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  1. Turkey of the year? I gave Binge’s ‘The Sympathizer’ 36 minutes before I pulled the plug. One of the most bafflingly boring, jarringly confusing, messily handled shows I’ve seen in recent memory. Was I meant to care at all about anyone? I also can’t recall a show in recent memory that so clumsily and brazenly used the flashback mechanic… lazy storytelling… this one gave me serious whiplash. It now has my personal dishonour of being the shortest time I’ve taken to abandon a show completely. Holy hell what was that?

  2. May I be allowed to say how professional I thought Michael Usher’s handling of the Bondi tragedy was during the rolling coverage on 7 Saturday afternoon and early evening. All TV news anchors, reporters and support teams would have been flying by the seats of their pants to secure (and censor) whatever footage they could get, details of what happened, how many involved, how many people attacked, etc. In my eyes, Usher’s presentation was controlled, authoritive, sensitive and compassionate. Top job Michael, under the circumstances.

  3. Are we nearing the End of Days for FTA or is it just us? Allright we are very old and pretty fussy but find little we can watch.
    We mainly rely on SBS but 2.75 hours of Temples is a bit heavy. They then stay with ancient history till midnight. We could do 1.45 hours of Farmer wants a Wife? Not keen.
    Hope this does not invite a pile on.

    1. I am as old as dirt….Plenty to watch…all genres on SBS On Demand/ABC iview/7plus/9Now/10Play….SBS has an extensive catalogue and amazing movies….yes, live TV can be a tad iffy…I agree. I currently have head phones on listening to radio….ABC Classics 2….Spend some time trawling through each ones offerings 👌

      1. Unfortunately, all of the FTA streaming services aren’t FTA TV. They are a fee free subscription platform that requires people to have a whole lot of tech stuff you don’t need to switch the box on and watch Ch 7. Many older or tech phobic people just can’t or don’t do the interweb stuff..

      2. I agree , still have 300 hours of FTA tv recordings on my Fetch box ! I stream all the FTA apps , and I’m really old as well , I do subscribe to Netflix, Stan , etc as well 😃

    2. It is annoying when they show 3 or 4 episodes of a documentary series at once. Their plan is to get people wrapped up in it and forgetting to watch Vera. I’m skipping this one because I watched a similar documentary last year. Also annoying the SBS and ABC pleading for you binge episodes because they don’t trust you to tune in same time next week. It’s not the end of days, just the end of loads of interesting content. I’m recording the golf and Northern Exposure to watch later.

      1. There are a whole lot of people that still record FTA TV shows on their VCR / DVR and watch them later, negating the need to sit up all night…

  4. Ratings for Sydney/NSW will be out of schedule. Channel Nine started Space Invaders at 9pm, Seven The Mummy at 9:30pm. ABC News started regular programming at 9:30pm too. Sunrise (and I suspect Today) will start at 6am tomorrow. Thoughts are with all those affected by the tragedy.

      1. The ratings figures didn’t look much different from a normal Saturday, although reach was high, showing those later afternoon and early evening programs (news and rolling coverage) had people tuning-in upon hearing the news… But they did not stay or probably want to, especially a time of week that’s usually feel-good such as family time or a movie or sport. Perhaps a sign for the networks that the rolling coverage wasn’t needed.

  5. LG TV owners please be aware of the following:
    ‘Vulnerabilities in LG’s webOS that let attackers take over the device affect both OLED and LCD models. LG has released new firmware to fix the identified vulnerabilities. “We have found several issues affecting WebOS versions 4 through 7 running on LG TVs. These vulnerabilities let us gain root access on the TV after bypassing the authorization mechanism. Although the vulnerable service is intended for LAN access only, Shodan, the search engine for Internet-connected devices, identified over 91,000 devices that expose this service to the Internet,” BitDefender said in a press release.

    LG released security patches for the affected models this Wednesday so check your TV’s built-in update menu (under Settings -> Support) or refer to LG’s support page in your local country where firmware updates can be downloaded onto a USB stick and installed via the TV’s USB port.

  6. I hope that channels that have lasting on-screen promotions for upcoming shows along with the watermark can reconsider doing that. There have been times when I’ve been inclined to change the channel or program because of the on-screen clutter. Watermarks are somewhat tolerable, but program advertisement watermarks in addition are pushing the limit. It looks poor and desperate, while also creating a distraction.

  7. After a five-year hiatus, Melbourne Weekender is returning to Seven Melbourne this Sunday (April 14) at 5.30pm. It will have a different presenting line-up from last time, featuring Gary Mehigan, Abbey Holmes, Nicky Buckley, singer Bonnie Anderson, among others. I think Seven is bringing back the show as Nine’s Postcards has been dominating the timeslot, and that Seven will only show one AFL match in Melbourne on Sunday afternoons, in the next two months.

  8. I’m not sure it’s going to get any new viewers now… but for fans who have been following it, the first ep of the back half of S3 of the deliciously bonkers schlockfest that is Chucky is available on 9Now.

  9. “New channel” displayed on the Hard Drive tonight so, being a glutton for punishment, hit the activate button.
    When the activation was completed, all my ABC channels that had disappeared during my activation last Saturday reappeared! Everything from 18 to 29 (inclusive) was back – and just in time for tonight’s Media Watch. Happy families.

  10. Neighbours Instagram and X accounts have posted that Ian Smith (Harold Bishop) is returning to the show and will appear in the opening credits, so it’s not just another quick visit. Hopefully they refresh the credits at the same time, and even better the theme song.

    1. And hopefully they can add the names of the actors and characters in the opening credits too. They had the names on screen for 35 years, before omitting them in this recent reboot for some oddly reason.

  11. The Curb Your Enthuiasm Finale was terrific, very funny and a great ending to one of the best comedies of all time. Thanks Larry David for 12 seasons of some quality comedy.

    1. Great interview with Larry David and Sunday Today Show’s Willie Geist in their sit down yesterday on NBC in the States (on 7Two this morning and probably 7Plus and YouTube). Worth a watch. Also, IMO, David’s role with Seinfeld will always be his career best, despite Curb.

    2. Totally agree with you spyman ….. brilliant show …. One of my all time faves that stands up to repeated viewings …. Will be missed no other comedy comes close

  12. Ramsays food stars hasn’t set the ratings world on fire which is probably why Nine are burning off double episodes this week …. Tuesday is 7.30pm to 9.50pm which is a bit of a slog

  13. Season 2 of Clarkson’s Farm has its FTA premiere Wednesday week at around 8.45pm on Nine …. Already shown on prime video February last year

  14. I have never observed what happens at 3am when Daylight Saving goes before but last night I was recording Northern Exposure. The EPG had the episodes as 2-4am, 4-5am and 5-6am. My recording worked, I set it up to record and block it automatically trying to change times in the middle. However, the 3am 4-am episode was replaced with a “How To Look Good Naked” special. Perhaps because there was nothing listed for 3am it was an emergency fill. That ep. was of course the episode I most wanted to see, but can stream it.

  15. “New channel” displayed on the Hard Drive last night so, being a glutton for punishment, hit the activate button.
    When the activation was completed, all my ABC channels had disappeared. Everything from 18 to 29 (inclusive).
    Already had a replacement hard drive ready to go so unpacked, installed, activated the channels. No channels between 18 and 29! Has an unnamed country started the invasion by killing off selected government stations? Can anyone offer advice, please?

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