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  1. Is anybody here actually paying for 10 All Access? I had the free trial for three days, but cancelled it because the content was rubbish, and the IOS app had continual chromecast issues.
    Wondering if they have any new content since their launch, can’t see anything online and they won’t reply to my tweet.

  2. Saturday week at 7.30pm on ABC is the FTA premiere of season 7 of Death in Paradise shown a year ago in UK and on Foxtel. Followed by season 2 of Agatha Raisin shown couple months ago in UK.

  3. David, any idea whether 7 is going to air season 8 of Cold feet? I remember that S7 was on the 7Two rather than it’s main channel(I guess the shows popularity and the revival has not been as good as the original first 5 seasons). By the way, by accident, I discovered the 1st episode for S8 is up on Youtube, not sure how long for before it is removed.

  4. How clever of Seven’s Sydney News closed captioner to be up to 10 secs ahead of the reporter reporting “live” from the Gold Coast last night. Psychic or….? Hmmm.

  5. Mr game show fan

    Have not seen it being advertised anywhere yet but when is Channel 7 showing new episodes of The Good Doctor again?

    If my presumed calculations is correct, Channel 7 will need to show 2 episodes a week for 2 weeks to catch up to America.

    • The Good Doctor ads have been on high rotation on Seven. Will likely start when MKR comes back, but I’m not sure Seven will be in a rush to catch up to the US, with the season only having a handful of episodes left anyway.

      • Mr game show fan

        Have not seen those ads yet. Then again apart from test cricket and some BBL/WBBL games, I rarely watch Seven during the non ratings period.

        Yes it is not a given that they will do 2 eps a week but they might want to give Aussie fans like myself a chance to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

        I have been trying not to see any promos on Youtube for anything further than Season 2 Episode 11. The thumbnails for more recent episodes give the slightest of hints as to what will be happening.

  6. Re. Aust. Open, is it just me that was annoyed about Nine focussing on another Nadal demolition (over Berdych) instead of the hugely impressive U.S. player Frances Tiafoe winning in an upset over Gregor Dimitrov? I know a lot of people love Rafa, but still…

  7. Maev....Sydney

    I really enjoy Sunday with Miriam Corowa….I was not happy at first that she was no longer on morning weekends…but since I do not watch a lot of morning TV…this has worked out better…for me.

  8. We are about to go to the polls. Why not put up a ‘ ballot ‘ (not a referendum) with a choice of 5 dates, none of which should be the divisive, 26 th of January. First past the post is it. -done and dusted.
    I’m sure a certain prime Minister would love the distraction.

    • The above comment is in support of Brooke Boney and many like her. ‘No Australian’ should have to feel so aggrieved that it needs to be aired on TV. Lets fix this for once and for all.

      • Any date you want to propose ,other than the 26/1 , is fine by me, so we all win including and especially Brooke. End of subject comments by me.

    • For tragic personal reasons, New Years Day is now my least favourite day of the year. There’s no way I will ever celebrate it again. However, I do not stop others from celebrating it, nor do I request that the date of the public holiday be changed. Then again, I’m not a so-called TV personality, so why would anyone request a change of public holiday because of something I said.

    • The date can’t change because the JJJ countdown is on the January Long Weekend. Further, imagine all the diaries and calendars that will need to be changed, and all of those pre-printed citizenship certificates with 26/1on them that would be wasted. Its probably going to have to stay where it is on environmental grounds….

  9. News absolutely pathetic coverage of the Hurricanes win over the Scorchers, barely 30 seconds, you could have least shown the last three balls of a fantastic win! So much for local coverage!

  10. During IACGMOOH, you are probably familiar with the “Early Life Nutrition Coalition” advertisement.
    I have twice tried to get an explanation from them, but have no reply.
    The young girl ( about 8yo ) says —- ” My generation may not be as healthy , or live as long as those in the past.” —- Surely not ! Could someone please explain why she would say that ? I simply don’t get it, and don’t believe it. Any thoughts ?

    • Yes, that is a weird claim considering people born in 2000 are expected to live twice as long as people born in 1900. (ABS 2014a; ABS 2016). Not just weird but totally false.

  11. A short while ago on 3AW, it was announced that Nick Kyrigos will be joining the Channel 9 commentary team for commentary on the upcoming Federer match later today.

    If this is actually going to happen, I will definitely not be watching the match as much as I enjoy watching Federer. Many years ago, I vowed never again to watch anything to do with Kyrigos or Tomic and, thus far, I have managed to do that (other than news reports in the media).

    Again, if this is true, what is Channel 9 thinking? Kyrigos (along with Tomic) must surely be one of the most unlikeable players on the tennis circuit. Having Kyrigos as a commentator, Channel 9 are on a big gamble because there is a likelihood that he will be more of a turn-off than an attraction to Channel 9’s tennis coverage.

    • To me there really seems to be two sides to Kyrigos. I don’t like him on the tennis court and when he is in front of the media but he seems really nice away from it. I follow him on Twitter and it is like he is a different person. Such a pity because he has a whole lot of talent.

      • He’s not a you know what like Tomic! He seems to have a passion for tennis and so much potential, it’s just the behaviour/antics that I don’t like. Tomic couldn’t give a toss full stop and his fractured and very public relationship with Hewitt speaks volumes, the fact Hewitt is still welcoming Kyrgios.

        I thought Kyrgios’s commentary today was alright, not sure I want too much of it though.

        • Last night I didn’t listen to Kyrgios commentating the deminaur v Nadal match (as I had dinner in the city). I believe that Nine will use Kyrgios as commentary for the next few matches on tv.

  12. Seems that Ten has got back a couple of it’s Fox shows with repeats of New Girl from the beginning and Fresh off The Boat from the beginning starting next Monday on 10Peach. I hope they can get Bob’s Burgers even if in repeats (as Foxtel has first run rights now )Would be good if they could get Archer for 10Peach, (think ABC 2 has repeats though),

    Shows like Corner Gas Animated , Brickleberry etc.If they could get free to air rights to Final Space another idea, although this is a Netflix original it is from TBS .

    Couple of questions,was New Girl played out in full to the end of the last season ? also if they have repeats of FOTB would this mean they could air Season 4 after Foxtel ?

  13. On this site , I was going to ‘Search’ for — ‘valentine’, but I accidentally searched for ‘vale’.
    Boy , there must be a lot of absolutely brilliant programs and movies, being made in Heaven , and the after-parties must be sick !

  14. the background noise of the bugs in I’m a Celebrity is really unacceptable on a prime time show, if they had a decent sound technician surely it would not be that difficult to enhance the voices of the celebs & dull the bug noise?? it was getting quite hard to hear them during the trial last night.
    Probably part of Ten’s laziness, i notice they’re using the same set, same cut scenes etc as last year. They were smart to schedule this not to be up against MKR this year, i don’t think it would be rating as well if it was.

    • I agree , my Dad was a sound man on many movies and ads , by brothers and I would go on set to help him out on school holidays and after , it’s the sound mixers job to adjust noise out put , you can lover back ground noise for play back , wish Dad was still here he would fix it ASAP !

    • Yes, completely agree – I work in the pro audio/lighting industry and it is really easy to lower the bug sound. If they want the authentic sound, no problem, but lower it so it is dull background. Just reminds me of how loud and annoying the bugs were when I lived up the coast a few years ago!!

  15. 11 appears to have dropped their 6 ish pm repeat of ‘Entertainment Tonight’-that was brief, despite their relatively heavy promotion of it a few weeks back.

  16. As Home and Away is now confirmed to not be resuming until February what are TV Week going to do? In the next issue it says it’s what we’ve all been waiting for… the return of Home and Away! Find out what’s ahead for Jasmine, Robbo and co.
    With Futurama beginning this evening on 7 Mate will Bob’s Burger’s be joining the network too? When is new Simpsons coming back?

    • They’re not using their *4 channels. They are using 9 and 9Gem. And 9Go is being used for the 9 one during 6pm news only. Otherwise normal programming for Go and 9Life.

      Seven was exactly the same.

      3 channels is only used during summer Olympics (e.g.) Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 when it really is needed.

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