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  1. Maev....Sydney

    Last season F1…we had one race on Ten then next one highlights…alternating…
    This time …we got all Aussie…China highlights and now Bahrain highlights, Monday night…
    Does anyone know if TEN will have any other full races this year…I dont know how to find out?

  2. Have sent a complaint to SBS regarding encore of The Feed yesterday afternoon. During A segment about Natasha Exelby they showed a clip of K Rudds blooper swearing video uncensored 4pm in the afternoon. No Editing at all.

  3. The trailer for the new TV show “The Mist” based on Steven King’s novel now has a trailer and a June 22 release date on Spike TV in the US.

    Do you think it will be on Foxtel or FTA. Or will it just be on Fetch TV’s Spike TV?

  4. The way wentworth is being shot this year is so different. Not sure I’m a fan of the head room and and zero looking room. The show just feels different as well. Still amazing though. Pamela should’ve got a nomination at the Logies but that’s a different story.

  5. Why do I have to wait three weeks to watch the next episode of this is us channel 10? We are already watching the series extremely delayed from its US airing and now your forcing viewers to wait another three weeks for the next episode? Why? So you can air the movie the longest ride next week which I’ve already seen and could easily have been scheduled another night and who knows what the following weeks. I can’t stand the chopping and changing in the schedule for stupid reasons and the loss of viewers which will inevitably occur because of your poor decision to remove it from air for piss weak reasons. I am going to try very hard to remember you did this again when the thoughts come into my head to try and convince me to try another new show on your network. I’m flabbergasted that way your ratings are going that you would do make such an appalling stupid decision and kiss your very…

    • Probably for non ratings period. I saw 15 episodes of season one before Ten even aired the first episode. Getting jerked around by networks is not fun

      • I thought easter non ratings was this week and next and I’m sure I read something along those lines on the tv tonight newsletter. So that means this is us would be off for one week during non ratings and one week during ratings. Is that right?

    • I agree. Yes its non ratings but it is a slow burn show and stories that benefit from a weekly screening, not a three week delay of eps that were shown four months ago in US.

      • Yes its definitely a show that needs either a regular weekly same time screening or to be binge watched. I wonder if anyone at ten actually watches the show and understands that? I can see an audience decline when it returns in three weeks time cause out of sight out of mind.

      • I noticed that when I realised I’d have to wait 3 weeks to find out whether toby lived or died so I said what the heck I’ll just google the spoiler since ten have no consideration for their viewers. Was annoyed that this is us has been yanked of air that I turned the tv off and did not watch madam secretary as planned so I have no idea how long that’s off air and we are still a couple of eps behind on that too. Not sure why these two shows have been singled out as bull, 24 and ncis all have new episodes next week.

        • Yes, I also thought it was strange considering they didn’t start showing This is Us until Feb, which means they could have shown it every week until the season ended.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I gave up on drama on TEN a long time ago…and Nine even before that….I like a lot the series …but cannot be bothered chasing them around…just wind up getting annoyed….
      The only drama I watch these days in on ABC and most of that on Iview…but the way ABC is going….well anyones guess…

      • Totally agree….it makes no sense to stop it given it doesn’t rate much above 400K, noticed this week numbers were up surprisingly (given it is a non-ratings week) so 10 are making a huge mistake by stopping it….my only thoughts are it might tie back in when MC starts? I am trying to see their logic?? I thought each episode would run week to week, so Offspring can start straight after it finishes and then The Working Girl…maybe we should work in their Programming department. What would we know, we are just their loyal viewers who get this kind of treatment…even less on FTA now, thank goodness for streaming services 🙂

  6. Maev....Sydney

    Wondering what TEN is thinking….they are putting Graham Norton shows on @ 7.30PM. …and calling them ‘Specials’?!?…..Is that supposed to make more eyes want to watch?

  7. David could you please get in contact with someone at Foxtel or MAX to ask them if the results to any of this Easter long weekends top 1000 all time greatest songs will be posted anywhere? Thanks

  8. Saw that Chicago Med S1 ends this week- any idea when S2 might air. Was hoping for a Code Black situation where it goes straight back into next season

  9. Hi all
    Tried to check this site and can’t find the answer to what happened to ‘Star’ after airing one episode on Friday 24 March on Eleven?
    Will it be back? Thanks

    • Star got pulled after one episode, isn’t planned on returning as yet. It’s very typical of Ten’s attitude to Eleven and, to a lesser extent, One. Speechless is a prime example as well, had 3 timeslots in 4 weeks.

      • And the lowest rating commercial network by far is not going to pick up by constantly jumping shows around the schedules of all three channels. Where’s the stability? Where’s giving a show a chance? ELEVEN cannot rely on Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother repeats for all of its ratings.

        Thank goodness Ten Network haven’t created a 4th channel – imagine how bad that would be seeing they they can barely look after the three channels they have?

    • Ten often ‘encore’ stuff later in the week.
      Bull- Sun then Tue
      This Is Us- Wed then Fri
      Whose Line has been doing Mon then Fri
      The Project is encored most nights.
      Bondi Rescue- Sun then Wed on One.
      Have a look at One’s programming, most of their real crime stuff gets a second screening.

  10. I’m finding it very strange that adverts for the upcoming season of Masterchef on that will be screened on 10 are being shown on TV1 on Foxtel….

  11. Curious little show on 9GO! this Sunday at 11:30am: Star Wars Droid Tales.
    From what I can gather it’s a retelling of the Star Wars films in the lego style that’s become a thing in recent years.

  12. Netflix has removed 3rd Rock from the Sun from their catalogue. I just noticed today when it was not in my list. After finding a Reddit post, looks like US and Canada lost it too. Ive been slowly rewatching them and was only in season two.

  13. Maev....Sydney

    Woke to current news event….so pleased to see Stan Grant at the helm on ABC News 24….that man is an excellent journo…no grand standing….just does the job…and so well….

  14. As per the current poll. Gogglebox running all year is a no brainer. It rates really well and costs $3.67 a week to make. Don’t know why they have breaks

  15. It would be great if we could see Goggle Box on at least 40 weeks of the yr and I don’t see why it can’t be done 🙂 I’m guessing it’s pretty cheap to make? & i’m sure there would be lots of new willing people to do the show along with the current families although 1 family is boring

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