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  1. In regards to Ten’s decision with the MasterChef finale, would Monday week not have been better than going head-to-head with Ninja Warrior for a lot of it?

    I mean, maybe MasterChef will surprise and do better than what’s assumed.

    But 2015 had 2.1m for winner & last year had 1.9m for the winner. With 25-54s numbers over or close to 1m!

    I doubt it’ll be anywhere near those numbers this time, sadly for Ten.

    Ten aren’t dumb though, they knew the huge risk.

    No reality has achieved 2m thus far in 2017, also very, very odd.

    • Masterchef finishes after ANW on that night so no doubt a big peak for Winner Announced after many flick over.

      ANW finale will be record high as no other network can be bother programming against it (a practice that all but will give Nine number 1 non-(real)sports show for the year).

      • I get your point.

        But I would have thought (naturally) that the MasterChef semi-final on Sunday & finale on Monday will also stop Ninja Warrior from getting higher numbers.

        Both are huge programs & in my opinion will cannibalise each other.

        Hence my original point.

    • I don’t see how they can suddenly stretch out the season to program it for the following week. Also they have now scheduled Survivor and the Bachelor and obviously don’t want to damage the launches and early eps of those shows either. MC is holding its own this year, I think.

  2. Zoe Bertram is joining Neighbours as Mark, Aaron and Tyler’s mum Fay Brennan

  3. Is the First women’s cricket semi final supposed to be on Gem tonight, I know the Australia game will be on Thursday. However a previous article on this blog said both games will be broadcasted if Australia make it this far.

  4. Did anyone catch ‘Ápple Tree Yard’ on BBC First a few weeks back? They’re re-running all 4 eps on Saturday and I was just wondering if it was worth a watch…

    • It’s about a middle-aged woman who embarks on an illicit affair with a handsome stranger. I checked it out because of the cast, but found it slow moving and the characters uninteresting. I gather the idea was that it would all be revealed with some twist at the end, but I didn’t make it to the end of the first episode.

      Disclaimer: I am not a middle aged woman.

    • I found it moody and interesting, but some of the dialogue in the early parts was bordering on incomprehensible. Watched all four eps. Found it intriguing enough. (I don’t think you need to be a middle-aged woman to enjoy the subtleties of this series.)

  5. Was flicking thru channel’s this morning and discovered on Gem Harry Connick Jr talk show, I don’t know how long it’s been on, but I must say it wasn’t that bad and he was quite good as host

  6. Looking at subscribing to Foxtel Play so I can view GoT. Do you have to watch it live tonight or does it now offer the streaming service like Netflix? I tend to watch shows on ‘my time’ so just interested if anyone knows the answer.

    • They have moved the first airing to Wednesday 8:30pm. It’s been hard to track down the eps, the first two were series linked to the Saturday repeat so I kept discovering that I’d recorded that episode again.

      12 Monkeys is now only on once at 5pm Sunday too.

  7. I guess the ABC doesn’t have the rights to The Last Leg – Para Athletics Special? No “Last Leg” I can see in the coming week on ABC. Why can’t they get the rights to this?

  8. The name of the new Doctor will be announced after the Wimbledon finals this weekend.

  9. WIN now broadcasts Eleven and One with a solid purple logo for 11 and solid green logo for 1. Those solid logos are also bigger than the transparent ones.They are also referred to as WIN Eleven and WIN One. Why does WIN love huge solid logos?

  10. I get that it’s each to their own with TV shows, but I gave Ninja Warrior a short amount of time last night on GO! before dinner and wasn’t impressed. From my view the hosts need some work. Ben is not lively enough, I’ve never seen the female host on anything else before, she seems nice, but she needs to ask her stylist run a brush through her hair and tone down the make up a bit. And I found it difficult to understand or care what Freddie had to say. And why was the camera pulled back so far from the three of them. I then saw the obstacles as they showed a demonstration, that was fine. Then the first contestant comes on and they tell me his life story, I don’t need to know that – just get on with the game. If I was forced to watch this show, it would have to be pre-recorded so I could FF through everything that’s not contestants doing the obstacle.

    • Some of the life stories I found interesting. Like how one person had a background in professional athletics or something but fails really early. But yeah the commentating needs work but Freddie was funny at times.

  11. Any word on when ten or one will air season 3 of zoo? Ten has aired first two seasons not far away from the US airdate and season 3 is already 2 episodes in. Probably should double check too if they still have the rights considering their financial woes.

      • That’s what I would like to know. If they don’t have the rights then atleast in this instance Netflix has the worldwide rights to the show I just have to wait longer to see it but at least I don’t have to chase it around the schedule.

        • How most Netflix deals work is the network in the country the deal covers needs to broadcast the season before it gets released on Netflix so you won’t find it there unless the deal is refined if TEN got rid of it.

    • The idiot producers of Zoo lost me as a viewer after S02E05&6. Never watched another second if it. What happened in those two episodes still makes me very angry.

        • Well, I was trying to be non-spoilery, but that is exactly what I was referring to. Her loss really hurt me and as you can tell, I’ve never recovered.
          [Sorry for my delayed reply]

          • Chloe’s death was a shock and it took a few episodes to get used to the idea but I continued with the show. There was a bit of a twist that occurred in the final episode of season 2 that I’m interested to see how it plays out in season 3.

            No need to apologise for the delayed response and on this site its not a spoiler if its already aired in Australia.

  12. David, in a recent piece about mis-spelling show names you mentioned that local networks use a bit of creative naming. I think SBS must be top of that heap; e.g. “Digging For Britain” renamed to “Digging For Britain’s Secrets” and “The Victorian Slum” renamed to “Queen Victoria’s Slums”. I think the naming of a show is the sole right of the owner and I wonder if they know this is occurring. Is there some good reason for renaming, or are they just ignorant?

    • Fair question. In some cases shows are renamed for the international market, so it’s largely a case by case question. What we do see from SBS is a constant adding to the front, at least in EPGs, so that Queen Victoria’s Slum becomes Michael Mosley: Queen Victoria’s Slum. It’s clearly a strategy designed to brand and cut through, but I will try to ask more about this soon.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Ten also does this a lot. Elementary unnecessarily had “Sherlock Holmes” tacked onto the front, and everything that David Attenborough has had the slightest thing to do with has had his named added to the title.

      • The silly thing is that the original title is displayed as part of all shows, so the owners haven’t edited the title for Oz. I can understand why adding “David Attenborough:” or “Michael Mosley:” might attract fans but I think most SBS title changes are more radical than that.

    • Another glaring one last night… SBS’s misleading renaming was “The Cyber Attack That Stopped The World”, but the actual title is “Cyber Attack The Inside Story”. Not about stopping the world at all, this is a BBC doco about the ransomware that infected the British National Health Service recently.

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