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  1. Nice to see Ian Stenlake pop up on The Secret Daughter tonight (cameo or at least brief guest), last seen prominently on Sea Patrol 6 years ago. David, you’d probably know, did he go back to his trade of stageplay? Or just take a break altogether? A great actor all round in my opinion.

  2. Charlie Rose (the talk show) has been axed in America due to sexual harassment claims levelled at the host. I’ve seen a few episodes of it here on Bloomberg Channel. It wasn’t a bad talk show, if not a bit dry. Always seemed an odd fit for a finance channel like Bloomberg. He also hosted the CBS breakfast show which Ten aired overnight, and was fired from that too.

      • The reviews in are scathing. One and two stars. CBS is not the distributor outside the USA. “Distributor Sony Pictures Television”. Just because something is ‘on CBS’ doesn’t mean they have international distribution.

  3. Saw Sarah Monahan on Studio 10 this morning & from what was said about her talking to journa!ist Tracey Spicer about more alleged abuse within the Oz tv industry, the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan very soon. She has said they will be naming names & sounds like there will be some big ones.

  4. Foxtel’s website reports SBS’ iconic and long running World Movies channel is being removed in February 2018 :@ . That’s despite the latest OzTAM B2 report having its audience share above other channels like MTV Dance, MTV Music, CMC, Style, and beIN 1-3. Yet another channel removed for the sake of cost cutting and to no benefit for the customer.

      • Ah yes, the classic it doesn’t matter to me so why would it matter to anyone opinion. For anyone with Foxtel, I would think their now yearly dropping or amalgamating of channels whilst charging the same price or more, would be an issue regardless of whether they watch a particular channel or not. SBS on Demand would be a downgrade in quality as World Movies is offered in HD whereas none of the SBS on Demand catalogue is. There are also still parts of Australia with substandard internet speeds (even for Oz) where watching a movie online isn’t an option, nor would it be much of an option for those who experience frequent NBN dropouts.

        • Plenty of movies on SBS, SBS Viceland and NITV if someone has internet that can’t handle the SBS on Demand platform. Foxtel shouldn’t have to drop their price due to SBS pulling their channel off the platform. If you don’t like what you pay for Foxtel, call them up and negotiate a price you are happy with or find another provider that offers what you want.

  5. Great Line on last week’s Rosehaven which I watched last night.

    Barbara (sitting down infront of the tv)

    “It’s 7.45 and the film still hasn’t started. What’s the point of having a guide?”

  6. Tenplay are promoting a ‘Summer of Aussie Drama’ with many shows as far back as The Secret Life Of Us being screened on their platform. Wonderland, Rush, Secrets and Lies, Puberty Blues & even Heartbreak High are also in the mix. Good move by 10. They have produced some great dramas over the years (and some not so good) but definitely enough shows to binge on whilst there is only cricket and tennis on FTA.

  7. Just finished watching Liar on Seven, I saw your comment some week ago about you watching it all too David. Wow, what a drama! So chilling, compelling and really kept you hooked, very well written, directed and acted. Glad to hear a second season has been commissioned, as it can’t just be left like that. Interested to hear others’ thoughts?

    • I enjoyed it a lot, but there have been other not too dissimilar UK series on BBC First that have been better over the past couple of years.

      One major writing problem I had with the finale was how Laura just could not forgive, trust & be around her sister, but seemed to easily do the same for her ex-husband. Umm, they pretty much did the same thing to you! I know, means to an end, blah, blah.

      But it’s these kind of details that separate the great series from the good ones.

    • An awful script and mediocre direction. He had to be an experienced serial rapist who had honed his skills at it (while working 70 hours a week and spending every night at home watching TV so that his son was desperate to get him out of the house). There was no other possibility, no suspense and the wine glasses in the dishwasher made that certain early in ep2. Yet the script tried to drag this out for 3 episodes by concealing information and showing you obviously fake versions of Laura and her past to impugn her, and of Andrew to paint him as a saint. Then there was another 3 episodes of unrealistic melodrama that went nowhere until Laura gets her inevitable revenge. “I Spit On Your Grave” for the social media crowd.

    • Just a heads up…after first 4 eps were repeated on main channel Sun-Mon overnight (as well as eps 3/4 on 7flix late Sun), all 6 eps are now on 7plus now for those who missed it…

  8. Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff Peta Credlin is starting her nightly show tonight. Seems like a pretty soft launch. And in true Sky News style, is ‘creatively’ called Credlin (joining Richo, Speers, Karvelas, etc as equally outside the box titles!)

    • I do report on rumours (including those initiated here) but it’s a case by case basis and usually from a position of some confidence. I tend to avoid those surrounding romances etc. Watching this one with interest.

  9. Ten have reacted to the dismal ratings on Wednesday nights and moved Sisters to 9.30pm and Madam Secretary to 10.30pm. At 8.30pm are Law and Order SVU repeats. I think that ensures no more Sisters after this short run.

  10. I accidentally wiped out all my emails Friday afternoon….arrgghhh…Lucky I read the email…but no chance of going back …as I often do…. 🙁

    • Unfortunately this has taken longer to resolve than expected, hence the timing. As I advised in yesterday’s newsletter, the Pay TV section is under review pending the delivery of programming info from Foxtel. Apologies for any inconvenience.

      • I still don’t understand why you have to wait for Foxtel to send you programming info to release the Sky News upfronts which have already been released by MCN. I appreciate your hard work with this site but I am disappointed that you didn’t report about the upfronts as soon as they were made available.

      • Does not worry me….and although some folk are subscribers others just have persistent curiosity… If anyone really needs to know what is on…just Google…Foxtel programming….and stop asking questions…..David Knox will let all know…when he can….nagging will not make it happen any faster….One of the joys of old age…patience…. *G*

  11. Just saw the first advert for MKR. Don’t worry it won’t be on air for 3 months or more. There should be a restriction of one month only before a show airs! I hate the constant adverts for 3 months!?!

    • Oh yes “it’s MKR season” even though it doesn’t start until midway through the next weather season, and that’s three months away, next year! It’s bad enough MRK is still on TV and drags the seasons out for 5 months. We don’t need a three month countdown to the premiere.

    • A good way to avoid being annoyed by this is to not watch Seven or, if you must, record and watch on delay. This will have the added benefit of not having to wait for a program to start x minutes after the advertised time.

  12. Foxtel cutting their nose to spite their face?!?….their loss….Even more reason for them not to be on my to do list….It is just TV after all….not a matter of life and death….plenty to watch elsewhere!

  13. I’m glad Paul Murray will extend to 5 nights a week in 2018. It will be interesting if Sky News will be moving to FTA. I had to get that information from another site David, what is going on? Did you upset someone over at Foxtel and they have withheld news from you or something?

      • Yes I did and it still doesn’t explain why David didn’t post the media release from MCN on the 30th of October regarding the changes to Sky News Australia in 2018. We shouldn’t need to subscribe to a newsletter to find out why there hasn’t been any updates in the Pay TV section of the site since the 28th of October. If other TV blogs were able to publish it, why not this one? I’m not the only one wondering what is going on.

        • Can you fill me in as to what was said in the newsletter? Very interested in knowing and I just re-subscribed but I don’t think I’ll receive yesterday’s (note I say re-subscribed as I was on the list for years but then cancelled some 6+ months ago when my email was just filling up with too much unnecessary emails).

          • “cancelled some 6+ months ago when my email was just filling up with too much unnecessary emails”. It’s one email per week.
            @Blake – “It will be interesting if Sky News will be moving to FTA”. That idea was first raised almost 4 years ago. Not happening. “Sky News averages 12,000 national viewers between 6pm and midnight, with a peak of 18,000 between 8pm and 10pm” (The Guardian Australia).

  14. David can you please just let us know or let us know when your going to tell us what’s happening with pay TV section apart from section being deleted from home page, it’s been two weeks now and still no news on it despite 2 newsletter articles advising otherwise I’m sure I’m not the only one getting slightly frustrated with this situation

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