seeing house hunters off the grid cause that version isn’t available through fetch.

    • Seems like Nine always has that one show on each of their channels that they use to fill time. For Nine & 9Go! It’s Big Bang Theory. For 9Gem it’s David Attenbrough then for 9Life it’s House Hunters.

  7. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan from The Bold And The Beautiful) has just filmed a guest appearance on Neighbours as herself in the new year. Part of it was shown during her guest appearance on The Project tonight.

  8. The Agony Of… – I swear earlier in the week I checked the online guides and this week was meant to be The Agony Of God but tuned in a The Agony Of School is on. Hoping more from the series is shown over the summer. I see a few more are lined up on different days over the next 2 weeks.

    • Ellen is on Nine in Syd/Mel 12pm today (Fri) – but probably not anywhere else though with the cricket..

      I record the GEM airing for my wife in case she misses it or its not on Nine. The move to 9Life will mean I have to change the season pass on TIVO again – the other day swapped from ch 90 to 92, now will have to swap to 94…

    • Still undecided but pretty close to giving up Quantico. It feels like where getting more questions then answers and that can get a bit tiresome. So much is happening within the show that it needs a regular schedule to keep up. Since its not getting that from 7 it might be time to give it up then to put up with their shenanigans.

  9. Come Dine With Me (UK version) 4.30pm weekdays also.
    Missing is Mon/Thurs, which is pretty pointless!
    Coverband is back on One Thu 3/12 9.30pm
    I agree though, this time of the year is when you can pick the eyes out of multichannels.
    Really shouldn’t have to be this way but it is at the moment unfortunately.

  10. When step dave aired for a couple of episodes on gem before being removed, those episodes were available on jumpin. I just checked jumpin (pc site) and curiously step dave is not available after airing late last night. I wouldn’t have known about the show if someone didn’t post it on the tv lounge yesterday and now they are not even offering viewers jumpin as a back up for those who missed it or may have parts chopped off in the future due to nine playing around with their schedule?

  11. Always a rush of NZ TV shows during non ratings. Agent Anna back with second and final season shown in NZ 18 months ago now on 7Two next Tuesday at 10.30pm.

  12. Mr game show fan

    This must be just the state you live in because I live in Adelaide and still only get the one episode a weeknight.

    I am sorry Ed, but Hot Seat needs to improve big time in order for it to win me back as a loyal viewer.
    Failure to do so will make me stick on The Chase Australia.

      • Mr game show fan

        Here are 3 options in which Channel 9 can choose one or more. (I am struggling too much for a good D option)

        A. Have a $1,000,000 question at least asked. There has not been one asked since May 2013 and no $1,000,000 winner in the Hot Seat format. You have to go back to November 2005 for the last WWTBAM $1,000,000 winner in Australia.

        B. Ditch the Hot Seat format and have Classic WWTBAM on 5:00 – 6:00 pm week nights. You would have 50:50, Phone-A-Friend and Ask the Audience like the old days. I concede that this option is not likely but I like this idea.

        C. Have a progressive jackpot to win if you answer the $1,000,000 correctly.
        Start the jackpot at $1,000,000 and increase it by $10,000 every episode until the jackpot is won. This did happen in USA over 10 years ago which a contestant $2,180,000.

        What do you think of my ideas? Do you have your own ideas?

  13. Pretty poor form by the Lifestyle channel on Saturday night. During the last ad break of the 1st ep of Hells Kitchen, they played a highlight promo for the final episode, spoiling the outcome of the ep everyone was watching.

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