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  1. Skit Happens needs a lot of work. I only caught the last 5 minutes but looks like I didn’t miss much based on the reactions.
    Disgrace is a Gruen rip off without the ads.
    Skit Happens has a chance of going to series. Disgrace isn’t happening.
    Good try.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I love that Songs of Praise is now coming up on iview… I can watch when I am more together… 🙂 …Strange though…says In my watchlist…but does not show on my watchlist??
    Not just the music and religious side…but the back story of the area…buildings and historical sites… Very interesting half hour…..One finishing on Tuesday morning….Methodist Central Hall Westminster has and strong association with Andrew Lloyd-Webber and The United Nations… 😮

  3. Hi David,
    Maddison Brown has just been cast as Kirby Anders in the next season of Dynasty. She is the daughter of a bloke I went to school with back in the day.

  4. Claws.

    What an incredibly brilliant, bats**t crazy show. It is the pure definition of a guilty pleasure. And dare I say that season 2 finale was intense… god I love it… 😛

  5. One thing I learnt and remembered today from a comment on the Wentworth Facebook page was that bongo who played ritas brother on prisoner is now ritas husband on Wentworth. Another subtle homage to prisoner.

  6. David, could you please clarify whether breakfast television is allowed to include backdoor product shilling without it being classified as an infomercial?
    This morning, Today ran a “story” about Delta Goodrem’s new venture, which was just a total advert for her new fragrance and they had Wilkins cooing over the stuff whilst not subtly advocating Chemist Warehouse.
    What next? Karl doing an in depth interview with the woman from Real death insurance?

  7. Foxtel’s announcement is underwhelming to say the least. If they’re stalling on more information, then they should quickly let us know more. One lousy 4K channel only available if you upgrade to a a new box, and have either the Platinum HD pack or Sports HD pack. Considering they plan to air more than just the tedium of sport, shouldn’t they open up the channel to all subscribers on the IQ4? Still no sign of HD charge being dropped.
    I was expecting this announcement to be more HD channels, and no charge for it.

  8. The “big Foxtel announcement” doesn’t seem to have caused much of a ripple… unless they’re planning to announce it later tonight.

  9. David, We’re still waiting for Seven to Find an Airdate for The Goldbergs Season 5, Please tell them when there Returning or Better Yet, why can’t 7flix are them on Saturday Evenings as Once Upon a Time is Drawing to a Close? It’s better than Nothing at all.

  10. So now the Ten guide has been released, it reveals that Survivor will run Monday and Tuesday and The Bachelor will run Wednesday and Thursday.

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