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  1. After a ludicrous but enjoyable enough start, ‘Younger’ has morphed into a standout dramedy… its incline in quality has been 3 seasons in the making. The writing is whip smart, the episodes are punchy and never dull and the characters are now fully developed so the pacing and characterisation is on point. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable and underrated show. No wonder Stan has it as a key title in their library.

    • I’d never heard of the show before until very recently. I’ve seen 1.5 episodes so far, but it seemed pretty good. I’ll get back to it once I’ve finished my binge of iZombie and Orphan Black current seasons.

    • Maev....Sydney

      Thought the same thing…I was in a waiting room around the middle of the day…and saw it on again….seems to be there everytime I am on anything 7…. I did not even get through the first showing….and I am/was a Marco fan….have not had the TV on since I got home…I did watch some Iveiw…

  2. Just a note to advise that a post with Survivor numbers detailing roadblock numbers for ONE and ELEVEN has been deleted due to the numbers being 7pm – 9pm, not 7:30pm – 9pm as broadcast. Whilst they were correct for the times stated, they need to be accurate for broadcast, so apologies for the confusion. Meanwhile I am awaiting clarity on a promo which indicated “continues tomorrow” but have not heard as yet.

  3. gee i guess its just too hard for 7flix to play TBBT episodes in order, they’re just showing the episode where Howard’s mother dies after just showing the ep that’s supposed to come after that, ggggrrrr!

  4. I missed today’s Pointless on the ABC. I’ve looked on iView and it’s not there. Is there any word as to the state date of Little Big Shots and return of early Home and Away?

    • Chances of H&A Early Years returning are very slim. 7two don’t see it financially viable to purchase the rights to air it. Yes it sounds stupid that they need to pay to rerun an in house production, i assume its related to the residual fees the actors get paid for reruns. More info on Back to the Bay .net

    • Seven has exclusive first run rights to Grimm in this country and showed S5 at the end of their window, as networks usually do with stuff they don’t want to get on air quickly. After that cheaper rights become available. Netflix was looking for more cheap content and picked up S4 & 5.

  5. Watching ELEVEN’s The Loop yesterday I have a couple questions. Has Tweedie left? How did Liv injure herself? In regards to ABC’s rage are boy band Hanson really guest programming next weekend?

  6. Where is Gruen when you need them?
    Is every company using the same advertising agency nowadays?
    Here’s the formula for advertising in 2017-

    1) choose a pop song from the 80s/90s
    2) create an acoustic, dirge version
    3) overlay with winsome, waif-like vocals by little girly singer
    4) rinse, repeat
    5) ensure the advertising runs in every single commercial break ever

    Still, the Stan commercial is entertaining.

  7. Maev....Sydney

    Thank you for the news letter….was not expecting it as you are supposed to be resting…*sigh*….
    and was also not expecting a 2nd Comment of the Week….I am totally chuffed… 🙂

  8. Thank you mentioning iView HD in the newsletter. I thought it was supposed to have been released by now too, trying to watch its low resolution SD on a 65″ TV is not easy on the eye. I don’t use it that often, only when IQ3 decides it wants to randomly delete my schedules recordings.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I thought when I got my new whiz bang PC that Iview would be better…but watched some last night…it froze a few times…and also was buffering a few times….never use to do that…it was the best…

    • iView is still low resolution and using outdated Flash. Everybody else upgraded to higher quality HTML5 pretty quickly. The ABC also doesn’t seem to have enough server capacity for prime-time either.

      Bankrupt Ten and SBS with a budget of $240m p.a. could sort it out quickly, why can’t the ABC with its new digital plan and a budget of $1.2b p.a. ?

  9. Will & Grace reboot has been extended to 16 episodes (from 10 then 12) and it’s already renewed for a second season. Not bad for a show which has been off the air for 11 years and has not commenced airing the new episodes. They will also cover the death of Debbie Reynolds who starred as Grace’s mother, Bobby Adler.

  10. David, Robert Hardy, who many will know from the the series all creatures great and small, as Siegrfried Farnon, as well as appearing in the Harry Potter films, has passed away at age of 91.

  11. On trying to get 54 I accidentally stumbled across 55, which claimed to be ‘ live’ but was 4:3. Out of curiosity I’ve checked at random times through the week and it’s in 4:3. Is there any special reason for this? Are they only paying for two-thirds of a channel? (LOL) This is the ‘born again’ Swaggart channel on regional channel 55.

    • Can’t speak to what SCA are doing with it but I believe SonLife is produced & distributed mostly as 4:3, with maybe the occasional segment in widescreen 16:9. Unlike here, the US’s digital standard specifies that standard definition can only be 4:3, so lot of minor / non-network broadcasters still produce & playout in that format.

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