Spoiler: Andy & Lou on Neighbours

So, wanna know what happens when Little Britain’s Andy & Lou step into Neighbours?

I’ve taken a sneak peek at the episode and it’s a very, very, brief scene. You may be likely to think “is that it?”

But it’s also good fun.

Andy & Lou have no dialogue in their scene at the ‘Scarlett Bar’ nor even gain a credit.

If you want to know what happens in the episode, read on….

In the Scarlett Bar the character of Pepper is sitting at a bar table having a conversation with another character.

As usual, several extras mill around to fill out the scene.

Then, rather obviously Andy (Matt Lucas) is wheeled in by Lou (David Walliams). They are dressed in their usual character costume.

They stop at the rear of the scene while Pepper and co continue having their discussion. Andy and Lou have some indistinguishable words (mimed) and Lou heads off to talk to Harold Bishop.

With this, Andy leaps out of his wheelchair and jumps onto a nearby motorbike video game!

He burns down the road of the game, throwing his motorbike from side to side, and all the while Pepper keeps on chatting, oblivious to the comic upstaging!

The camera cuts to Lou and Harold, deep in (mimed) conversation over a magazine article.

Then Lou jumps off his motorbike and back into his wheelchair before Andy returns. It’s just like the routine in all their sketches.

They have a few final mimed words (Lou appears to point at something with “I want that one”) but none of it is discernable.

And with that the scene is over.

The scene lasts about 90 seconds.

Effectively, Andy and Lou behave like most Neighbours extras, just with a little bit of upstaging!

It also looks like one of the first eps for British actor, and new Erinsborough resident, hunky Benjamin Hart.

Neighbours ‘Little Britain’ ep screens 6:30pm Thu June 14.

More photos.

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  1. is the convo peppa is having with another character important to the story line or is it a waste just to put influence on andy and lou???

  2. Thanks for saving me the effort of watching the show for the first time.

    Neighbours is of course HUGE in the UK so their appearance will cause great enjoyment there.

    The brilliant Matt Lucas went to the same school as the brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen – Haberdashers Askes school, on which The History Boys was based by the brilliant Alan Bennett. The brilliant historian Simon Schama was technical advisor on the film and he went there too.

    I noticed a very grimy travel agent in Flinders Street is called The Neighbours TA. Ramsay Street here we come.

  3. Nice. Shame they weren’t integrated into the storyline or anything.

    Oh well. I wonder if the episode (or maybe just the scene) will be an extra on the next Little Britain DVD…

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