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  1. Apart from Sunrise being delayed into Queensland due to DLS the fact that 7plus is streaming the same feed and saying it is Live which it is not , unsure if 9now is the same but that’s very poor form.

  2. I have been watching Boston Legal on 7+ lately. Today, I have seen ads for Clarice, which shows on the 9 Entertainment owned, Stan, during the episode. Why would 7 promote the content of a rival station?

      • Clarice is distributed by “MGM Television (2021) (World-wide) (all media)”. “CBS network” only has USA broadcast rights. Boston Legal is distributed by “Walt Disney Television (2019) (USA) (all media)”, not worldwide. Possibly 20th Century Fox Television elsewhere.

    • It isn’t Seven, it’s whom ever is running the adserver Seven is using for Plus 7. Obviously they would have put some filters on it — you aren’t going to see ads for MAFS which competes directly with Seven’s 7-8:30pm live programming. People paying to subscribe to Stan, or Disney+ or Netflix aren’t necessarily direct competition for ad funded shows on 7 or 7Plus.

  3. David, is there any word on where and when the Snyder cut of Justice League will land in Aus? It drops March 18 on HBO Max in the US so it’s fast approaching. Warner Bros. have been very poor in communicating anything about International rollout…

  4. Memo Ch 7 News: Ticket sales allowing the crowds back at the tennis tomorrow was widely reported on talk back radio at 9am this morning and then referenced in the Premier’s presser at 10.30am. Guess what, that means it isn’t “Breaking News” at 6.10pm in your evening bulletin…

  5. Another intruder couple enter The Amazing Race on Sunday…..producers messing with the essence of the show where everyone is equal instead of having a fresh set of legs joining in weeks after the start. Ridiculous……this show may never end …..

    • It has some interesting ideas and a good cast. But the script for the first ep. wasn’t very good, trying to hard to be dark and crazy, which isn’t what it’s really about. After that it improved greatly but too late. The problem is nobody on ITV watched it (like most of their dramas these days).

  6. Looks like Tennis is all over this evening Ash about to win and Tsipitas had a walkover earlier so that’s about it,wonder what they’ll show or will they drag it out somehow.

  7. I’ve noticed Samantha and David aren’t on Sunrise of a Friday morning ,I thought they were back for a while or have they decided to take a pay cut for a day off.

  8. Not sure if I was dreaming or not but didn’t I see an ad for the new Dancing With The Stars saying Ada Nicodemou is the first star to sign up for the new show? Only seen it once last week?

    • It’ll be a case where the returning contestants have a current association to Channel 7 or no association to another network currently. It’s always disappointing that Australian networks can’t handle their talent on other networks unlike in the US where no matter the network, you can appear on another’s chat show or contest.

        • Andy Lee is a prime example. The Front Bar on 7, the amazing interview spots under the guise of playing a “game” with tennis players he is during between the evening tennis matches on 9, The Cube on 10 and I am sure I have seen him pop up on The Front Page on Fox. There may also be a bit of a deal between The ABC and 10 as PvO and Waleed often appear on Insiders and Offsiders respectively…

  9. Some great stuff on Rage last night as part of its Retro month, in particular an interview with the former leader of Japan (the band), David Sylvian on Rock Arena from 1986 with Suzanne Dowling. Some great Japan/Sylvian clips too I’d rarely or never seen. And the sort of extended interview with a relatively obscure musician we don’t seem to see on Oz free-to-air anymore…must also make mention of the utterly unique bass-playing style of Japan’s Mick Karn, who sadly passed away back in 2011.

  10. jezza the first original one

    I am surprised that there is no review of It’s A Sin yet. There is a lot of media coverage for it. We have watched the first 3 eps, it is compelling tv combining tragedy & humour and also the same sense of impending doom that you get with a good slasher movie. No one gets slashed of course, but by the time you get to ep 3, you start to wonder who is next, as do the characters. Great soundtrack as well

  11. In what must be the shortest repeat rotation yet (baring SBS’ whimsical The 5th Element marathons) Thor – The Dark World was screened on Saturday night on 7 and is slated again for Sunday night on Maaaaaaate. This is really scraping the barrels bottom, although at this point I think they are through the bottom and into the smelly squidgy stuff undernerath

    • Weekend before last SBS 31 screened ‘Cheerful Weather For The Wedding’ late night whilst it was being shown in yet another high rotation spurt during the day on 32-6 hours apart! It’s true that the networks are repeating showing films more and more quickly-too many stations and not enough content, apparently…

      • SBS Movies rotate the schedule as a set policy. The best new movie gets a Friday or Saturday 8.30pm slot and then is re-shown about three times during the following week. It is great if you want to record during the wee hours to avoid prime-time recording clashes.

        However, the other channels have only just started this repetition of movies within days of each other, sometimes on the same channel, sometimes on a sister channel. I don’t know if it is just a limited catalogue, or whether they are trying to capture a couple of different markets with a popular movie?

  12. 7News Adelaide tonight oddly had two presenters at the news desk, Rosanna Mangiarelli (usual weekend presenter) and Mike Smithson (fill in presenter and main political reporter). Thinking it’s a ratings attempt? We haven’t see two hosts since John Ridell retired leaving Jane Doyle present solo on the weeknights.

      • At the end, Rosanna welcomed Mike to the news desk and said she looks forward to them working together. So it must be a new thing. I would have posted that earlier, but didn’t watch the news until later on time shift.
        The desk is only designed for two people so when sport came on, Bruce Abernathy was shoved on the end corner of the desk and at a wide camera angle to view all three of them.

        • Announced ad nauseum during the movies last night (and in the cocky’s cage liner today) that it is a permanent thing. Good luck to Mike, it has been a long time. I remember seeing him doing a piece to camera many years ago, with a suit jacket, shirt and tie up top, and scruffy jeans and sneakers on the bottom half. TV making is a bit like sausages…

    • Looks like 7News Adelaide is doing a local 11:30am bulletin as well.

      From: @7NewsAdelaide
      Adelaide’s only local morning news at 11.30am, the only local news hour at 4pm and No.1 for more than a decade at 6pm. Join 7NEWS at 11.30am, 4pm and 6pm

    • Funny. During summer, channel 7 News strangely switched to two presenters. It was awful. The worst thing was that often, one sentence would be split between the two, like listening to twins who finish each other’s sentences.

    • Is it any wonder WIN-TV replaces them with Columbo, Kojak and Spyforce.

      Channel 10 have given up programming on their main channel (4.7%) – now they’re throwing in the towel on their other channels.

  13. I really think the aus open needs to utilise the Melbourne talent more. I can’t understand why Nine don’t promote Clint Stanaway to host and replace James Bracey. Clint deserves more than the micro crossings to him

  14. Is it my imagination but is there more tennis on Ch9 this year? I know content is very scarce but it is on 12/7. And hey David, I presume ratings after this have been abandoned?

    • Often the length of the tennis sessions are shortened in the second week. There just aren’t as many matches because they are heading to finals, so it will begin later in the day and possibly finish earlier.

  15. With Holey Moley I presume finishing up on Tuesday with it’s 9th episode even though this hasn’t been advertised , next Saturday has HM Road to Glory the Greg Norman Edition ,it’s listed as episode 14.

  16. Looking forward to watching the final season of Mum on the ABC.
    Such a wonderful series. A shame it’s the last one but probably best that they didn’t drag it out for too long..

    • I watched Mum for the first time last night and laughed non-stop the whole episode. Such a quirky show. I feel compelled to watch every available previous episode.

      • Yes, it’s an absolutely brilliant show ,Gaz.
        Well worth looking up all the previous episodes. ABC screened the first two Seasons last year, but the eps weren’t up on iview for very long.
        Missed the very first ep and still haven’t managed to track it down anywhere..

        • Found this fabulous show about half-way through the last season.

          After the season finished, just before Christmas, I went looking to watch from the start but like you, Angela, can’t find it anywhere to watch (without being in the UK). Ironic as I notice that the ABC have started saying “watch show X 9pm on ABC or watch from the start on iview”. Bit hard when iveiw drops this episodes so quickly.

          • Yes Fiona, appears most programs on iview seem to have a very short “shelf life”.
            Almost, blink and you miss them at times, especially if you have inadvertently missed a few eps. SBS on Demand and other Network TV catchup sites seem to have many of their programs available to view for much longer.
            A shame such a brilliant show hasn’t been promoted at all , as well as being buried away in that late Friday night timeslot.

  17. Hey David, With regard to the anti syphoning regulations, how are 9 able to claim Stan as being FTA TV when its not a TV channel? I understand that there will be free content to meet the laws, but if you can’t watch it on a “not so smart TV”, how can it be classified as being broadcast on FTA??

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