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  1. Not really feeling this AFL Grand Final.

    I think since the complete lack of Saturday afternoon FTA coverge in Victoria for so long the Saturday afternoon grand final has a bit more power, but this one feels just like a regular Saturday night game which has always felt like a lesser version of the Friday night game.

    But I bet the AFL will go look at these ratings and the afternoon game is a goner.

  2. Just wondering, is Idol 2022 or 2021? because I just saw an ad on 7 during the AFL for a 2021sneak peek showing Idol and saying it’s coming next year. Maybe I interpreted it wrong.

  3. Couple of last minute changes for next week probably in response to lacklustre ratings. Bluff City Law is now a double ep to finish its run on Tuesday on Nine, the eps split with a thirty minute late news bulletin in between and Masked Singer USA not on Wednesday on Ten.

  4. It goes without saying that the My Room telethon is always a wonderful initiative and an unbelievable success… but man was it boring… even coupling it with the Sunday Footy Show Grand Final Eve special… the entertainment factor was close to zero. Despite a great cause it’s still TV, so keeping people entertained is key… yawn.

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