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  1. New Colbert ep on late last night-Monday night was a US public holiday there so no new ep seen here Tuesday night-didn’t see Corden so his status is not known, but the absence of new late night talk show stuff last week was not connected to the Winter Olympics broadcast in the US..

  2. Mr game show fan

    Good news and bad news

    Good news : Hard Quiz Season 3 begins tonight at 8pm. (Woohoo)
    Bad news (for me): Sounds like the ABC won’t be calling me to appear on the show. 🙁

    I applied for Hard Quiz earlier this year.
    Maybe I will have better luck when the ABC will want Season 4 applicants.

  3. Mr game show fan

    It finally happened after 12 episodes.
    Congratulations to the first ever Champion of Think Tank, Chiragg (please edit this comment David if I misspelt the name) for being the first to answer correctly ‘Question Impossible’.

    Enjoy the trophy. Maybe we will see you in some sort of a Champions tournament (whenever that is)

      • Mr game show fan

        You deserve a medal then.
        Those Question Impossible questions are really hard! Haven’t got a single one.
        Maybe you should even appear on Think Tank as a contestant.

        P.S. I am concerned with only a little over 150,000 people watching Think Tank every night, the ABC will think this show has tanked and will not come back for 2019 or even worse not see out the year.

  4. Why is “i’m a celebrity gmooh” filmed in Africa, while every other country -eg UK films it in Springbrook national park in– new south wales Australia,. Seems there is some serious money TEN could save, and employ our locals.

    • There is a novelty in doing this type of show in an exotic location.

      For example, the original 2002 iteration of Australian Survivor was filmed outside of Port Lincoln, Sth Australia and that was a major criticism of the show (and there was a lot of criticism to throw at that iteration of the show).

      As you could image hearing about 16 Australians being marooned 20km out of Port Lincoln doesn’t have the same ring to being marooned in The Amazon, or in Africa or on a Island in Borneo.

      • Mr game show fan

        Extended version of about 2 minutes of Political Survivor is available on the ABC website. Even better than what the version on TV was.

        P.S. Despite saying that, what was not good about this episode of Insiders was the use of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’.
        Does music with a bad pun to a news story always appear on Insiders?

        Don’t usually watch Insiders but I did catch the first seven minutes because I was having breakfast and was too lazy to change the channel and thought to myself “Isn’t Insiders supposed to be a serious political TV show?”

        P.S. Yes I know of the comic strip segment at the near end of each episode.

  5. For those interested…

    Nine have picked-up SVU re-runs, in their new deal with NBC Universal (obviously Ten are still airing new epsiodes though), to air on 9Gem from next week. Expect Criminal Intent to follow suit, one would imagine. Nine have already been airing Law & Order and House re-runs for some time. All these series used to air on Ten. Odd that Seven never picked-up rights when they got the full output deal with NBC Universal in 2009 (from Ten), which Seven has now elapsed, moving to Nine.

    Meanwhile, Ten have picked-up CSI: Miami and CSI: NY in their re-negotiated deal with CBS (the network also being owned by them of course). Used to air on Nine.

    • Ten has the rights to SVU in Australia. They use up the exclusive first run rights themselves (and possibly second run). Eventually rerun rights become available either from Ten, or if those have expired from NBC. Nine also bought reruns of House from Fox. Old CSI series rights would have reverted to CBS and it makes sense for them to use them to fill holes on Network Ten.

  6. If I saw it correctly, 7 are starting Australian Spartan next Sunday the 25th at 7pm.

    For some reason, I had it in my mind that it wouldn’t air until MKR got closer to completion.

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