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  1. Any reason why the classic aus tv series, The Sullivans, is not aired on any form of streaming, pay or even traditional tv ? Do crawfords want too much money for the repeats or do they make the series only available on the dvd boxsets they sell on their website? I remember when nine aired the series in the early hours of the morning, like 5am or so a while ago.

  2. Season 2 of Irish comedy Finding Joy has dropped on iview. This was shown in March on Acorn TV although I am not sure many of us would have that streaming service so good that ABC has it now.

  3. Cathode Ray

    I’m watching the replay of the heats for the swimming trials and it’s awful ,I didn’t see it live but this seems all over the place ,I’ll be watching the finals live at 7pm AEST so let’s see ,dare I say I miss channel 7s coverage.All said and done I just don’t think it’s easy to be enthusiastic at this time.

  4. I hope the ABC news channel will switch to mpeg4 rather then the current mpeg2. They are a news channel so I think they should broadcast in the best possible quality. Hope they go to mpeg4 one day.

  5. Elizabeth H

    Thank you for my Keeping Faith S3 DVD. Looking forward to it.
    Ps. Read in your newsletter that Five Bedrooms won’t be getting a FTA time slot. I can’t find this info on your website? Such a disappointment for fans of Aussie drama and the show.

  6. @ David Knox – unless I have missed an episode, HYBPA? have got 3 female guests for the first time this coming week… it only took 2-3 years since you first suggested it in the weekly newsletter 😉

  7. itforsenior

    My wife missed The Bold and Beautiful on Thursday night like many others no doubt. Ch 10 website said Ep8535 showing tonight, Thurs, so we got EP8534 on 10Play but not in sequence.Can you help David?

    • They are in sequence on the website if you go by the dates
      The Bold and The Beautiful – 10 Jun 2021
      Air Date: Thu 10 Jun 2021
      Expires: in 12 months
      Devastated, Hope breaks down to Brooke about Liam’s arrest and Bill’s involvement. Baker gets frustrated when Bill and Liam continue to take the blame for the other.
      I don’t see any ep. numbers

  8. Thanks for the weekly email. I really enjoy reading it. I do wish Jock Zonfrillo would stop with the worry beads, they are very annoying and distracting….perhaps he should see a therapist instead ?

  9. Hey David, looks like there will finally be three women on the panel for Have You Been Paying Attention next week, Kitty Flanagan, Geraldine Hickey and Anne Edmonds. Just saw an ad for it on the telly, someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    • It has happened before but usually it is the 2 regulars, 2 women and a male guest and whenever Sam or Ed is away they are replaced by a male so there can be more male guests. I hope one day Ed is replaced by a woman regular to make room for more male guests. I’m not complaining about the women as some of them are my favourite guests but I would love to see Mick Molloy, Glenn Robbins, Lloyd Langford and Tony Martin more than 3 or 4 times a year.

  10. David, have we got any indication on where HBO Max’s buzzy new show ‘Hacks’ will land in Aus? I need my fix of more Jean Smart!

  11. They should have kept filthy rich on Tuesdays at 10pm I think that was a good time slot. Surely it didn’t rate that bad last night for them to change the time slot.

  12. I am surprised Big Brother is on tonight. Isn’t it usual practice for other stations to replace their big programs with something else when 9 has Origin on or am I getting mixed up with another event?

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