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  1. I used the free trial just to watch The Mandalorian then cancelled. I’m interested in the Marvel series so will probably join to binge them.

  2. Hello again David ,do you think you could do a small survey and ask your loyal readers if they signed up to Disney Plus and did they keep it or end it after a few months ,I’ll resign soon but I ended it after The Mandorlorian and Old Yella 🐶 ,I’ll subscribe again when the last SW flick hits soon ,many thanks.

  3. I criticised Eddie last week on Footy Classified last week for talking too much. Wow tonight he is on fire with Caro. Eddie is the host but Caro had to throw to a break as he would not shut up. Awesome viewing.

    • OMG – I need to find a way to stream live footy classified tonight… pop corn out to watch show after what you’ve just posted… Can’t wait

        • Yes I know, so many good moments hey. When you look at their history it’s remarkable they sit next to each other. I thought Caroline truly knows how to hold it together and move the show along. Anyone not interested in footy but wants to see two strong personalities, you must see at least the first 15 mins. It’s like MAFS tension but real

  4. For the last few days here in Perth, the EPG has been blank for 10/13 but shows the usual programming for 11 and 12-what’s happening with that?

  5. This has probably been the case for sometime, where can someone find ‘Married… With Children’ re-runs these days, I remember it was on 7flix for a while, but can’t seem to find it anymore

  6. So when does you tube meet free to air television? Well tonight apparently with Tracey grimshaw broadcasting from her own house. Bizarre times we live in

    • Yes , end of April as per the info on my Fetch box , as theses Chanel don’t exist any more , in Australian, all content going to the the Disney plus app

  7. No offence but gee everyone needs to stop complaining about everything. Isn’t it more important to have up to the minute press conferences from the PM on such a horrible disease? I am sure your TV programs will be on sometime soon. If we don’t pay attention we may end up needing a Good Doctor !

    • i disagree, there is a dedicated news channel called ABC News 24, as in 24 hours a day, if people choose to catch up with the latest news they can tune in there. People who would rather watch their shows uninterrupted do not get a choice when 7/9/10 decide to cross over to ‘breaking news’ which is also across the big 3 at the same time.

  8. Very annoyed how the coronavirus press conference pushed out the Ben Cousins documentary! I recorded it and it didn’t tape the end of it! Not happy!

  9. Good one 7, totally scrubbed out the good doctor tonight, without letting viewers know, instead straight into show following it, any idea on when 7 is going to air this episode now?

  10. Excellent work Channel 7… While Channel 9 managed to start Married pretty much spot on time, the heavily promoted and much anticipated Ben Cousins also slated for 7pm, ended up starting half an hour late with no warning or notice, pushing back a popualar coronavirus news special to 9pm and brand new Good Doctor 10pm!!!???

    Prime Minister press conference is important, but boy oh boy wow wee, scheduling an all time disgrace the past week or two. I give up.

    • Yeah I guess all networks had to reschedule on the fly. 9 chose to cut the second half of its news bulletin to start MAFS just after 7 – understandable given its such a juggernaut in its final week. But 7 had The Latest scheduled for 7pm so made sense to run the second half of their prepared news bulletin imo and shift the evening schedule back half an hour. 10 also had to cut half of The Project on the run.

    • These are exceptional times and, really, Ben Cousins’ circumstances are insignificant in comparison – and The Good Doctor can probably be seen on 7plus anyway. If using a PVR, add a couple of hours to every recording these days. When I was a child, the Cuban missile crisis was happening, and the threat of imminent nuclear war on the horizon for the next few decades. IMO, the threat of nuclear war is way more preferable to what the world is experiencing today.

      To put things in perspective, perhaps go and listen to Mary Hopkin’s 1968 song, “Those Were the Days” – ‘those days’ were in fact only weeks ago.

      • A petty criminal, who destroyed his career and family, by getting gaoled for abusing prescription drugs and violating AVOs taken out against him by his ex, announcing that he might stop abusing drugs on TV, just because he needed some cash, is not exactly news.

        • i tend to agree but that’s not really the point, the point is the constant interruption to regular programming because each channel wants to make sure they are keeping up with the other in terms of news, its getting ridiculous!

    • In Perth, the PM press conference started at 3:30PM (local time). While 9 Perth screened an arvo movie, they cut to the breaking news. I think 9 Perth had to cut the movie by 30 minutes due to press conference.
      Ben COusins doco started at 7pm in Perth.

  11. SBS screening a fictionalized doco tonight called ‘Contagion’-not the Matt Damon film! This has screened previously but is obviously germane now.

  12. Even if TV is deemed ‘essential’ (I mean it can’t shut down and especially not during a time where many are at home and need both a news and entertaining outlet), but we know it’s still affecting the industry. Thinking of everyone affected.

    Even voice artist talent used by the networks seem different, probably can’t get them in with new measures or they’re self-isolating. Nine’s A Current Affair voice over (formerly Network 10 90s/2000s) did a sponsor billboard (he never does them), heard the 7flix voice over (former host of Saturday Disney) doing a main Channel 7 one and the other week heard the 7News one (formerly ONE HD and MasterChef Au) do a 7Sport 7AFL AFL ones.

      • Now that is a show we need right now, hilarious & highly recommended to all who enjoy comedy, good for people stuck at home with the kids as its PG rated (i think, I’ve already seen most of the episodes but might try & put the pvr timer on for ones i missed.

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