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  1. I thought Sevens political screen of dreams was more like a screen of nightmares. I had to change channels after about an hour of watching Mark Riley trying to get it to work properly for him. I enjoyed Bill Shorten and Matt Canavan having good little digs at each other during the night on 9.

  2. Once neighbours goes there won’t be any reason for me to tune in to 10 peach channel anynore, they are the only reason I go on 10 peach. Mind you I do think they should screen the last episodes on the primary channel.

  3. I thought I’d share a Friday Flashback of my own in case I forget. Back in 26 January 1997, Channel 7 had a night of programming titled Coca-Cola Interactive Summer Night, which was a promotional initiative in which the night’s programming was determined by viewers, by voting on a 0055 number. There was a list of programs to choose from. There was an episode of Man O Man that won a timeslot, though I can’t remember the other shows that had been put up for voting. I remember it was really cool and popular, and I don’t think they ever did anything like that again.

    Maybe that is something that could work again perhaps. Putting the programming decisions back into the viewers hands and participating in an event together. Watching TV live still has the factor that you know other people are watching it at the same time and can discuss the programming, whether it be at the same time or the next day.

    1. SBS used to have an audience vote for the most popular program of the previous week and then repeat it that week, but as it could be anything from a half hour show to a doco or a film, it was a difficult thing to schedule This was in the early 90s if I remember correctly.

    1. They’ve only just shot the pilot. It’s a Bertlanti/WB production for The CW. It’s not starting in Fall but mid-season on The CW. Most WB/DC shows have aired on Fox8.

  4. How far out of metro Melbourne do I need to travel if I want to view prime 7 or win channels. Does Pakenham receive these channels or do I need to travel abit further.

    1. I know the other way around when it was VHF, it depended on the height of the antenna, which is why in places like Traralgon, there still may be very high antennas on roofs from the time when Melbourne channels could be received. The footprint for regional is a little bit more east though it may be possible to receive the regional channels in Pakenham East and Nar Nar Goon with good equipment.

    1. The picture of Anthony Albanese iin the ad is extremely unflattering. Has He had a make over lately? He looks very slim and he has trendy glasses. Is it a bit like the John Howard Make over?

  5. A tonight very strange film on ch 12 tonight-looks like something that would be on SBS according to the precis on the EPG with a primarily Chinese cast and in Chinese mostly-would appear to be one that Bruce Willis appeared in for the cash when he realized his days on screen were ending soon. It’s called ‘The Bombing’ but also listed as ‘Airstrike’ on IMDB and the reviews are excoriating.

  6. For those wondering, The Cleveland Show begins next Wednesday night at 11:45pm in glorious standard definition…and simulcasted in high definition on 7mate. The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad will also be returning to 7mate after god knows how long. Sadly, it is not new episodes of The Simpsons, but hopefully we will see Season 33 yet.

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