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  1. Breaking News: The hotly-anticipated documentary, ABBA – Against The Odds will air on ABC TV on Sunday, June 9 at 8:30pm.

    Source: ABBA Omnibus

  2. As a Stan subscriber, I have just received an e-mail inviting me to add on Stan Sport, because they will have all 329 events at the Olympics, advert free, behind their pay wall. So what are 9 going to give us for free? For Tokyo, 7 gave us a dedicated channel for each event on 7+, that was free. Clearly 9 are not going to be so kind…

    1. Just wait it out like I did for Foxtel during the winter Olympics. They wanted people to pay extra to watch, then a few days in to the broadcast, they just made the channels free. I heard it was because they had very few takers. Maybe if only a few people subscribe to Stan sport they’ll do the same thing? I’m certainly not buying it after watching 7 give it all away for free for Tokyo.

      1. Foxtel tried that for Sydney @l^mp!cs in 2000. But nobody signed up the coverage in protest so they made it free to subscribers. That year I did get to see the fencing, Men’s road cycling and whole basketball games. Unusually all you get on the main channel is endless showing of Australians medals with bits of this and that in between when we aren’t winning medals.

    2. Yeah, I agree. All the CEOs got up there into the parliament hearing to say sport belongs on free to air, yet the Olympics will be behind a paywall when you compare it to seven and all channels/sports on 7+. Its a shame we will only get whats on 9…

  3. Hi there.
    Been wondering do TV Networks like Channel 7, have to to do Contract Rights to Broadcast the Lotto Draws? Who is in charge of that & why is it Always Channel 7 that has it??

    And also what was the Reason the Logie Awards moved to Channel 7, who decided that, and how long is it with Channel 7 until what Year??

    Cheers Many Thanks!

    1. I think 7 continues to get the lottery contract because they’ve done it for a long time. They would’ve probably negotiated that they have a wide reach and that they have a longstanding stable relationship with the lotteries.

      There are negotiations in the background. The winning contract bid would go to whichever network can demonstrate that they are the network to go with.

  4. Mornings on 10 from Monday 3 June. Drew is a 1 hour show, but 10 have billed two 30 minute episodes for some reason. Hopefully The Young and the Restless airs at 9am when it debuts on 1 July.

    8:00am | Neighbours (Ep9051)
    8:30am | The Bold and the Beautiful (Ep9268)
    9:00am | Dr. Phil (2016)
    10:00am | Good Chef Bad Chef
    10:30am | Deal or No Deal
    11:00am | The Drew Barrymore Show (S4 Ep1)
    11:30am | The Drew Barrymore Show (S4 Ep2)
    12:00pm | 10 News Midday

    1. That would mean no showing of ‘Entertainment Tonight’-the 8.00am one is theoretically a repeat but the previous afternoon’s broadcast is usually very brief or dropped entirely due to the length of the previous night’s reality/cooking show stuff repeat after it. The morning repeat was thus the only complete showing!

    2. re: The Drew Barrymore Show, apparently it changed to a 30 minute format from season 3 (2022). ET news says “two half-hour episodes are produced that can seamlessly run together back-to-back or be split apart to air separately.” I believe this format came about to allow some CBS affiliates to opt-out for news.

  5. So I was looking at an ABC page about the new channels and I noticed this line:

    “The daytime M zone on ABC TV, ABC Entertains and ABC NEWS will commence from 10am rather than 12pm.”

    My understanding is that the Foxtel version of ABC is the same channel nationwide to save on costs now, meaning that an 8pm show in Melbourne/Sydney will air at 6pm in Perth. Does that mean that under this setup, the Foxtel version of ABC could be showing M-rated programs at 8am on the west coast? Or even 7am in summertime when WA becomes 3 hours behind VIC/NSW? That doesn’t seem appropriate at all.

    1. It indicates some regulation changes of some sort, as the M rated content in the daytime would begin at 12 midday.

      It’s possible that you might have spotted a potential breach that could have been overlooked. It’s best to check the regulations first, though it could be taken up with the networks, then ACMA if it is a breach. It could also be that it may be too pedantic to follow it up if not many people would even care about that anyway. Some parents might care about that though.

      Over the years, the regulations for adult content have been becoming more lenient in general. More PG and M content in the mornings and daytime. There’s also parental lock features on TVs and devices.

        1. It’s the ACMA offices based in Belconnen, ACT, or remote ACMA offices or workers in other state capitals that set the legislation. ABC has some authority in this field, as they’ve got to self-regulate the content which is broadcasted, though the ultimate authority on this is ACMA.

          1. Commercial TV creates it’s own Code Of Conduct that has to be approved by the ACMA.
            The ABC and SBS make up their own rules and don’t need ACMA approval. They claim independence as public broadcasters and while the ACMA can investigates complaints about the ABC and SBS they can’t actually do anything to them. Though they can only ask the Commercial Channel to take internal action or take their license away, so basically do nothing too.

  6. Sad to hear about Dame Judi Dench’s retirement and latest health. One of the all time legends and one of my favourites, so diverse, spawning generations of fans. Oscar and other awards to boot. I reckon her best pal Dame Maggie Smith, won’t be far behind.

    1. It’s quite stoic how she preserved. Even getting other people to read scripts to her. It showed dedication. It gave the work added significance. It’s always good to see longevity in careers. Hopefully there can be awareness for providing aid to maintain longevity in the industry.

      1. It might not be her greatest performance, but I think “M” in James Bond from 1995 to 2012 was her best and arguably most memorable role, adored by so many and everyone was shocked and teared up when she bowed out. Not too dissimilar to “Skyfall” setting and themes, but always almost saw M as a bit of a metaphor for a monarch like the Queen.

  7. Hi David, is there a possibility that the UK version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here would air in Australia?

    It has aired here before in the past on UKTV and 9GO! respectively.

  8. Any word when ABC will show season 2 of Interview with the Vampire, I am currently watching season 1 on Iview and I am finding it excellent. I know season 2 has started to air on AMC in the US.

      1. Fair enough I thought it was going to be imminent as it was mentioned as a highlight in the article about ABC channels being re branded and launching in (June) that was posted a few days ago.

  9. The voice over guy for 60 minutes… give up the drink mate. Enough. We’ve had this gravel stretching voice for decades now, please take a rest and have a warm drink

  10. My wife watches that hyper screaming Deal or No Deal but the Friday show is a repeat. I just wonder if they are finding they can only record 4 shows comfortably in a day. Any help here please?

  11. Morgan Spurlock has passed away due to complications of cancer. He was 53.

    Although mainly known as a film documentary maker (famously “Supersize Me”), he did some television documentaries too – including three seasons of “30 Days”.

    1. Super Size Me did make McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and Burger King change their menus. Is Simpsons In 3D On Ice available through Disney +?
      R.I.P. Morgan

  12. I was just reading that the U.S (Peacock) are remaking the Australian 2011 ABC TV comedy series ‘Laid’. Interesting choice, but there was always talk that it would happen, dating back to when the show aired here.

    1. I remember it wasn’t great. And it seemed like the plot was fairly heavily influenced by the O’Connell family curse in Northern Exposure.

  13. Please please tell me when and if we are ever going to see the last season ‘7’ of Young Sheldon on a platform here in Australia? Neither Netflix or Foxtel or Paramount+ are shoeing it?!

      1. Nine owns the rights to Young Sheldon. They on sold the first run rights for Season 6 to Fox 8 and it’s no up on Nine Now, Binge, Netflix and Prime. They did the same thing with the final season of Mom. S7 is not available anywhere in Australia yet. It only just finished in the US.

  14. Managed to see the final episode of The Good Doctor, It was a very good episode and finale. I think it should air on seven sometime in Early August.

  15. Just watched this weeks Media Watch and now I know why my wife and I were surprised that Nine News did not have one mention of the death of a passenger who jumped overboard on a P and O cruise ship off Sydney heads ….. we were thinking it must happen all the time and not be newsworthy but as media watch surmises it would be because Nine have a commercial arrangement with Princess cruises which runs P and O !!!!! Seems like news probably on all networks is not news if it suits the network not to air it.

    1. Ever since COVID Nine and Seven’s breakfast, morning and news have been wall to wall cruise ship plugs. One is with P & O and one Royal Caribbean. The rest of the bulletins are sensationalist petty crime stories, with one consumer affairs story before the weather. The only TV news with a proper editorial policy that is enforced is SBS.

      1. It’s all about the advertising revenue now and not informing us as citizens of the news that is happening around the world. And we shouldn’t forget A Current Affair, which has trivial “stories” that doesn’t affect us and the world we live in (such as a snake that managed to get into a ute the other night).

  16. Just a comment on “The Chase” Australia. There are only 3 female Chasers, as opposed to 5 or 6 male Chasers. Isn’t it about time to even it up a bit, and add more females? I do love the show, but this is starting to bother me.

    1. They keep adding more and more chasers too. I like The Governess and The Beast but am not sure if he does the show anymore as the pay is not very good according to him.

    1. I got the email too and it’ll be interesting to see how the ads play out, I’ll give it a try before I decide if $3 PM is worth it for ad free.

  17. It just occurred to me…’Vera’….not only great story lines….excellent casting and acting….but it is also those huge, sweeping landscape views…spectacular!

    1. Yes they did make very good use of the Northumbrian landscapes, especially in the early episodes. As they did with the Shetland TVMs. Over time with budget cuts they rely more on South Shields locations and sets in Vera, and Glasgow in Shetland.

  18. Why no Jeopardy Australia tonight? Channel 9 has The Summit going from 7pm until 10.30pm. How come Pointless is gone back to showing repeats with original co-host Richard Osman? When will Young Sheldon’s last season be available for Australian audiences?

    1. Pointless has 110 episodes a year. So Nine shows many repeats. So they repeated some of S28 then jumped back to S27 (and I enjoyed seeing Richard again). Until they spring for S30 there won’t be any new episodes. S31 has started in the UK. I haven’t seen season 6 of Young Sheldon yet.

          1. Season 6 of Young Sheldon aired first on Foxtel, and been up for streaming on Nine Now. I’m just going to finish watching S4 & 5 of The Good Wife first.

          1. They were showing Tipping Point: Lucky Stars which is the celebrity edition. Though I thought the celebrities were more interesting than the standard contestants even if I didn’t know them.

            Richard Osman is also popular from House of Games, so it’s not a poor decision. Though viewers might prefer new episodes.

  19. Wish somebody would tell me what has happened to Britain’s Got Talent it was due to begin Last Thursday Night on 7 Mate but was replaced at the last minute by Crime Investigation Australia with no announcement whatsoever from 7

  20. Can someone explain to me why Ch9 is showing repeats of Tipping Point?
    I saw one on a Friday the other week, but tonight is Thursday and I’ve seen this one too. I’ve not seen every episode but I don’t like watching repeats!?!

  21. Wondering why The Chase Australia keeps introducing Mark Labbett ( The Beast ) every night….he has not been on there for nearly a year. Is he still contracted to Australia, and if so, why no show. As well we wouldn’t recognize him, as he has lost nearly 80 kilos.

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