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  1. I am a bit slow……just watched Miriam’s Australian Dream…..what a show….I laughed and cried …. but overall have a huge sense of pride that we are all essentially good people just having a go. Will be front and centre Tuesday ready for the next instalment.

  2. Has anyone noticed ch 9 in Melbourne being very slightly out of sync with the audio tonight? At first i thought some of the Voice contestants were lip syncing but now on 60 Minutes its a bit off too. I’m using a 2010 Topfield PVR as i have been for 5 yrs, but can’t think it would make a difference unless there’s something different in Nines broadcast technology lately?

  3. SBS are repeating ‘Tin Star’ tonight late-but much earlier than the 1st screening of 3 am or so. The series only finished its initial run a week or so ago.

  4. A unique piece of TV can be viewed on the SBS on Demand, the second episode of Stargate SG1 season 1 ‘Children of the Gods’ has the rarely seen full frontal nudity scene showing the possession of Sha’re, this was edited out for network TV and other future broadcasts.

    • It was shown in full when ‘Stargate SG1’ was first aired on 7 over the summer in the late 1990s-the series rated so well that it was immediately pulled as a summer filler and then put on the following year in ratings. The DVD box set is also uncensored as regards this and some coarse language in the 1st season.

  5. 10Peach has the remainder of season 1 of The Unicorn starting Tuesday week at 9pm in double eps. Picks up where we left off at ep 11 which screened in US in January.

  6. harrypotter1994

    “Should local dramas hold to await the return of international stars?”

    I said yes because how do you have Harrow without Ioan Gruffudd or The Secret she Keeps without Laura Carmichael.

  7. Just finished Homecoming Season 2. It was pretty good but isn’t anywhere near the level of the first season. I do wish Sam Esmail stayed on as director but I assume the new season would have been shooting around the same time as Mr Robot was finishing up? Honestly don’t see where Homecoming could go for a third season but I wouldn’t mind being surprised. But the ending of Season 2 seems like they intend it to be the very end.

  8. Just got an email from Foxtel saying free drama, kids, docos and entertainment plus has been extended until June 30th. That’s not bad for $10 a month.

  9. From Sunday 12pm SBS VICELAND is showing the Fifth Element again till well after midnight ,this is a woeful waste of bandwidth and should not be allowed.

  10. markmcgregor

    Morning David. Do you have any info on the Shudder streaming service starting up here. I clicked on it this morning and the front page of the site appeared instead of saying “not available in your area”, although I’m unable to sign up as yet…?

  11. This weekend ABC’s rage is having a T.I.S.M. special to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their guest programming. It would be awesome for the program to run right through until 11am or noon on Saturday’s although news about the virus is important.

    • Watching the TISM hour on Rage this morning, I didn’t realise til today that the very first person to appear in their “Thunderbirds Are Coming Out” video was Neighbours & Big Brother alumnus Blair McDonough, as part of the band Snubrocket miming to the song along with heaps of other bands. That is rather cool.

  12. Just a heads-up to those wanting to seea new episode of SVU ,tonight’s new episode season 21 ep 6 has been replaced by a repeat ,season 20 so 16 ,it says that in Fox guide and TVGuide,how silly.

    • I discovered the same about half an hour ago. So annoying. Sometimes I get the impression that programmers get their training by watching cats play with mice.

      But I suspect that the reason may be that MCA tonight is 90 minutes long (according to TVGuide) whereas it was originally programmed for 75 minutes with the new SVU ep starting at 20:45. Why 10 still couldn’t run the new SVU ep at 21:00 is ridiculous – it was only 15 minutes later after all.

    • I am becoming increasingly convinced that FTA networks are actually self sabotaging in the battle to retain viewers from streaming or other alternatives. How else can you explain showing repeats of a series when new episodes are available?

      If SVU wasn’t rating, it gets pulled. I get that. I might not like it, but I get it. But why replace it with repeat episodes? Wouldn’t it rate less? Would love to see a programmer actually explain these decisions.

  13. joshuasummers

    Once the networks start running dry on new programming, I reckon they should replay full series’ on their multi-channels. For example, 10 could do new specials everynight e.g James Corden, Cooking Shows, Bondi Rescue – but on the second channel Sun-Wed at 7:30, play S1 of Aus Survivor or similar.

    Give a little promo on the main channel, and try and get more people invested in the series, and the channels, so they can try increase their percentage? Thoughts?

    • Maev....Sydney

      I would love to see Ready, Steady, Cook….on any 0f 10s channels in the afternoon…
      But a some chefs are now very famous…would that be a barrier?

    • Good idea about the S1 of Aus Survivor. The show has picked up viewers as it has progressed and this year’s season was exceptional. The first series is not so long ago to seem irrelevant but enough to see the change. It could be promoted as “retro”!

  14. HI David…I do not go there but I notice in Green Guide a new (to me ) channel, 9RUSH. What is the theme and is it really worth doing for 1% viewing?

  15. I noticed last night Nine New Late was presented by Tracey Vo, assuming this is now from Perth? If so, what a great idea. Tracy is a terrific choice and I hope this wasn’t just a once off. The Perth team should own the late news.

  16. If this coming Sunday night’s episode of MasterChef AU results in an elimination, that will then leave 12 contestants. In previous years, MCA has then reintroduced the previous 12 eliminated contestants in the next episode for a cook off so that the winner can re-enter the competition. Based on previous seasons, this would occur this year on Monday night’s episode – but that is the ep in which social distancing makes its presence. Consequently, I wonder if bringing the previous eliminated contestants back for a cook off will occur this year. I really hope they do re-enter for a cook off.

    Once the competition is down to 12, the opening sequence historically reduces from featuring the original 24 contestants to just the final 12.

  17. God Friended Me finished on Sunday night. I don’t know if there has been another season commissioned but the show certainly seemed to indicate that this was “a wrap”. All the other seasons left on cliff-hangers, but not this one, more of a decide-your-own-ending finish.

    It was an interesting little show. Not exceptionally good in storylines, but the performances were good. Nice to have a drama without violence or swearing, but just sweet. Not really Christian, though.

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