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  1. Can any Grey’s Anatomy follower let me know where 7 is up to with the show?
    I.E. Have they screened S13 or left it alone after S12? (I know they were running S10 up until last week.)
    Thanks in advance for your help – great show – we’re bingeing away on S2 at present!

  2. My favourite shopping centre and workplace were both featured in last night’s Channel 9’s South Aussie with Cosi ! The program is available to watch on 9Now.

  3. It is a pity that channel 7 is yet to show the latest season of cold feet, I am sure there are plenty of other disgruntled aussie viewers who have had to turn to other means to watch it, It is quite a good season, and the finale in the UK next week should answer some questions, a possible cliffhanger with a few characters maybe on the card also. David, any reason why 7 still hasn’t aired it or even promoting as coming soon, are they going to use it as summer filler I guess?

    • Who knows what 7 or any of the commercials are thinking these days? Whilst I don’t watch cold feet I am waiting for greys anatomy which airs on a multichannel and is currently airing reruns in its timeslot yet they can’t pull their finger out and schedule it though viewers are losing patience with waiting. Its not just greys you can pretty much insert a program and there would be some way they have screwed it up.

    • Why Cold Feet, why not Once Upon a Time, Agents of SHIELD, Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, The Goldbergs, Blindspot, Aquarius, Scandal? Seven has as ton of shows under their ABC and Universal/ITV deals, more than they can fit. They are showing 800W, The Secret Daughter, The Good Doctor and Liar and that’s more than enough female skewing drama till the end of the ratings season. They are already burning off Quantico, The Blacklist, The Catch and Motive late at night. Maybe they are hoping UKTV, Stan or Showcase might buy Cold Feet. Maybe once they have finished running all the movies the bought for 7 Flix they will go back to showing dramas, or have a hole it can fill somewhere, maybe they will just burn of the exclusive rights with double eps late at night just before they expire and hope to make some money out of the nonexclusive rights. The one thing we know is that…

      • @Pertinax , you are obviously not a fan of Cold Feet eh? There are fans of this show, like there are fans of some of the programming you mentioned, The question was why has 7 not aired season 7 of Cold Feet as yet? Would you prefer people goto illegal means to watch shows like this? Just as you and others are screaming out for the return of various other shows, there are people in australia on social media tweeting channel 7 about the absence of Cold Feet Season 7 as well.

      • We can take The Goldberg’s off that list. Seven finally stopped with the repeats and started burning off the rest of S4 on Thursday night apparently and two more eps last night. They are on Plus7.

  4. Where has Side-liners gone? Has it finished for the year or been axed? I switched onto the ABC last night at 6 to find Grand Designs on instead.

  5. Foxtel’s UKTV quietly finished screening soap Holliokes yesterday. I had no idea I was watching the last episode to be screened until I realised it had dissapreared from my IQ. How hard could it be for Foxtel to hire an announcer for things like this. I’d gladly do the job.

  6. Final episode of studio 10 today in its original studio before moving to its new ten news studio on Monday . Can’t wait to see the new set. Denise and John Foreman have a special performance today.

  7. For those who don’t know the USA has failed to qualify for 2018 football/soccer world cup. Fox USA paid $400 million for this and the 2012 tournament. No USA of course will mean poor ratings (soccer is not regarded as a major sport there anyway) and considerable loss of advertising revenue. Fox has said from $10-20 million will be lost. Others have calculated up to a $50 million figure. Schadenfreude no doubt from those who don’t like Rupert and the gang!

  8. With all this talk about missing programs (i.e.) Fox and Ten, any word on where the previously endless Big Bang repeats have gone from 7flix?

    Been missing for weeks.

    Some suggestions online that Seven’s rights may have expired already?

    Very interested, as it was powering the multi-channel this year to good ratings, share and demos.

    • A while ago, David asked Seven about the relentless & excessive Big Bang repeats. I’m sure you’ll find the article with a quick search. Seven said movies would be returning to the 8.30 slot on 7flix & airing so much Big Bang was a mid-year stunt to boost network share

        • From the article –

          “As a mid-year stunt to maintain Seven’s dominant suite of digital channels I’d have to call the ratings result a success.

          The show is a key pillar in growing 7Flix’s all people numbers and its target female 16-54 demo year on year – along with movies – which you can expect to ramp up again shortly.”

  9. After watching the latest Hawaii Five-O eps, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park should be glad they left! The new season has completely jumped the shark, I don’t know what it’s rating in the US but I think it should be the last.

    Steve flew a helicopter into the middle of a Wildfire to rescue the team, by winching up a wooden cabin containing the rest of the group! The plot, and the CGI of the fire and the helicopter lift was terrible. Tried to give it another chance this week but the story was just as bad.

  10. has an article this morning about TEN and their 21st Century Fox output deal, which is that they have verbally lost the deal, which is why we have had all Fox distributed shows pulled on TEN\Eleven\One in the past couple of weeks.

  11. tried to catchup on last nights ‘the Project’ on Tenplay, my god its still as bad as the last time i tried to use it over a year ago! I suppose with their financial situation there’s not much chance of Tenplay improving any time soon 🙁

    • I’m curious about how it varies so much. It works fine for me streaming using Google Chrome on my PC. I use an ad blocker, but I have it off for Tenplay. There was only one time recently where aMMcDonald’s Monopoly ad paused mid way and the stream froze. I refreshed the page, endured some more ads and the stream continued from where I left off. Same ads still get repeated over and over though

  12. The original Blade Runner film gets a run on Gem 9pm Saturday. (Obviously to cash in on the just released sequel) Having said that it is not a film that has been repeated a lot. I am looking at you The Devil wears Prada/Shawshank Redemption.

    • Distributors have been known discount the fee for movies when sequal is opening at the cinema for promotion, and the network will get a bit higher viewing for it than otherwise. You don’t want to see the original version, it was butchered by the studio. It’s one of the films where the Director’s Cut is definitely the one to see.

        • I nearly wore out our VHS copy of Blade Runner I watched it so much in the mid 80’s. I always liked the original because of Harrison Fords’ voiceover. But I won’t mind which version as I haven’t seen it in years. With The Last Starfighter on before it, what a classic double.

  13. It’s Wednesday night and I haven’t watched The Simpsons or Futurama in a while so I had a look at the tv guide to see what episodes were on and noticed they weren’t on tonight and looking further forward I saw there wasn’t any Simpsons, Futurama or Bob’s Burgers on Eleven for the next 2 weeks. Has Eleven lost the rights for them?

    Elevens schedule looks terrible there is no need for 4 episodes of Raymond and Frasier every day. I’m glad I have Foxtel.

  14. David-has Ten been asked or made any statement about the large number of shows that have vanished from screens over the last few weeks? It’s reached scary proportions-soon it’ll be all Raymond all the time…

    • And they wonder why only 20k people watch 800W on 7 Plus each week. Home and Away fans use it more, I guess harder to keep up with 5 nights a week and its only 30 ads in 30 minutes!

  15. Something that’s been bugging me of late is one simple line on some Netflix shows being “A Netflix Original Series” when it is actually not. Example being The Good Place, this is an NBC show, and not a joint Netflix development. It seems when a show is distributed for first run rights to Netflix out of it’s original country of Origin, Netflix claims it as their own production. They should be calling it “A Netflix Exclusive Series” in this case, as Stan does with “First on Stan”.

  16. Mr game show fan

    I apologise for a little bit of incorrectness on my rant. As explained in the finale, it was not Tara that got Tarzan’s idol. Shows my brain can’t remember everything in a season of Survivor.

    Well done Jericho for winning this season.

    It was a double win for me tonight. A. Jericho won Australian Survivor and B. The Soccerroos won tonight (and by aggregate) and as a result, they are one more win (overall in a two leg series) away from making the world cup in Russia next year.
    It will be very weird if Australia did not make the world cup after 3 seccesive appearances.

  17. Whilst I can see your pessimism towards the way Tara has “conveniently” made it through, I believe she’s been incredibly lucky (and we all know luck plays a huge part in Survivor at times)… and I think despite my thoughts on her personally (I’m not a fan), she’s generally played an awesome game post exile island… when you think about it, she’s managed to pull off some of the biggest blindsides in the second half of the game and come out of it fairly clean. Plus she’s absolutely abysmal at challenges (couldn’t even get one peg out for the Monday challenge before she fell to failure for example), which adds even more to her amazing gameplay because she’s never sat with the necklace on at tribal.
    Having said all that. Go Jericho!

    • For those of you who haven’t heard, the Outlander TV series will be taking a short break between Episodes 305 and 306. Episode 305 (“Freedom & Whisky”) will be shown on STARZ in the US on October 8th, but there will not be a new episode on October 15th. Episode 306 (“A. Malcolm”) will be shown on October 22nd.
      Why the brief hiatus? I think the point is to give them an extra week to build up hype and anticipation for Jamie and Claire’s reunion. Along with lots of media attention, of course! They’re probably also hoping to draw in casual viewers who may have stopped watching somewhere along the way, but might tune in for this.
      Instead of a new episode, STARZ will be doing a mini-marathon of Episodes 301 – 305 starting at 5pm ET/PT on the 15th.
      Please help spread the word to any Outlander fans you may know.
      Source: Outlandish Observations blog

  18. Mr game show fan

    I am hoping Tara does not win Australian Survivor tonight. If she does win, some of me thinks that maybe the producers rigged the show to make Tara win.

    You had Tara find an idol conveniently just before she was about to be voted out.
    You had her get an idol from Tarzan (who was one of my favouties at the time)
    You had Tara and someone else being sent to Exile conveniently after votes were read out when people wanted Tara gone.
    And then when there was a little talk that Tara would be the next one to go (Last Sunday’s episode) they make the next challenge conveniently not for immunity.

    I will be going for Jericho tonight. Dad wants Harry Potter (Peter) to win.

    • Why would the producers particularly want Tara to win? She’s not really marketable. Tarzan gave the idol to Tessa, not Tara. Yes, I agree that there is no justice in someone winning when they were apparently voted out, but the producers are adamant (on both the Aus and US versions) that twists are planned before the show even starts. So some people are just plain lucky.

      I didn’t want Tara to win, either, because there were more deserving people (only one in the final four, though) but I don’t see any conspiracy theory.

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