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  1. 99 percent of the population now have digital HD TVs and more and more channels are moving to HD LIKE 9 go and others. Why on earth hasn’t ABC made their news channel HD. They used to be HD but they moved to SD because many people didn’t have HD TVs, but now most people do have HD TVs

    1. If SBS can do 4 HD channels and 4 SD channels (with SBS main channel and NITV the only channels in both SD and HD) as well as 10+ radio channels, there is no technical reason ABC could not do all 4 of its channels in both HD and SD plus radio as well.

    2. It’s not just HD TVs, it’s recording devices and MPEG4. It all goes back to Alston picking 1080i MPEG2 instead of waiting for MPEG4. Of course eventually everything will be streamed OTT and TV’s will be thin clients, part of the Internet Of Things.

  2. Only just noticed this in the guides… Have Nine said why they’re not moving the main Olympics feed to 9Go! during The Today Show each morning between 7am and 11am? I’m guessing that special time and title “Today in Paris” suggests the show is an Olympics telecast per sé and any major Olympics events or developments such as breaking news will be immediately covered in said program? I think, like Seven did, Today should’ve just run a normal breakfast program (albeit still special Olympics editions and on-location) from 5:30am for breakfast show fans/news viewers and shifted the Olympics to another multi-channel for sport purists, but guessing it’s cheaper financially rather than have Today Show costs plus two separate Olympics telecasts all running concurrently, as well as staff and production resources. 6pm news being the only exception/different story and two markets will only be 30min each night and Perth main Olympics on 9Life!

  3. I am not sure if anyone has brought this up, but there could be a rebranding of Sky News Australia coming up, and it will almost be certain to be forced. It has been reported that the licensing of the brand is expiring in 2026 (the original Sky News in the UK is now owned by Comcast) and that this will probably result in a rebranding at around this time. Possible names includes Fox News Australia, Talk Australia or Australian News Channel (the last will be a bad idea, especially as it would be US-owned). I am thinking it will become Fox News Australia because of the opinion shows which are similiar to the ones on the US network.

    It will probably rehabilitate Sky News UK in the long term, whose reputation here in Australia had been dragged in the mud in recent years because of some of the content of Sky News Australia.

    Watch this space people.

    1. Yes, it was mentioned last year that this could happen and certainly reported a few days ago.
      Sky News is a joke. So blatantly biased to the right wing of politics i.e. Trump, the Liberal side of politics in Australia etc.

  4. I gave up on HYPBA some time ago because it had become too biased. I watch The Cheap Seats but that’s also heading in that bad direction. I’m hearing about the jokes from Anne Edmonds about the shooting. It’s just utterly disgraceful.

    1. It’s comedy, seriously we are in Australia the worst we get here is an egging. people have become so ‘outraged’ by anything that happens in this world. Its the USA have guns have shootings, the use will react the same way about comedy like you but many fully support the likes of Alex Jones and his conspiracy about Sandy Hook, tell me which is worse. I’d rather have a laugh about an attempt after the fact by another gun crazed American than the absolute disrespect for murdered children.

    2. i haven’t watched HYBPA for a couple of weeks. Not deliberately, just not had the time. But I find that it and The Cheap Seats will take shots at either side of politics, if that’s what you’re inferring that they are taking a political bent. But I suppose it’s not rocket science to consider that comedians, and younger ones, will likely lean a little to the left. I think it just comes with the territory. But I don’t find either show going overboard one way or the other. If anything HYBPA skates pretty close to the wind with some of its racial or ableist tones, more than taking any particular political side.

    3. It’s a Comedy show yeah. They make jokes about both sides of politics. People are too precious these days and need to lighten up. HYBPA and TCS keep doing what you’re doing and don’t listen to these people.

  5. Odd film on ch99 this afternoon at 1.00-a locally made low budget romcom spy spoof called ‘The Spy Who Never Dies’-all yank and eastern European accents and a very large amount of high level coarse language for the timeslot. 9 have been showing a number of similar low budget, no name cast local productions recently but usually very late Saturday nights.

    1. It’s for local content quotas, as mandated by the regulators, all networks air these genre Aussie made-for-TV esque films (sometimes NZ ones too) every year, often in non ratings periods or in the back-half of the year, usually on multi-channels.

  6. I wish that on demand channels do the same as I View. I now have 2 series that were on 7 Plus that have been withdrawn without warning. While I still have one 2 episodes to watch and the other at least another season year. At least on I View it tells you how long they are available.

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