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  1. Just a call out to say this years coverage on the Australian Open on 9 is much better than last years. Really smooth I must say (still think Bec M should be primetime hosting), and especially having the option watch any game on 9now. I know Seven did this over the past few years, but its such a treat to pick your game. I remember the days as a kid watching only on 7’s only main channel, and at night it would be 1hr delay… happy times in 2020!

  2. Maev....Sydney pun intended…I was never a fan of Hughsy…but his problem solving show just keeps getting better…He really owns it now…I am a fan.

  3. Seems the Yanks still having geography problems. In ABC World News Tonight report on the plane crash and deaths of 3 Americans near Canberra a caption popped up “London, England” over a female reporting for 4 seconds in the dark adding nothing that hadn’t already been said.

    • On this subject, a couple of weeks ago, there was a survey carried out and nearly 2000 respondents were asked to locate Iran on a map. Only 23 percent got it right. So it looks like it is not just the media that has geography problems, but also ordinary Americans as well.

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