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  1. Just read the WWE Network is shutting down in the USA:

    “Beginning Thursday, March 18, WWE Network will exclusively be available via NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock. The standalone WWE Network streamer, which launched in February 2014, will in turn shut down in March as the content moves to Peacock.”

  2. It’s a shame that channel 7 aren’t showing the last 3 games on Australia Day , Kayo has it of course and Foxtel but would have been a good idea instead of an old telemovie at midday ,could have called it the Australia Day Triple Bash or something catchy.

  3. I’ve just watched the new primetime American version of The Chase, and like most US adaptations of successful international formats, its a pale imitation. However, the one different element I did like and wish the UK/AU versions would pick up, is they have the other ‘Chasers’ not playing sitting in a room watching and commenting as the game goes on.

    Especially given The Beast and Governess probably aren’t going to be able to film Australian episodes anytime soon in studio, it might be a good way to keep them involved, as it could be filmed remotely and after the game is recorded (and their commentary poking fun at the Aussie Chasers would be delicious no doubt!)

  4. Maev....Sydney

    America In Colour 2:00 pm……
    I watched the last half hour of this on SBS CH.3 today….Monday 25th..
    For the life of me…I cannot find the episode on their catchup….or anywhere else…
    Given that SBS has a bad record of changing the titles of programs…does anyone know the actual name of what was shown…it is just the small portion of the McCarthy trials I want to rewatch ?

    • Hello Maev,it is America in Color that episode I believe is the first season 4th episode titled the 1950s ,they started at the 20s and went to the 60s ,they are interesting and I’m sure they’ll return later on and there are 3 seasons in total.

    • A follow up Maev ,that was season 2 episode 6 titled Hollywood’s Golden Age ,I think I remember where the movie stars were fronting up to the House of Un-American activities to be grilled by Senator Joseph McCarthy

    • The synopsis in the epg matches “Hollywood’s Golden Age” episode (ep6 of s2) of “America in Colour”. SBS Ondemand webpage for series shows s1 available until Feb 14 & s2 until Feb 24.

  5. Russel T Davies strikes again!
    I watched the first two episodes of It’s A Sin and it is ace. Ollie Alexander (and indeed the entire cast) are superb with special mention to a showy Neil Patrick Harris. We’ve seen plenty of AIDS dramas over the journey, but Davies imbues this one with earnestness, punctuated by a pulsating 80’s soundtrack. It just feels fresh… helped by the lively performances of the main cast. However with all dramas pertaining around AIDS, there’s always a sinister, devastating undercurrent to proceedings. And there are gut punches here…

    I can’t believe the strike rate of Davies and his dramas. He is a visionary master storyteller.

    • I agree. Russell T Davies is a master storyteller. I’ve seen the first 2 episodes as well and a couple of scenes were devastating. What those boys went through was terrifying and inhumane. The hospital scenes have extra gravitas in our current situation although gay men with AIDS had little sympathy at the time often from their own families which is borne out in the series.
      There is still an upbeat optimism about the series and you cheer for the main characters as they find their tribe and form their own fractured family. I hope I remember this when I vote for best International show.

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