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  1. Am.i the only one that finds the new aspect ration tv shows use annoying? Last night’s out here west show had ridiculous black bars along the top and bottom of the screen, it was allot better when the entire screen is filled with the content, does anyone else agree the new black bars format is annoying ?

    1. It might be how the director wanted it, for a more cinematic experience. The director chooses the aspect ratio and if the station zooms in, people complain that they’re missing out on some of the picture or it’s not what the director intended.

      1. 21-9 is a standard Wide Screen cinema format and it appears to have had a small cinema release in Feb. The ABC chose to broadcast it in that format instead of panning and scanning it to 16:9. More annoying is when TV is made in 21-9 just to look art house. Especially during Covid when they could only have 2 people in a shot, and they were still shooting stuff in 21-9. So you ended up with two tiny people in long shot and the had the majority of the shot being empty cubicles or walls.

        1. Yes it should ideally be done with thought and reason for the scenes and not just because it gives an arty impression. And with the thought in mind that if it goes to television, or the largest audience is viewing on television that the standard now is 16:9 aspect ratio for television.

    2. More annoying for me is the use of blurred edges by some cinematographers to draw the viewer to a chosen focal point, it’s highly distracting especially during important scenes which may also include some action content. Another irritant (sometimes) is the overuse of colour tinting for atmospheric effect, or a simulated night scene, although in the case of some Prime Video original shows, the picture tends to have a slight Magenta tint anyway.

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