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  1. Unless I missed something, it seems Foxtel has quietly snuck in a new channel. Don’t get too excited though, its something called TRT World, a Turkish news channel on 652 between Al Jazeera and CGTN.

    • Isn’t that curious. M*A*S*H is distributed by Fox. Hogan’s Heroes is distributed by Viacom, which is controlled by National Amusements Inc., which controls CBS. Looks like a reshuffle of the deck chairs already.

      • This have been going on for months. Ten and 21C may not end up with an output deal. So Ten won’t have to pay for anything of 21C that they don’t want to air. CBS will supply whatever they want for whatever price they want to Ten. Either zero to prop up Ten, or so high that Ten never makes a profit and has to pay tax.

    • In you opinion, of course. I actually find MASH very dull, Hogans Heroes may not be the greatest TV, but has good characters and raises a laugh once in awhile

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would be upset at not being able to watch an episode of an old sit-com for the 117th time, but each to their own.

    • People are still (annoyingly) watching that dribble. That is the aim of Commercial TV: get eyeballs to watch shows and unless the viewership totally collapses (and I am hoping that happens), 9 will produce a “non-stop drama” version of The Block.

      I have a very strong dislike of The Block and if you don’t like it, follow my lead, vote with your remote and watch something else.

  2. Mr game show fan

    Has Netflix Australia lost the rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine? The 5th season has started to air on SBS VICELAND, yet the 4th season has not even appeared on Netflix. (Checked earlier this morning, still not there)

    If they have not lost rights but they are taking their time, I’m disappointed that this has taken this long and quite possibly longer.

    • Has it taken long? SBS has the exclusive first rights to B99. When would SVOD rights for S4 become available to Netflix? Probably not till now at the earliest. And Netflix doesn’t always buy everything straight away or even at all. Time will tell if they buy S4.

  3. When I asked Foxtel on twitter when will HD be free, they responded with “The HD channels require a HD box, but not all of our customers have a box that is capable of picking up these channels. This is why we have made the HD channels optional and have given everyone the ability to choose if they wish to subscribe to them.”

    Well optional or not, it should be free. I think we need to campaign for Foxtel to drop the fee using #freethehd

    • If you pay for an HD box you should not be charged for HD channel access. HD is now standard across Free to Air, and no longer a premium offer. You can remind them Brian Walsh said this was a “reasonable comment” and was under review in Feb 2016.

  4. Tv show idea:

    Seven should reboot beyond tomorrow. Lots of topics like self driving cars, AI, how agriculture will look in 50 years… Plus revisit segments from the last time it aired and see if any of the predictions have actually happened

    • Not an expert (David, maybe you can provide better analysis) but I am cautiously optimistic for renewal.

      I think it is decent demo performer and has a strong following online (#SurvivorAU does trend higher (both during and post-show) than the hashtag of rival shows – Block, 1st Date, HK). It is also a franchise that CBS likes (it has and continues to be a solid performer in the US) and if they are allowed to, I could see them do All-Access release for the US during the US Survivor hiatus.

      There is also a factor of “what else are they going to air?”. Ten like having a 7:30 flagship reality throughout the year. If that is their aim, the priority is the gap between Celeb and MC (where TBL aired this year – Personal opinion: Axe Celeb and do a 12 week run of BB). I just find it hard to see them launching two new flagship reality shows.

      • Yes I reckon the same as you. A BB comeback I imagine would pull pretty decent numbers for TEN and save them alot in production costs compared to I’m A Celeb. Bringing back BB would be a smart idea for TEN in my opinion.

  5. During large events like Grand Finals the TV networks advertise their new up and coming shows. But they still say “coming soon” Why not take the high ratings opportunity to give dates? Rather than “October on 7” give a date so viewers who don’t regularly watch the channel can know when a show will be on rather than having to look out for it in schedule / EPG.

    • Why would they? At this stage they just want to interest viewers in the show so they will check it out when they see it in the EPG. They don’t list them until a week or maybe 2 before hand, when they run a campaign with the day and time. They want to know what their competitors are doing, while keeping what they are doing secret, and may change things if circumstances dictate. In the US affiliate deals, advertising sold well in advance and the monthly TV Guide mean things are scheduled months in advance, but that doesn’t happen here.

      • Why shouldn’t they – Stan and Netflix advertise premiere dates weeks or months in advance. So does Foxtel for alot of their content. Shows faith in a product rather than paranoia against what the opposition will schedule against it and gives people a date to look forward to rather than assuming each week they will look at EPG / TV guide to find out when a show is on – especially seeing that less people are watching less and less of free to air and will easily miss a date when it is released within 7 or less days of air date.

        • What’s the point when they promote a show with a scheduled start date and take it back like they did with NCIS. Sometimes I look at them and wonder if they know what the fark they are doing cause if there is a way to alienate a viewer they will zero in and find a way to do just that.

  6. This was always a given with the huge success of Ninja Warriors. Networks will be looking at any other similar type formats if any exit out there in the near future .

  7. Certain clickbait-inclined sites out there are adamant that TEN has Bachelor in Paradise coming soon. Apparently past Bachelor/ettes have been seen filming promos & an ‘Bach in Paradise AU’ Twitter account was setup today…

  8. Big Bang Theory spin-off, Young Sheldon has received a full season order by CBS after a successful test premiere drawing in 1 million viewers. It officially starts November 2nd.

  9. 7 is promoting ‘Manhunt the Stoccos’ as a ‘premiere event’ but i’m sure its been on before? Or was it a Sunday Night special? if they re edit & rename something can they then say its a premiere?

  10. What is the deal with You’re the worst? Channel 10’s digital channel eleven has been sitting on this for a while now, not sure what season they are even up to anymore(the us is S4), so I gather at least 2 seasons behind. If they are not going to show it, and it seems that they aren’t just on sell it – either to foxtel or allow stan or netflix to air it. I would hate to think how many more shows are gathering dust in the “programming vault” at 10.

    • Yes, what the F is going on! I’ve been waiting for it to come back too. Loved it. Also waiting on more of; Awkward, Faking It & Man Seeking Woman. I adored these funny, quirky little half hour shows that seemed to appear out of nowhere (It seemed to me anyway) last year. I’ve tried to see if they’re on the books to return but no joy. Does anyone know?

    • Ten didn’t bother so show S2 of You’re The Worst, and their exclusive rights period will have expired by now. And nobody else wanted to buy it, Ten would have taken the commissions for selling it if anyone wanted it (they can’t no do so). The first 3 seasons are out on DVD in the US. S4 started airing a month ago.

  11. Seven US Bureau Chief Mike Amor back in Melbourne for tomorrow’s Grand Final.

    Him and his parents are passionate Richmond supporters, the network gave him tickets, how kind (wink, wink).

    He’s required back in LA, leaving first thing next week.

    Back story: He’s a Bendigo boy.

    • If Seven did arrange some tickets it could have been as a bonus for the great work he does for 7 and for the number of US journalism awards he’s been picking up.

    • Because Foxtel has unnecessarily scheduled the current UK season to summer rather than fast track, they probably know that fans will watch it as it airs in UK by other means. So will wait till it’s over and then air the AUS version without overlap and chance of people not wanting to watch two versions at once.

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