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  1. Anyone looking for an evening screening of the Doctor Who eps currently (re)running on ABC weekday afternoons & overnights–they’re now over on ABC ME at 8pm-ish.

    If this is a full re-run on weekdays (checks Wikipedia for episode lists, does some quick calculations) it should finish late-May next year…

  2. Hello David and everyone.
    Just wanted to ask how the Will & Grace repeats are going on Eleven, haven’t seen it in the multichannel Top 20.
    I wish more people would pick up on just how funny it can be and how well it still holds up.

  3. I may have missed a post.
    But has anyone noticed neighbours is airing on Ten again airing at 2:30pm weekdays.
    Airing the day before episode from 11.

  4. Rather peeved that foxtel will be removing as of 31/01/2018, world movies, which has been on that service since 1995. The foreign films that world movies show are generally better than some of the Hollywood fluff that the main film channels air. Does anyone know why SBS(who i believe own the channel), have pulled the plug? Or was it foxtel trying to eliminate more channels like TCM, TV1, etc etc. Anyway I know stan has the world movies library and will be giving the foxtel film channels the flick from my packages as soon as the channel disappears from the screen. Another poor and questionable move by Murdoch and Foxtel .

    • World Movies has been running an awful lot of awful French movies with an R rating for several years. There’s a better foreign films on On Demand for free.

    • No news but I’m assuming it is Foxtel further cutting costs and taking channels in house. That is what that they did with SBS’ sister channel Studio, saying that with Foxtel Arts they can make exclusive STV and SVOD contracts as opposed to outside networks who only buy rights for their channels run and that can facilitate cable cutting. Given Foxtel are only culling and culling it is just disgraceful that they don’t pass that saving onto the customer. Like do you know Foxtel closing Movie Networks and Showtime and launching Foxtel Movies allowed for up to a 30% saving. Yet as a movie customer I don’t recall the price ever dropping, do you?

        • “loosing” @ Blake??? Or Losing, either way it is none of your business whether someone pays full price, 1/2 price or whatever for foxtel. The Original comment was about the decision by foxtel to remove a film channel, and not giving a damn about it’s customers.

          • If I could edit my spelling error on this site I would. I suggest you edit your contraction mistake I also made the other day. I suggest you read up on Muphry’s law. My question was for Josh777 and I’m sure they can answer for themselves.

  5. Hi David, I’ve seen your reluctance to explain what’s going on with PayTV posts in other comments. I think you kinda do owe it to loyal readers to explain what’s going on? If it’s a simple case of Foxtel not sending you updates, can’t you just do a post in the PayTV section saying ‘heads up loyal readers, Foxtel isn’t sending me updates, gee I hope it’s resolved soon’. Many people are invested in what goes on with your blog, and it’s coming across kinda rude when people are directly asking about the PayTV issue but you’re neglecting to provide clarity. Just my two cents but I feel the sentiment will be echoed by more than a few here.

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