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  1. If you’ve been aligned with someone for close to 52 days… then why on earth would you vote against them this late in the game? Mind boggling decision.

  2. I hate it when people say stuff to the tune of: “Survivor is boring now because there’s no one interesting left… they’ve voted out the interesting ones, the threats etc.”

    My response is always: You would too. I’d argue the ones left have pulled off some massive strategy to get rid of these possible threats… and that playmaking is what makes Survivor so special… the ppl left have all dug their hands in s**t to get where they are, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that… despite me not liking three of them (go Jericho!). I know I would try my hardest to remove the players I feel we’re detrimental to me winning half a mil in cold hard cash… whether they are entertaining to be around or not… no one is gonna share the prize money with the runner-up or anyone who went before that right?
    Just my two cents.

  3. So, in other news (and yes, I understand it’s not the industry standard “network share”, yes there’s still nearly two months left and yes they’ve won the year on weeks won)

    But as of yesterday, Nine’s main channel is now leading the year, albeit by the smallest of margins.

    David is this the first time this has happened to Seven (trailing) at this stage of a year, possibly not since 2006 at least?

    All thanks to Ninja Warrior, The Block & prime-time Rugby League events have helped.

    Or the lack there of with Seven’s 2nd half.

  4. Started watching ‘Wake In Fright’ but rapidly gave up after the taxi driver’s statement about ‘roos and dusk as it was the middle of the afternoon when the kangaroo hit the car-utterly appalling lack of continuity with the script that boded ill for the thing as a whole-the Western thing on SBS1 looked very iffy as well-all gunfights and no mention of women, a strange thing for a recent production.

  5. David, Channel 7 are doing the star wars films each sunday. starting next sunday with The Phantom Menace(Ep.1) and including the FTA premier of The Force Awakens (Ep.7) .

  6. Mr game show fan

    What are the dates for each TV network upfronts?

    I just read the rumour TAYG article and know that Channel 9’s is October 11 or 18, have to check it again for clarification.

    I do not know the other TV networks upfront dates.

    • I looked this up and there is no South Park tomorrow because there is no episode airing in the USA. This season is having what they are calling “dark weeks” in the USA with no episode on Oct 4th in the USA and also Nov 1st and 22nd.

      The next episode airing in the USA is on the 11th of October.

      • For me that’s a case against fast-tracking, I may be old fashioned but I’m in favour of a network holding eps and playing the whole season in one block

  7. Why if I missed a TV show is it not available on catch up 48 hours after it aired? What is the point of catch up tv if you can’t catch up, because it isn’t in the system?!? Waste of time!

  8. ‘New Girl’ new ep on 11 was replaced last night for another ep of ‘Rules Of…’-I saw ads for ‘New Girl’ earlier this week featuring a guest spot from Gordon Ramsay-10 network programming is in great flux at the moment as others have noted sudden changes of various shows across it.

    • Was a fairly late change too. I tagged New Girl in the epg, then found Rules of Engagement recorded when I put it on before I went to bed. First it was repeats obtained under the output deal. Now shows which they hold first run exclusive rights like Last Man On Earth and New Girl, which usually survive the termination of an output deal, in the middle of a season. So is there serious contract trouble with 21C Fox, are they trying to sell them or is it just a bargaining position. Interesting to see where This Is US.

  9. Tonight’s rage will be a tribute to Tom Petty. The special gets replayed early Monday morning. Why was there no “Animation Fixation” this week on Eleven?

    • Because Ten is in administration they are unable to provide viewers with all of their previous programming. The Simpsons and Futurama are currently out of Animation Fixation. Other shows to have randomly disappear include: Mash, Last Man on Earth, New Girl and Speechless. I’m sure there’s others too.

  10. I noticed that Happy Days has returned and is now playing on One, replacing the ever present MASH. Can anyone let me know how long it has been back on? I just noticed it last night, starting from the third season.

  11. Since last Saturday WIN has been inflicting on us a caption next to its hideous blue logo reading “New Season 8:40 Thursday”, and last night “New Season 8:30 Tomorrow”. No program name in the graphic.
    WIN, if you must further pollute an already polluted screen with more annoying graffiti at least make it something meaningful. I have no intention of looking up whatever it is you’re trying to promote.

      • Dunno. It was supposed to be promoting whatever they plan to run at 8:30 tonight. Not for me to fill in the missing pieces of their graffiti. More signs of no one actually watching what’s going to air these days. Like last Sunday’s movie when their timing was so bad they chopped off the last sentence or so of every segment then showed us the last two seconds or so of TEN’s commercial on return to the movie. Love WIN’s MediaHub propaganda that shows a chick diligently monitoring transmission. I don’t think so.

  12. Neighbours is filming episodes in London this week. Tim Kano (Leo Tanaka) has been spotted filming near Tower Bridge. His co-stars Mavournee Hazel (Piper Willis) and Olympia Valance (Paige Smith) are doing publicity in London but may also be doing some filming.

  13. New CBS series Valor starts on Eleven Monday week at 8.30pm, within a week of US airing. Also anyone notice Fox series Last Man on Earth yanked from One Monday nights with only handful episodes left.

  14. Big Universal Channel error last night with the Night Shift which airs on Tuesday at 9.30pm. Instead of airing a new episode they replayed last weeks episode instead. So whilst the epg has the correct episode number 4.9 and correct episode description they actually played episode 4.8 again. The very new universal channel catch up service on the fetch box also has the episode listed as 4.9 with the correct description but the video itself is 4.8. There are lots of complaints on the universal channel facebook page and lets hope they fix this because I would like to watch the correct episode asap.

  15. Major Crimes to end with the new Season Six run.
    Sad, for me, but combined with sister show The Closer it has had a thirteen year run, so fairly good innings.

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