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  1. Just reading in the newsletter that a full list of people that don’t make the cut for the in memorial at the logies will be published in tv week. Two questions 1. Has there been that many deaths over the last year? 2. Is the reason for the time constraints because they are spending more time on people more than others ie john Clarke and reg grundy? Surely there’s enough time. How would you feel if you worked hard for years and all you get is your name printed?

  2. Season 4 of Bates Motel begins on Seven Wednesday week at 11.30pm, shown a year ago in US and on Foxtel. I am loving the fifth and very final season currently screening on Foxtel.

  3. Was flicking channels last night and ended up in the middle of the 3rd set where murray lost at monte carlo on espn 2. There was this massive watermark on the screen that just stayed during match play advertising the fa cup and it was so distracting that it made a close third set difficult to watch. I don’t like watermarks like that but having it on during match play on a paid subscription channel was just bad.

    So again later in the evening was flicking channels and stumbled onto the front bar on 7. I had heard something weeks ago that they were bring it to Thursday night but I had no idea that it was starting last night. I would have watched it all but in the end only watched about half because I didn’t know. Surely someone at 7 should’ve done a better job at promoting that it was actually starting last night.

  4. I’ve been meaning to enquire about a couple of things:

    1) Any more detail on next Monday’s line-up on Channel 7 in VIC & SA?

    Still can’t believe the AFL is being shunted for MKR (only happening last year during the Olympics – it did lead to a bumper share for 7mate I suppose).

    2) Also due to Thursday night AFL weeks ago, how are Seven handling Home and Away in VIC & SA? Spoilers? Plus7?

    Thanks guys 🙂

  5. Have just finished Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder – gave up waiting for 7 to show it so I resorted to other means.
    Viola Davis is a star!

  6. Just wandering is other people are experiencing issues with the 9Now catch-up facility on smart PVRs that aren’t “certified” by Freeview which is a bit of a monopoly on the STB catch-up services. Its basically useless for me now as my smart STB isn’t a AerialBox or a specific TEAC unit. Watching Ch9 can be a pain at the best of times as can the programs starting later than first advertised and stuffing up recordings but the catch-up was the best way to watch ch9 shows

    • 9Now is not available on my Sony TV, which I think is bizarre. I’m not concerned though – I can’t think of any show on Nine I would want to catch up on.

    • Had the same problem, I returned my smart tv, as some shows on PLUS7, 9NOW,TENPLAY, would not play , also some apps would not work, asked for tech help , ie region could be wrong , but , I ended up getting a fetch tv unit , and now have a mini as well , also a telstra tv unit at first , YouTube and the catch up work well , as they play , don’t think you can fix your issues , you will need to get something else to plug in, pls note the freeplus wifi Pvr , only has the catch up for the capital cities , only iview,SBS on demand , in regional areas, but the telstra unit , fetch , are not geoblocked , sorry hope that helped a bit

    • Thankyou CJohno & jphawes : I’ve pretty much given up on getting anything out of 9Now and Freeview as one refers me to the other and so on and the STB manufacturer is not responsive. It just seems weird that all the other networks work fine and it is just 9Now. Others are going to experience this issue as well on mass soon, so I’m holding out until then.

  7. The second episode of Season 3 of Better Call Saul was a complete lesson in how to ramp up the tension when delicately introducing a significant character. The way Gus was introduced was amazing… it reminded me of the first time he was seen in Breaking Bad. What a great start to this season it has been.

  8. I’ve given up on the Warriors, that second episode was extremely cringe worthy. It really feels like a show for young teens that just happens to air on the main channel at 9:30.

    • Yeah it’s a show with a bit of an identity crisis. But actually doesn’t do anything all that well. I didn’t really enjoy the first episode so I’ve recorded the second one hoping it got a tad better…

  9. Have any of you found a good TV guide iphone app to replace OzTV since it was ended? any that I have looked at don’t seem to come close in functionality. I would mark all the shows I watch as favourites and set reminders on some of them. Then I could just view the favourites list to confirm my PVR was recording everything on there. When a show came back after a break between seasons it would appear in my list as I had previously favourited it. Also getting a list of premieres or movies would help to figure out what to watch. I really miss this app and want to know if there are any other options on par with this one?

    • Haven’t uses OzTV, but I use IceTV and think it sounds similiar. I can favourite shows that then show up in My Week and that’s what I use to confirm my PVR recordings. It also has a coming soon section that I can mark any shows I like as a favourite and they will show up automatically in My Week, even when they are just scheduled as coming soon at the time of marking. I believe you can pay for extra features, but I use the free version and I’m happy with it. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Haven’t seen Ice TV, but now OzTV is gone, I haven’t found one app that let’s me do all the following : view free and pay TV, customise channels and reorder channels. On top of that, I don’t like network biased apps (like Foxtel Guide), and a lot of others haven’t been updated in a while or are overridden with ads. I’ve given up on pay TV listings and use the TV Guide in the Freeview FV app. If Freeview got over themselves and added pay TV that would be perfect.

  10. Is there any word on last weeks special of Bold and the Beautiful getting a replay or becoming available on TenPlay? I forgot all about it.

  11. Rowan Dean tweeted that Outsiders was the top rating show on Sky News on Sunday (not sure if that’s combining the live show and primetime encore however). So despite all the headlines and hissy fits, it seems Mark Latham was not the big drawcard for that show he seemed to think he was! No wonder the best he could after getting sacked was a Facebook page.

  12. Just wondering whats happening with being mary jane on nitv (sbs). They’ve recently started replaying season 1 rather than airing new episodes. Last year they aired seasons 1 and 2 yet there’s been no word on all of season 3 or the ten episodes of series 4 that have aired in the USA. Do sbs have the rights to further seasons? I really hope they are not replaying already screened eps and are sitting on new episodes which I would like to see.

  13. Left Nine News Now (3pm “News”) on in the background and noticed a News Break during the ad break – um a news break in a news program? Aren’t I already watching the News?

    Also – I’ve never understood why on most national weekday public holidays FTA daytime programming is usually the same as every other weekday (apart from the odd footy game).

  14. I must say the 3rd season of Defiance was such an improvement over the 2nd that I’m now somewhat sad the show was cancelled – although it was a pretty appropriate finale for the show.

  15. Maev....Sydney

    Excellent news letter and well done Comment of the Week…I reckon he would like that… 🙂
    Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Easter weekend….what ever you do.

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