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  1. harrypotter1994

    Have been watching Wimbledon the last few weeks mainly on Kayo but 7 had exclusive rights to the semi finals and the finals. Now they utilised 7Two early and then moved to the main 7 channel. So why on Saturday (Womens final) did they decide to put the tennis on 7Mate? I think the soccer should been there instead. Consistency is key!

  2. Have you heard if there are any changes with 10 screening The Gilded Age now that the series has moved to HBO (and presumably they will co produce)?

  3. I really enjoyed the UK series from years ago, “Footballers’ Wives”. Channel 9 Melb is currently running its own version of this – it’s called “Postcards” at 5:30 pm on Sundays. Many of the women featured on Postcards are, against the odds, the wives of AFL footballers. If doing remarkably important work for the community would be a worthy inclusion, but tonight’s featured footballer’s wife was undertaking – eye make up. A later segment featuring Victoria’s Governor was much better appreciated.

  4. I watched 4.5 eps of ‘Bodyguard’ yesterday-not impressed-started well enough but rapidly deteriorated into absurd impossibilities and PC rubbish-I can’t understand how people rave over it with no ability to analyse what they’re seeing-a quick example-: how can a British army active service veteran of a recent war not be on any database for DNA, fingerprints or treatment of wounds, let alone a drivers license photo?

    • seantheaussie

      That was definitely a, “bullshit moment” i.e. implausible, weak writing. It was the bullshit moment in episode 4 that finally stopped me watching the series, and the combination of the 2 bullshit moments that stopped me watching the writer’s long running series, despite loving aspects of episodes 1-3.

  5. Seven having problems with the Manchester U v Perth Glory friendly tonight 7TWO. Sound is horrible, after coming back from ad break before game started you could hear the commentators (Mel/Dave Davutovic and all) saying “um, er, ah, I’m just hearing myself back”… With no one commentating for 10min of dead air while we were left to work out what the pre entertainment was and then straight into the call with Basheer from what sounds like a shoebox room with no atmosphere mics.

    Any word David what happened? Social media angry, second time in as many days (Ash Barty stuff up last week), wonder if this will have the same magnitude or not. Heaps of Aussies keen and watching.

  6. Seems like 7Flix has been promoting The White Rabbit Project as coming soon for a long time. You could sign up to Netflix, watch it and cancel your subscription by the time it airs.

    • 7flix has *had so much potential. SBS World Movies eat your heart well. Flix now the ‘dumping ground’ for failed shows and encores. To be fair, the channel does do well if not very well sometimes, but they’re few and far between. I think the demographics do quite well.

  7. When Euphoria was first premiering I remember Foxtel was justifying that a 9.30pm start would be appropriate because of the content of the program. For everything they said about it then, it seems quite strange that they’re replaying each episode on Wednesdays at 2pm – in the middle of the day.

  8. Warner just unveiled their new streaming service HBO Max. It’ll all the Warner Bros stuff from their movie studios and TV channels, including HBO. If the price is competitive it’ll be a great deal! It’s probably not going to launch in Australia right off the bat though…

  9. seantheaussie

    Galavant starts at 12:45 am Thursday morning on 7flix, if anyone needs some fun in their life and aren’t prone to getting catchy songs stuck in their head.

  10. TV fanatic29

    Just wondering are any FTA channels showing the Perth Glory vs Man United match? Is it on 10 Bold? Or is it not shown on FTA.

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