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  1. Was at the gym last night and there was a commercial for some seniors insurance on TV (as always). I’m sure the woman in it was Julie McGregor (Betty from Hey Dad!) and she was standing out the front of the country house from Always Greener.

  2. i just saw a preview on 9 for This Time Next Year. Did anyone else find the part about the lady with a serious illness saying something along the lines of ‘who knows if i’ll still be here next year’ a bit sick?? like ‘lets guess if someone dies of cancer or not’, is this supposed to be entertainment now??

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Perhaps you are unaware that many people who have come to terms with having a serious and possibly terminal illness are quite frank about their circumstances and will often speak in a matter-of-fact manner. Personally, I find asking whether a terminally ill person is “a bit sick” to be a little insensitive.

      • yes i’m sure some people are candid in talking about their illness. Perhaps i could have worded that better, i’m not judging the ill person but the shows producers. I find it a bit off that they are using a serious & possibly terminal illness to promote a tv show, even if they have got permission from the person.

  3. We’re now past the half-way mark in 2017.

    Seven only need 2 more weekly wins, to claim 2017? Which could be achieved before August.

    Which will be even earlier, than the already early time last year (just before the Olympics).

    Can you please confirm this David?

    Thank you.

    • Past half-way in Calendar year perhaps, but TV year differs. They will need to win 21 weeks to claim most weeks won, which is July 23 at the earliest (excluding any changes in Consolidated). If Nine wins this week, it would be July 30 at the etc. Claiming the year is more complex as Total People and Demos. I don’t see Seven losing crown.

      • Thanks David 🙂

        I was going to ask also, what’s the “industry standard” with bragging rights?

        Is it year-to-date share (%) come the end of survey? Or is it by weeks won? Or both?

        Seven seemed to have it both ways (e.g.) last year they claimed the year in August, but they also claimed it by share (%) when it came December?

  4. Can someone please explain this to me. Why does “datacasting” like WIN GOLD, Extra and TV4ME get priority over community TV? What even makes a channel a “datacasting” channel? Does it have to broadcast ads 24/7?

    • Maev....Sydney

      I miss Sydney’s community TV channel…..
      I would never watch a channel that just televises nothing but ads…what is that?…even those shopping shows..which are just half hour ads…in the early mornings…does anyone really watch them?

    • They’re an historical relic of how the government of the day tried to “fix” one bad decision (protecting PayTV from competiton by FTA multichanneling) by making another bad decision (allowing commercial FTA to multichannel provided the channels didn’t actually compete with anything) which had already proved to be a complete failure the previous 3 or 4 times it had been tried elsewhere (Europe/UK).

      I’m not even sure what the rules are now – originally they disallowed pretty much anything informative or entertaining – but since they’re now sources of revenue for commercial FTA networks you can expect heavy resistance to removing them…

  5. Maev....Sydney

    A totally awesome TV Tonight Newsletter…..jam packed….
    Thanks for reporting on Chris Chamberlin….that is a send off I would like…
    Anyone not getting the newsletter in their inbox…are really missing a lot….

  6. Anyone know when Catastrophe season 3 will be shown in oz? Seasons 1 &2 were on ABC. Season 3 being shown on Netficks overseas but not here.

  7. Just watched episode 1 of The Handmaid’s Tale- even though it is early days. I found the first episode living up to the hype, two thumbs up.

    • Yes, it was compelling viewing.
      Certainly has lived up to the hype so far – intriguing and thought-provoking.
      But so unrelentingly bleak and miserable!

      • I agree with you, tough subject matter, not one for the kids. However I will be dipping into the rest of the season. Probably not a show you can easily binge watch though due to the tough subject matter.

  8. Gave up just 30 mins into Common Sense last night. UK Gogglebox, I loved instantly. Australian version took me a while to warm to, but CS seems too staged, like they’ve been sent a link to a story or video and it’s “3,2,1 action – now discuss!” and I didn’t care for the views of the chosen participants.

  9. MKR- UK started this week on Lifestyle Food Channel…very interesting, if they don’t get each course on the table within an allotted time they get penalised a point in the scoring. They are working in groups of four couples within regions and currently in Scotland so getting to see a lot of ‘regional’ dishes. The contestants don’t back off with their comments (neither do the judges , one of whom is a 2 michelin star chef) but they score fairly. The Grand Prize is 10,000 pounds …… Will be interesting to see what happens after the home restaurant rounds.

  10. In their podcast today, Hamish & Andy made the call for more stories for season 2 of True Story, so I guess that means it’s been renewed

    • That all depends on Channel 9 and I doubt they’ll be renewing based on the ratings from 5 episodes. They might be making a call for one or two more stories for the second half of the season premiering in a few months. Or have more stories to choose from in case its renewed which I hope it is.

        • Of course a call out for more stories is not an official renewal, but it will be mind boggling if not renewed. I understand all episodes have been filmed (there just being shown in 2 parts), so more stories would be for more episodes. I was baffled by the decision to air the show in two parts, but I actually think it will work well. Keep the interest high, and avoid viewers getting tired with the concept from too many in a row

  11. Secret Squïrrel

    A lot of people must be happy that Ten went into administration given how many people have voted for them as “Most Improved” in 2017 so far…

  12. Finished season four of Line of Duty last night, watched four episodes in a row because it was that compelling. This is my favourite UK cop\crime drama series. Each season keeps getting better and better, with the twists and deception. Definitely recommend this show to anyone wanting something new to watch, and the first three (of four) seasons are on Netflix.

  13. What’s with Ten, Joyce Meyer on 11, same episode as the one on Gem , an hour earlier , and its everyday , in the middle of the children’s tv time ??

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