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  1. Is there a press release/article here on Seven and Fox Footy’s AFL for 2019? We’re encouraged to use the search bar but couldn’t find anything. Starts tonight. Plus there’ve been significant changes at Seven, with multiple presenter changes on multiple AFL shows.

    And a belated Happy Birthday to you Mr David Knox πŸ™‚

  2. Has 9 aired season 5 of Mom?
    Foxtel just aired the first 4 seasons and I want to see more! Devasted they just ended it at S4 finale. Allison Janney and Anna Faris are gold in this series. Mimi Kennedy and Jamie Pressly are perfect as supporting leads.

  3. Just saw on The Project they gave an ultimatum to ScoMo in regards to his comments about Waleed. They certainly fired back and now the ball is in ScoMo’s court.

    Ready for round 2…..ding ding ding

    • Also on The Weekly, Charlie supported Waleed and repeated the allegations that multiple sources claim the PM said in Shadow Cabinet meeting. Someone is telling porkies, wish there was a recording to prove it.

  4. Rosehaven season 3 finished up last week, any rough idea even, whether a decision on at least one more series to be filmed/made for 2020? Or was Luke McGregor possibly correct in saying in a tweet after the episode airing something along the line of “being the final episode of the final series”.

    • A bit early for a decision. His tweet says “It’s potentially the last ever ep of #Rosehaven tonight. Hopefully not, but if so – I’m grateful it was still on air when I went to my school reunion.” etc.

  5. Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me on when these 3 shows are returning, please

    Man With A Plan , 7 eps have already aired in the US of S3
    Big Bang Theory, we r 7 eps behind in the final.season
    9-1-1, 2nd half of season 2 just aired overnight


        • Thanks @chivasssimo and @gnat23 I’ll have to use one of my many email addresses to get the free month, I wasted it last year.

          My main concern is TBBT, as it’s the final season, you would think 9 would fast track it to capitilase, but looks like I would have to search online

  6. There’s a very interesting story just published on ABC Just In titled, “I worked at Sky News ‘after dark’ while right-wing guests slammed people just like me” in which a young Muslim woman describes working in her first job in a junior role at Sky News after dark during the right-wing hours. Following the recent events in Christchurch, she resigned.

  7. I read in Michael Rowland’s Twitter feed today that ABC News Breakfast was broadcast this morning for the first time in HD. Colour me surprised! I’m fascinated to hear if there are any other live productions that are still being produced in SD.

    • ABC News 24 was the ABC’s first HD channel therefore Breakfast was in HD for several years before the switch to 20 in HD/News in SD a couple of years ago.

  8. What is going on at Channel 10 and Channel 7.
    Programs start one week on main channel then quietly switched to secondary channels with no notice!
    7 heavily promoted Cleaning up, ran it on main channel last Friday however next week it has been switched to 7 TWO due Afl with no notice.
    After running Madam Secretary and Hawaii-5-0 on main channel for several seasons only just discovered the new seasons had started on 10 Bold a few weeks ago with no notice! Why when shows on main 10 channel are failing miserably?
    Mind you they are at least showing these shows! Channel 9 can’t even put Chicago Med on a secondary channel more than 6 months after series started in US, choosing instead to repeat 3 year old episodes.

    • Maev....Sydney

      Cleaning Up is still showing main channel on my Sydney guides?!?
      and 10, not long back, shunted their main new bulletin to secondary channel…never known a channel to do that to the leading new bulletin.

    • Cleaning Up moved to 7Two only in AFL states. At least it is still on same day same time. Whereas in NSW next Sat night it is our state election which means Death in Paradise won’t be shown till 11pm on ABC. The target audience will miss it and it is being repeated Sunday night but again around 11pm so there will be some that will miss it altogether. ABC should have done what seven have done and put it on their secondary channel at the same time, same day despite not fitting ABC Comedy genre but would have been better for the viewer.

    • I’m sorry you missed it but David covered these changes in a few articles when 10 re-branded, and there was an article about Madam Secretary returning a week before it started.
      A good thing to do is keep checking the calendar under the programming tab where David keeps a list of returning and new show start dates.
      Also if you want to catch up on Hawaii 5-0 10 all access has all the new episodes if you sign up for the free trial.

  9. Mr game show fan

    I don’t think it was ever mentioned last night on Sunday Night Takeaway but which St Clair was Beau Ryan at?
    There’s a SA St Clair and a NSW St Clair.
    Assuming it was the NSW one.

    Also for the second week in a row, no Chris vs Julia battle.
    Have they given up on that now? Or will it make a return by the end of the series?

    • Ant & Dec do not do the challenge every week from memory…it’s all about providing variety and I think they are right in not doing every segment every week, there is a lot of potential content. If they reduced the program to 60 minutes each week, another series of 10 eps in the late 3rd quarter winter period would be welcomed.
      I just wish more would give it a chance, its variety and friendly fun stuff rather than the negative/bitchy rubbish that is MAF’s…God knows the world needs fun

  10. My quote of the week by David Knox -at the same time as oxygen thief Married at First Sight hit 1.4m viewers. Perfect description of this (so called) show !

  11. What is 7flix doing to the nightly M*A*S*H reruns??? Last night they took this popular series all the way back to episode one. Nothing strange about that I hear you say. But when 10 owned the series they waited until screening all eleven seasons before going back to the start – last week 7flix was only six seasons into M*A*S*H before time warping it. 7flix, I am fully aware this series has had about 200 reruns in Oz over the decades but keep in mind these are prime time screenings with a lot of people watching, and young people are seeing the series for the first in in 2019. A bit of respect to M*A*S*H, please.

  12. Where has Virginia Trioli been since late last year on abc news breakfast? I knew that she was taking extended leave till March, at least. Only 2 weeks left of this month, she back next week in other words?

  13. David, do you know if tonights episode of Australian Crime Stories was pulled for legal reasons or scheduling? The episode was going to be about corrupt cop Mark Standen. It was on my epg for after 60 Minutes but instead there is ‘Children Who Kill’ as also advertised on the Your TV web epg.

  14. Weekend Sunrise and Weekend Today are both live into Brisbane this morning with special coverage of the Christchurch attacks. Very sad news. My thoughts are with everyone in New Zealand.

  15. Any chance 9 showing something other than the film, Clear and Present Danger tonight, particularly after what has happened in New Zealand today in christchurch? A fairly violent film, surely they could show something else instead?

  16. Maev....Sydney

    Watching F1 …Kudos to 10BOLD for having the watermark top right hand corner…I am still very aware of the channel I am on…but…it is not as distracting as having it down the bottom…over the top of the cars etc., which is very off putting…well for me… πŸ˜€ …I wish all networks did this.
    Just advertised the movie Rush…Sunday 9PM…I will watch….

    • Many thanks for the alert, David. Versailles has been a terrific series thus far, so I am really looking forward to S3. The theme music is excellent – a piece that I particularly enjoy, so much so that I bought the CD about a year ago (the theme is “Outro” by M83).

      • A good series that benefits immensely from the actual palace as a location, doing what it was built to do-overwhelm the senses-I have developed a very soft spot for the Princess Palatine character!

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