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  1. Rant time – Ch 9, your coverage of the Australian Open Golf this afternoon, in the Vic market, was a disgrace. How can you just cut off transmission on the main channel and switch to a multi without even a channel change warning. If you want the rights, show the event on the main channel, otherwise let someone that will, do it. Trust me, your unnecessary 5pm news bulletin and Postcards ep, which will no doubt be shown on 9 Life endlessly this week are not that important ..

  2. I know Das Boot has been screening for a while on the SBS On Demand, but I must recommend Season 3 for anyone who misses classic WWII story telling without the usual political undertone you come to expect nowadays, especially from Europe. Das Boot Season 3 has additional interest with the late Ray Stevenson playing a Naval Captain sub hunter.

    The excellent production standards of Das Boot cant be compared to the moribund second season of World on Fire (also showing on SBS on Demand), which probably shouldn’t have been surprising it coming from the BBC, but an opportunity to build on the potential season one of this show offered.
    The World on Fire is becoming another ‘A Family at War’ which was made n the 1970’s, a series which was filmed in black and white due to an ITV technicians strike, when they refused to use colour equipment.

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