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  1. I noticed this week that Eleven has dropped the 6pm Malcolm in the Middle, replaced with Fraiser. The 7pm Mike and Molly has been replaced with Will and Grace. 7:30pm is now various programs, rather than double Will and Grace, well on some nights when it’s triple W&G from 7pm-8.30pm. Not sure why they’ve made this move, they only recently got Malcolm back.

  2. Have you been paying attention is premiering on Sunday May 13 (according to some sources on the internet)
    Bold move for ten if this is true when you look at how successful it has been with the Monday night slot. I guess Roseanne would take that slot now.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Excellent 7.30 interview….I have barely watched for sometime now…but that was top stuff…for me…Good constructive questions and intelligent discussion…not adversarial….That young woman needs more interviews like that…not all the fluff…

  4. For some bizarre reason 11 is repeating the James Corden ‘Late, Late Show’ in the wee small hours after 1st showing it at 11.30pm or so-the audience for a repeat at 3.00am must be in double figures only!

  5. Maev....Sydney

    Just got around to the Final episode of Unforgotten….it did not disappoint…
    The whole 6 eps. of series 2 are still on iview ’til May 5th.

  6. It appears Seven is showing over two Fridays starting this week, The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ulton with the line before Infinity War comes out see these two films. Wouldn’t it be smart to have started this marathon last week as Infinity War comes out on the 25th of this month.

  7. The Last Post

    Hi David – is there any likelihood of The Resident returning to 7?
    We’ve been binging on it this week and – once we got past the pilot – have come to believe it’s a good drama – not as up there with The Good Doctor but at least giving Grey’s Anatomy a good run for their money.
    Thanks fo any insight.

  8. Is there any news yet as to when Foxtel plans to air the FX titles like American Crime Story, American Horror Story and Snowfall? They were supposed to be airing in April but still haven’t been on. It is very strange.

  9. US character actor R Lee Ermy has died at 74-started as a technical advisor for and a small part in ‘Apocalypse Now’, then a major role in ‘Full Metal Jacket’-also did much TV work over the years as well as films-he was very good in ‘Mississippi Burning’-did ‘The Simpsons’ a few times.
    Semper Fi, Gunny!

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