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  1. Dull TV in general this Friday night-movies are all oft repeated and almost all 1990s vintage-even ‘The Fugitive’ loses its lustre after the dozenth showing on commercial filled TV!

    • Maev....Sydney

      Guess it depends on what you like to watch…I enjoyed The Living Room…then went to 7TWO for a few hours of English shows….then over to ABC NEWS….which I do most late nights/early mornings….not dull for me…just saying…Right now…watching The Link with Stan Grant…which I always find interesting……

  2. On the front bar on 7 after last nights afl match they said that the front bar next Thursday will be airing at 8.30pm. So it will be interesting to see how the front bar and the afl footy show on 9 will go head to head. Not forgetting the marngrook footy show on nitv who’s last half hour also clashes with these shows. So next Thursday in Melbourne (and some other states depending on schedules) there will be three channels that have a clash of an AFL based show.

        • Not really. I have nothing against the channel although it’s made out to be that way. I just feel that it’s a slightly useless channel. Plus the audience share is so low for an FTA channel.
          But again, I have nothing against it.

          • Not sure saying it is “slightly useless” can be in the same sentence as “I have nothing against the channel.” What you have against it, to use your analogy, is therefore its ‘usefulness’ in offering Indigenous content. It sounds like you are not the audience for it, but that’s no reason for others not to find benefit. Marngrook even gets Logie noms in the Popular categories. In regards to its share remember that OzTAM people meters are not evenly distributed across all regionals. NITV has argued the bulk of its audience is outside 5 city metro.

    • Only clashes are in Vic/Tas. The Front Bar is on at 10.30pm in SA/WA and I’m not sure what time it is on in the “rugby league states”. As for Marngrook, yes it boosts NITV’s usual share but its coming a very clear third, even with TFB airing only in Vic/Tas.

      • My previous comment didn’t suggest that the marngrook footy show would beat the others. It was to point out of the 19 free to air channels 3 of those channels will have a live entertainment show about the same sport at the same time.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Newsletter:…I am afraid it will always be Channel 2 to me…..
    And Uncle Buck SBS…sent this old duck into a spin…double checked channel and TV programs….What was that?!?………..

  4. Finally got around to watching the Season 3 final of Better Call Saul last night.
    Very bleak but brilliant as usual.
    Michael McKean has been exceptional as the “holier than thou”, Chuck.
    A fascinating, complex and absolutely hateful character.
    Sadly Mike was glaringly absent in this last ep
    Really hope there is a Season 4 and 5 …the story is nowhere near over yet.
    Such a quality show.

    • I’ve never liked Michael McKean… but I agree he is exceptionally good as the despicable Chuck.
      It’s slower paced than Breaking Bad, but I think that is to its benefit. I thought not putting Mike in the finale was ballsy, but I thought his arc was nicely wrapped for the season in episode 9 so I was ok with that. The Nacho/Gus/Hector scenes lead to the iconic incident that is so prevelant in Br Ba with Don Hector! It was a true fan moment! ?

      • Yes, definitely a very skilful actor to so compellingly make us hate him so much.
        Yep, the Nacho/Gus/Hector scenario was so clever and the perfect precursor to the later story arc in BB.
        I love BCS so much – would be a crying shame not to keep it going as it morphs ever closer into BB.

  5. any updates on the situation with Home & Away the Early Years ? last comments here on 7/6 saying the station said there were ‘run issues’ or something. I’m wondering if there could be issues with a former cast member who has put in some sort of legal thing to stop them airing episodes they were in?
    I remember a few years ago there was a kickup by some actors in classic tv shows about not getting paid for reruns & dvd releases etc, but as said the contracts at the time didn’t specify this, maybe things have changed though?

  6. Why is sbs showing a john candy film, Uncle Buck at 9pm on a thursday night? I mean, channel 10 or one of the other commercials, but sbs? I thought sbs showed mostly european films and some arthouse UK and US films, but on it’s main channel even, viceland should of been at least showing this. A rather strange choice of a film for what I thought was a “multicultural ” channel, that showed diverse world cinema(including the great australian films).

  7. Working from home, I usually watch TV while having lunch. It used to be prerecorded H&A Early years, but now that’s been dumped, I just put on Foxtel and look for something that’s broadcasting right there and then. Terrible decision. I’ve noticed more and more that commercials are being placed mid scene of a program rather than where the producer intended it to be. Worse than this, I am sure Foxtel are aligning commercials to be on at the same time no matter what channel. I can go from 111, Fox8, Comedy, LifeStyle, Home, Food, and a +2 channel, and consistently flick to a commercial on each one. And the commercial breaks are so long, that I finish my lunch during the commercial break, and have to press ‘i’ to remember what show I was actually going to watch. Now I have series link on classic Simpsons so I can watch that during my lunch break.

  8. Just thought I’d pop a list of what free to air dramas I’m watching at the moment. Unfortunately its a pretty small list. Bull, Orphan Black, Poldark, Janet King. Three of them have the same timeslot which is annoying. This is Us finished last night and I will be watching offspring next week.

      • I don’t use iview much but I have watched a couple of episodes of Janet King recently and had no issues. I like that abc iview offers closed captions. Its also good of abc iview to make a point in letting viewers know that they don’t have to create an account to access iview.

  9. I have a bit of a problem with the current poll – I think my partner voted Todd Sampson for “Most Over-Hyped Show” just so I couldn’t vote for “Twin Peaks” 😉

  10. I would just like to acknowledge ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ so far this season (only 4 eps but I’ve seen enough to make the judgment). It’s been middling at best in the past… especially season 2… but so far Series 3 has been stronger than the first 4 episodes of its mother show in its recent season. Last nights Daniel centric episode was everything a ‘one character’ episode should be… (I hope the main show is taking notes!) it was a surprise to see he was still alive at the end of the last episode (as he was one of my favourite characters)… but an even bigger surprise to see what he’s been through… really well done.

  11. any chance 11 will buy back the rights for So You Think You Can Dance, now that it’s gone back to its normal format?

    Do we have an official date for Australian Ninja Warrior?

  12. Signed up to Stan free trial on Friday so I could watch Wolf Creek (TV Series). It was great, very impressed with the cinematography, acting, and overall quality. Looking forward to the next season. Also stumbled upon iZombie, it’s pretty cool too, a blend of Veronica Mars and Tru Calling. Not much else to offer on Stan though. I’ll be cancelling after the free trial. I can’t believe we don’t have a streaming service which provides The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, in addition to the vast number of Australian television shows. I’d love to watch The Wayne Manifesto or Newlyweds again!

    • Agree – Wolf Creek was excellent. Everyone’s tastes are different but, for me, there has been a lot of content on Stan I have watched. Highly recommend Better Call Saul – both seasons have been outstanding and the final ep of season 2 airs tomorrow.

      • Hate to be “that” guy… but it’s Season 3’s finale airing tomorrow of Better Call Saul.. and my God have they built the tension up ready for this final! Can’t wait!

          • All the cast are brilliant but Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks as the taciturn, methodical Mike are standouts.
            Jimmy’s accelerating metamorphosis into the scheming, master-manipulating hustler, “Saul Goodman”, is almost complete. Fascinating to watch…

    • Are you a comedy fan? Stan is great on this genre. There is the locally made No Activity & One Night Stan comedy specials. Also a range of UK comedies. I personally much prefer the more subtle, less obvious UK humour over US slapstick (Just have to look at the two versions of The Office).

  13. 7Flix did it again last night, nine episodes in a row of The Big Bang Theory, with the last four episodes being a repeat of the first four. This is really lousy programming.

  14. I have a Socceroos team tag set up on the fetch box which is supposed to record any match on any channel that involves the Socceroos. For the second time in the last week it has not activated. It didn’t activate for the friendly against brazil on Go and and it hasn’t activated for the confederations cup match again Germany tomorrow morning on sbs. What’s the point of offering the team tag option on the fetch box if it doesn’t work?

      • It’s odd that it’s only been noticed now cos it has happened before, the voice always goes on for longer towards the end of the comp. Why be annoyed? Just record and watch later, it’s not that hard to do.

          • I think it was earlier this year Nine said 60 Minutes would remain in a consistent 7pm timeslot all year. It’s annoying, but it does allow me to watch both current affairs shows consecutively now, with SN at 8.40 then 60 Minutes anytime after 9.20

          • Not quite. “We will aim to have consistency where possible, at 8:30. But I can’t sit here and guarantee it will be 8:30 on the dot for 52 weeks,” -Hamish Turner.

  15. Not impressed with the commentary on last nights Gold Coast vs Carlton match. If I wasn’t watching the game with others I would’ve put the TV on mute. Did not like the positioning on the camera right on top of the Carlton coach. If you want to put things like cameras in the coaches box you need to find a better position then above the person.

  16. Your newsletter came through this week. Not always a given with my email for some reason.

    Not sure I quite agree with your sentiment about the FixNetworkTen hashtag. While the wording of the hashtag might be a bit harsh I think a lot of the responses that it received showed that people had a lot of love for the Ten brand and that they all have their favourite shows from the network over the years. Problem is that most of the fondness for Ten’s shows is historic and not a lot of comment on the current line-up. Although personally even now I would still watch Ten way more than I watch Nine or Seven.

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