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  1. Star Trek Voyager being played on ONE finishes up, Star Trek The Next Generation starts the next day. Does TEN not have the rights to either DS9 or Enterprise?

  2. Thanks for the heads up Cronker. I watched to first episode on SBS and was looking forward to the series. Long wait for remaining episodes on main channel (Yer I no It can be watched SBS On Demand.)

    • Yes, I agree. I would love to be all over streaming, but the data costs would be far too high for this household.
      I’m still waiting for a repeat of Riot – only shown once on FTA.

  3. Last night I launched SBS On-demand on the PS4 where I was presented with message stating it’s no longer supported on the PS4, this is probably old news, but nonetheless this sucks.
    I also launch 7Plus on the PS4 and that worked fine.

  4. I was disappointed to see that Counterpart is only going to be offered on SBS On Demand.
    After some research, I have found a media release stating that the full series will screen on SBS FTA on Wednesday’s at 10.30pm starting August 8.
    Just a heads up for those of us who still don’t have streaming.

    • Counterpart is up for a long time on On Demand so you can afford to wait and see. Like with Cardinal S2, which I was planning to leave it till after the World Cup and Tour De France anyway. If only the ABC would be as forthcoming about their plans for Killing Eve, instead of leaving people wondering when it’s going to end up last chance to see.

      • Pertinax, unfortunately we are signed to a plan that costs more than an unlimited data plan. It covers six units and with no home phone. We can’t go to any unlimited plan for at least the next year, and streaming will destroy our data and we will pay a ton of money.

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