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  1. Will networks ever learn. If live sport finishes early, you don’t start the show that was scheduled after it early – as those tuning in to see it, or recording it, miss part of it.

    Happened last night with Fantasy Island, after Big Bash in Seven. Then, after Fantasy Island, they filled in with an unscheduled Border Security (Sydney AEDT market), and the show after that was able to start on time based on the EPG I saw.

    Why not the unscheduled Border Security first to fill in with the sport finishing early, then Fantasy Island on time?
    I note though – 7PLUS was hammered during the ads, promoting Fantasy Island in particular.

    1. And to make it even more confusing, Fantasy Island was initially scheduled in the EPG for 10.30, then moved to 11, and ended up airing somewhere in the middle, where by some miracle I caught it before missing it. Thankfully, if you missed the movie that was on after the Border Security filler, it’s on one of their other channels in the next week in a similarly ungodly timeslot.

      And they wonder why we bother?

  2. An odd and rather stupid thing seen on the promo for tonight’s SBS doco about the Pearl Harbor attack-period footage of a formation of USN Douglas SBD dive bombers with the Japanese Hino Maru ‘red meatball’ national markings CGIed over the top of US markings! Leaves the accuracy and value of it as deeply suspect…

      1. Perhaps but considering its summer ratings does it matter at all , i’ve just seen the numbers and this and the BBL didn’t help them win the night.
        It will be interesting to see how it goes once the Commodore has gone which i think was the last time it was able to be called Holden this year.

  3. Anyone know if a local network or streaming service will air Annie Live with Harry Connick Jr here please? I think nine might have shown the live Hairspray and High School Musical ones before…

  4. Good to see some of the networks sending their sports presenters to do a bit of moonlighting over the non-ratings period. Been seeing a lot of Matt Shirvington host Sunrise & The Morning Show and it was also nice surprise to see James Bracey help out over on Weekend Today earlier this morning.

  5. Among other subscribers today I received an update email from Netflix saying that on Jan 1st 2022 your Netflix contracting company will change to Netflix Australia Pty Ltd. In 2020 Netflix reported an after tax profit of $878,234 on revenue of $20.54 million, but it only paid $550,000 in tax despite estimates that its local subscriptions made $1 billion in revenue. Australian members will now be billed by Netflix Australia, and subscription revenue generated in Australia will be recognised in Australia.
    Previously money was collected by Netflix Australia on behalf of Netflix International BV (Holland). The Australian entity charging a fee to the parent company to provide these services. With revenue recognised and taxed plus an increase in corporate tax because of this change will ultimately mean more increases in Netflix Australia subscriptions, methinks. (Source:Financial Review)

    1. They love these “BV (Holland)” companies don’t they? Who owns Network 10? “CBS” I hear the shout. Not exactly. “On 16 November 2017 the purchase by CBS was completed and shares were transferred to CBS Network 10 BV, a company registered in the Netherlands”. (Wikipedia etc)

    1. Haven’t got a handle yet ,it started October 21st NBC and it’s 5 episodes in , rumoured to be final season. Maybe they’ll bypass7 and go direct to Netflix ,wait till new year I think.

  6. I’ve noticed a number of very low budget US films being shown on the secondary commercial channels over the last few weekends. One example had a budget on IMDB of US $30,000! Featuring people you’ve never heard of, and won’t again…

    Also 9 has started the US Xmas TV movie treadmill at midday this week-“The Horror, The Horror…”.

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