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    • I read it’s meant to go International but when and where is the question ,they already have Hulu with DP in the states so this will be part of Disney plus here and abroad.

  1. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying ‘The Heights’. I got behind but up to episode 11 of season 2 now. It’s really a great show and has got me wanting more each episode. The music is also great I’ve been rewinding to shazam a fair bit! I hope it gets a third season but won’t be holding my breath. I remember loving The Time of Our Lives which ended at 2 seasons.

  2. delayed a week..its been reported that the move to push back the first of two planned Darwin rounds by a week could open the door to midweek racing in the Top End.

  3. I just saw the ad for ANW Grand Final 7pm ,who will be crowned ,is that false advertising or fake news as it doesn’t finish until Monday night.

  4. thedirtydigger

    Anyone know what happened to Seven’s trumpeted new sitcom ‘Family Time ‘ ?
    The station has been deathly quiet about this one for ages ( was it meant to run last year ?) , and its creator, long time some time Seven contributer Michael Horrocks was reported as having left the building for good some months back.

  5. Courtney Hope who plays Bold and the Beautiful’s Sally Spectra (not to be confused with Darlene Conley) has posted on social media she is leaving the soap.

  6. Maev....Sydney

    7 News @ 4PM….rush to finish….4 minutes before 5PM…to allow for P of O promo…(it looks good, I will definitely watch)…
    Then Chaser starts 2 minutes before 5PM….did not work for me …I went over 10…end of B&B before News.

  7. I never thought i would say this, but i think with tonight’s Four Corners episode, namely the promotion of such, the ABC are guilty of clickbait journalism. i think of myself as left leaning, but even i question the use of our taxpayer money funding such journalism. The $ are much better spent on repeats of old shows on ABC Comedy…. especially for Melbournians…who might be too lazy to find a dvd, take it out of its case, put it in the dvd player & dust off the dvd remote ;D

    • Wow tvaddict! That is an amazingly muddled and unfocussed post – I have no idea what you are trying to get at re the 4 Corners report other than you have some indefinable problems with the episode and its promotion. What exactly is central to your criticism? And why the final swipe at Melburnians? Most of the 4 Corners issues were with north coast NSW residents – but yes, there were minor mentions of cities elsewhere in the country.

      • Possibly the perceived issue was the fact that the ep was dealing with 2 distinct but related problems-irrational folks being stoked by deliberate hostile foreign misinformation campaigns, and the actual problems of a 5th Generation system as a near monopoly of a Chinese state controlled company.

        • yes thankyou Chuck128, put it into words better than i could. To be fair, it was mostly the promo spots that i felt misrepresented exactly what they would be reporting on. But that is a tactic now being used by nearly all media outlets now it seems, just the commercial ones did it first.

      • yes muddled, i won’t deny that. i live in Melbourne, must’ve been having a go at myself in my jest then. Here i’ll spell it out for you, that part of my comment was a joke, well sort of, i honestly do believe comedy is much needed especially at the moment.

    • This was actually a rare example of Four Corners being objective. But of course being objective here means giving fair treatment and airtime to a conspiracy theory unsupported by any evidence, but pointing this out. Most Four Corners episodes, like Panorama, are activist pieces twisting the facts to support one position and undermine another. Perhaps that is what you are missing?

    • i certainly think people will be looking for some comedy relief & light entertainment, so yes will be interesting to see ratings…(that’s why the art’s need funding Scomo! entertainment plays a vital role, who are the doctors & nurses to watch when they finish their shifts & plonk down on the couch?)

  8. What does everyone think about Hot Seat temporaliy switching back to the original Millionaire format during COVID? The UK and US versions have got around no audiences quite nicely and they have less people in the studio?

  9. clem_official

    Hi David, Just wondering whether The Masked Singer will be able to continue filming with the new workplace restrictions in Melbourne. Somehow I don’t think it will be able to. Thank you for keeping us up to date during this time. Thanks.

  10. How much better is Sunrise when Sam Armytage is away!
    Natalie Barr should be the female host as she is far more natural.
    None of the anger and ill informed rantings that Sam constantly delivers.Thinks she is the spokesperson for the Bush!!!!
    David, are there any figures comparing ratings for when Sam is off (usually Mondays) against days she is There?

    • Thank you SydneyTV – that’s very kind.

      Melbourne used to be the world’s most liveable city, now it’s possibly the world’s biggest prison. I get travel emails from travel companies offering trips to Hawaii. Hawaii? Cricky. Now I can’t even go to Hampton.

        • don’t be so insensitive, people are stuck within 5 km’s of their Brighton mansions & can’t drive their Rolls to the Portsea beach house, life isn’t easy!

      • i hate to say, i think this could change the landscape of Melbourne for a very very long time. We’re known for our great theatre, music & sports venues, & cafe culture, we don’t know just how much of that will recover. Apart from thinking positive, we need to lobby govt to take arts as seriously as it does construction, people need entertainment options besides sport.

  11. I don’t particularly care about soccer, but apparently the English FA Cup was played last night but wasn’t broadcast here-given it’s one game that’s been shown here since the 70s, what’s the story?

    • The FA Cup was originally on the anti-syphoning list so SBS could pick it up cheap and there was no point in anyone else bidding for it. After that ended ESPN had the exclusive rights for few years but didn’t renew them after 2018. Most of the 2019 tournament was not broadcast in this country, until ESPN signed a new deal covering the 2019 final and some number of subsequent seasons.

  12. thedirtydigger

    Anyone else feeling slightly alarmed by the return of Hitler content to the network once referred to as “the Hitler channel”? Thursday night SBS saw 2 Hitler docos – ‘ Hitler’s Supercars’ basically a fanboy tribute to the fuhrer’s love of motorsport ..then ‘The day Hitler died ‘. Dunno but something left me feeling these shows serve to glorify and even celebrate the Nazi leader. Discuss ..

    • Never heard it called that, but ‘SBS-All Hitler, All The Time…’ rings a bell. Late afternoons Sunday is a very popular slot for the Third Reich and the number of times ‘Downfall;, ‘Valkure’ and ‘Valkirie’ have been on over the last few years is impressive.

    • I don’t think it’s glorifying or celebrating Hitler, but i do think more docos and films about the atrocities he oversaw should be shown. I know people who have no idea about the Holocaust, and I think everyone should know about it.

  13. Maev....Sydney

    Good one 7…Not….The credits are part of the movie….Under The Tuscan Sun…
    No wonder so many are leaving FTA….the networks have no respect for viewers…
    Cutting off endings….10 jumping from one show straight into another…leaving us confused….seriously, commercials channels have little credibility left.

      • It was once a requirement from studios that credits must be shown, it was a mandate from unions etc. if I worked on one of these i’d want the recognition. over time the networks have been allowed to “speed up” or drop credits altogether. I cant see where the likes of Spielberg, Eastwood, Kubrick would appreciate this. Kubrick (Estate) mandated that his titles be shown “As Is”, no edits in anyway, this meant leaving entr’acte, intermissions or Overture cards.. Eyes Wide shut was digitally enhanced for the American audience to “hide” the simulated sex.scenes, oh those Americans.

  14. Did Wednesdays episode of H&A air in Melbourne? It was pre-empted by the Footy at 7.00pm, didn’t realise ’till I watched Thursdays that an episode was skipped. If it did air, the Foxtel IQ didn’t pick it up.

  15. joshuasummers

    Hey David – did you see 9News Sydney on Friday. Erin Molan was interviewing Andrew (Joey) Johns and you could cut the tension with a knife. Very akward haha

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