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  1. We are now edging closer to mid year 2019 and still no sign of the Great Australian Bake-Off… I believe we are getting close to a year since it wrapped it’s filming? I don’t get the delay…

  2. Been watching ‘Timeless’ on 9 the last few weeks-really wish that the 2 male leads would stand closer to the razor in the morning-in all the periods they’ve gone to so far, little would stand out more in a crowd than a scruffy 3 day growth!

  3. Given all the focus on how wrong the political polls were following Saturday’s election, I can’t help but wonder about how accurate television ratings are. I know their sample is far bigger than your average Newspoll, and unlike elections there is no possible way of ever really knowing, but it does make you wonder how drastically different ratings might look if every household had a ratings box for a night compared to the regular sampling.

    • You can calculate the error mathematically, its approximately a 2% error. However, that assumes a random sample perfectly matched to the population. The switch over between the Nielsen and Oztam systems, reveals that the samples were not as well matched as had been assumed and the difference between them was more than that. But it’s certainly accurate enough for advertisers and more than accurate enough to see what people like to watch on TV every evening.

  4. I’m disappointed there’s nothing on here about the season 30 finale of The Simpsons which 7 mate are airing this evening. While the latest series is far from it’s best I’ve still cracked up laughing.
    Mastermind Australia presenter Jennifer Byrne had a bad fall recently while walking her dog so movie guy and the Feed’s Marc Fennell is filling in.

  5. I guess 5 seconds of an opposition to maccas is worthy of balanced reporting by ACA. Thought ACA was headed in the right direction but apparently not.

    • I can’t stand ACA and their trash. I deleted Nine, but I do go on ACA’s website to see what crap they put on. 7 minutes on some messy divorce? 3 minutes to McDonalds? And just a couple of weeks ago, 7 minutes on the royal baby. It is stories like these that people are beginning to tune out.

      I thought ACA was onto something a couple of months ago with the Internet thing, but I was right when they went back to the crap they normally broadcast. But just remember that ACA only cares about ratings and not journalism. If they cared about journalism, then we would get serious stories that shapes the world we live in.

  6. Could be a good article for David one day…

    For anyone interested in multi-channel ratings, Seven’s “Inside7″ website released a graphical document yesterday highlighting 7Two, 7mate, 7flix and 7food’s individual and combined performances, year to date.

    It was a really interesting read, including reach, targets, buyers and weekly averages (which even for the top two multi-channels are a low lower than you’d think).
    There was also a cool table showing the ”skews’ of each. Main channel around the centre of demographics, with 7food rating really young and really female, 7flix similar but not as much, 7mate very young and very male and 7Two very old and female.
    7mate is Number 1 year to date survey in Total People and just 0.1% behind 9Go! in 25-54s (as of a week or two ago, 7mate probably tied or in front now).

  7. seantheaussie

    David, have you ever asked Nine why their epg no longer updates with the correct (well not actually correct, but closer than the Sunday TV guide) times anymore? If not, can you please consider doing so?

  8. David, do you have any info on airdates for The Rookie and Marvel’s Agents of Shield?
    The Rookie was advertised as coming to 7 after Easter, and does 7 even still have M:AOS, nothing is listed on any of their sites?

  9. Can someone please explain to me why Channel 9 are wasting half of The Voice on unnecessary back stories of the singers that mean nothing to the judges, as they don’t hear them. Just show us singing…

    • What! There is singing on the Voice! Judging by all the ads for the show thought it was the Delta Goodrem show with B grade celebrity guests!!!!! It’s not about contestants , it’s all about those has been judges!!!!!

  10. seantheaussie

    The strangest TV programming I have ever seen. And it works well for me.

    The Whispers episodes 1-5 12am-5 Wed on 7Mate

    Episodes 6-10 12:30am-5:30 on 7Two

    Episodes 11-13 1:30am-4:30 on 7Flix

  11. The TV catch up services are decent except for one major factor and that is the placement of ads. They are never where a show allows for an ad break and just cht into the show at inappropriate moments.

    • James-original

      Really. Which one in particular?
      I know SBS is a bit ropey when I watched Handmaids tale but I’ve no problems with any of the others.

  12. Does anyone know what the record for longest commercial break on fta is?
    During tonight’s (monday) episode of ‘god friended me’, there was one that went for six minutes.
    Thank god for pvr’s and time skipping.

  13. seantheaussie

    With all the celebrities in last week’s BBT, it might have been nice if the episode was actually funny. It decisively doesn’t make my rewatch list.

  14. Hi David. Do you know whether Nine / SKY will start another new business channel? I though Your Money was a great channel, especially when it came to Auction Day ( Saturday’s). I would really like it if they could, do you have any idea if they will? Thanks David.

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