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  1. Maev....Sydney

    I thought I was having old lady confusion the other day…but no….same young lady in the helicopter for Sydney road report…..both 7 and 10….different ad on the wall behind her…😮

  2. Watching the IPL this morning on KAYO and the IPL LOGO sits basically where it would if it were a regular CRT 4×3 television which means its in a odd position to the far right from the left of the screen , Foxtel logo top corner right tucked away ,very odd

  3. I was a rather miffed to turn the TV on the other day to see the last 4 minutes of Vera’s repeat from the other night had aired. I don’t know why they put it on during the day when no one likely new it was on. *grumpy*

  4. Appears ch 10 will have a small issue with svu & ch 9 with oc.
    The order of the shows airing in the us is SVU then OC, so any cross overs will follow on.
    so Ch 10 did the right thing by the viewers by switching ep 8 & 9, so SVU ep 9 followed in to OC ep 1, so then last night ch 10 aired SVU ep 8, unfortunately OC ep 1 lead into SVU ep 10- which as far as I can see doesn’t have a Benson crossover into OC ep 2, but pretty sure that the story line won’t make sense if we haven’t seen SVU ep 10.
    Am going to have to record the shows instead of watching them live, so that they are in the correct. order.

  5. I realise the ratings war means show get bumped. But after weeks off promoting Travel Guides it was a shame the trashy Married not at first sight and not even married “dinner party” aired instead?!?

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