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  1. I find it really annoying that channel 10 have stopped showing Family Feud on Channel 11 at 6pm.
    I like to watch the last part of FF then watch Neighbours.
    Can’t do that now. They start Neighbours before 6:30pm the last couple of nights so I miss the start!
    It didn’t need to be “Fixed” It worked the way it was! D’uh!

  2. Iron fist is a lot better than the critics make it out to be. I’m up to episode 11 and I’m loving it. Just as good as Daredevil, JJ and Luke Cage. The twists in the back half of the season have been excellent

    • I haven’t started watching it as yet but I was hoping this would be the case… where critics have been harsh on the show, but it’s actually pretty decent… the reviews have been awful… I myself am excited to watch it!

      • I’d definitely encourage checking it out and watching several episodes. Episode 8 had some really good fight scenes between Danny and a Lei Wu Long Drunken a master type character and episode 9 completely flipped the show with a good plot move I didn’t see coming.

    • I don’t know about ‘a lot better’ – I’m 4 eps in and it definitely has the issues the critics have spoken of, but I don’t think it’s quite as bad as they’ve made it out to be.

  3. I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble trying to record Bones on the 28 March it series linked to record and then disappeared,i can however set the episode on the 4th of April and it requires 7% which means 2 episodes? So are 7 not showing episode 11 next week and showing 11 and 12 together on the 4th. aaaarrrggghhhh

    • On the EPG Bones is scheduled for the 28th, in the calendar the finale is set for the April 4th, series tags for me don’t activate until the day of the recording so I can’t tell if it has a problem at the moment, I’ll get back to you on that.

      • The EPG shows episode 11 on the 28th but foxtel comes up with a recording error and it is not able to book or record but I can record Bones on the 4th April, which says episode 12 and requires 7%, which would be a double episode………. now I know why I give the commercial networks a wide birth!!

        • From the description on the EPG the next ep is definitely ep 11, I might hazard a guess that there might be some farewell special that follows the final ep on the 4th, which might account for the extra hour.

        • I had another though about the final on the 4th, could it be an issue with daylight savings? With daylight savings ending on the 2nd, the schedules for the following days could be off by an hour.

  4. Very annoyed that Eleven has bumped Speechless… again. Last week it got bumped from 8pm to 7.30pm but at least the time change got some promo activity on Eleven. This week it has been bumped to 11.20pm. One week after running TV promos advertising it moving to 7.30pm.

    This is why people don’t watch FTA TV anymore.

    • how many shows has eleven bumped and or removed from the schedule, never for them to return, even on a digital channel? You’re the worst is one I can think of, but there are probably other shows they have tried on the digital channel and “failed” (at least by the network honchos in programming at 10).

  5. Maev....Sydney

    TV on TEN, after The Project, as streaming has not been good for me lately….Celebrity Feud is on….Point….Masterchef ads are really good and have more than tweaked my interest…

  6. Hi David
    I noticed that Greys is back on double episodes on 7flix from this Monday do you have any idea if how to get away with murder will ever screen again?

  7. New comedy ‘Speechless’ bumped by 11 on Saturday night from 7.30 to after 11.00-a pity, has a good cast including Minnie Driver and hasn’t been on a dozen times before (unlike the ancient ‘Sex in the City’ ughh!).

  8. So many cliffhangers on the season finale of 800 Words. Is there another season this year, or do we have to wait a whole year to find out what happens?

  9. Hi, apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere, but can anyone tell me if Eleven has shown the Simpsons’ “Great Phatsby” hour long episode? I suspect I’ve missed it…

  10. At least we haven’t had to wait as long to see Rihanna (as Marion Crane) on Bates Motel, as we have had to wait for Delta on House Husbands!

  11. G’day, is anyone watching Freddie Flintoff: Lord of the Fries, Season 2, currently airing on ONE Saturday nights? I have a question relating to episode 3 that aired 11th March. That is, I’m convinced what actually went to air was episode 3 but from Season 1.

  12. While “channel surfing” Foxtel this morning I came across 7flix on satellite (Channel 076), at least in Queensland but I suspect everywhere. I’m sure it hasn’t been there very long.
    That’s the good news. The bad news is while trying to find a movie on it I came up empty. Zilch.
    All repeats of MKR, Home and Away and 1970s shows. What a waste of a channel when we were promised the world when it opened. .

  13. Season 3 of Tiny House Hunters started last Friday for those interested in Tiny Houses. There is a repeat of scheduled on Wednesday at 5pm for those who missed it.

  14. Seeing Big Little Lies as the top pick of the day reminds me I must change my Foxtel package. Watching MAX’s Never-Ending 90’s countdown yesterday brought back lots of memories for me. Could someone please post the top 10? Thanks

  15. Had to have a laugh – Tom Arnold was a guest star on NCIS: New Orleans tonight and showed more energy than he did in his entire jungle experience!

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