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  1. I don’t understand how 10Bold just keep showing Jag on repeat from first episode to last episode over and over and over again? Surely there is something else they can replace it with?

    1. Paramount owns JAG. they picked it up when NBC cancelled it. I’m guessing they aren’t charging themselves very much to show it. And they have been showing Diagnosis Murder, Jake And The Fatman, Bull and NCIS over an over again too. Anything interesting is probably on Paramount+. 72 showed Pie In the Sky 12 times back to back. Gem has been showing New Tricks on Thursday for how long now?

      1. There is a difference in the sheer scale of ‘JAG’ madness though-as I mentioned previously, it’s been on constantly since 2010 and unlike some of the UK stuff it shows it’s age in low rez 4×3 video quality as well as the rate of repeats at unprecedented levels-no one would notice if it was only on once a week!

    1. The question is how much advertising they are selling. If they are still selling heaps, but nobody watches their shows, they are still very financially viable. If however, they get a show like MAFS, that just smashes the opposition every night, but they cant sell advertising for any period, they will fail, as free TV eyeballs actually mean nothing to their bottom line…

      1. If nobody is watching, nobody is buying the ads that aren’t being watched. It will had for them to make enough money to keep the light on from shopping channels, infomercials and product placement.

  2. 10 has a new Commbank-sponsored finance lifestyle show at 6pm Saturdays called The Brighter Side. Hosted by Georgie Tunny, Jess Irvine, Adam Liaw and Narelda Jacobs.

  3. In case it was missed as I couldn’t find it mentioned on TV Tonight, Fetch TV has recently launched or added My Zen to their line-up. It’s a channel about lifestyle, well-being, yoga etc.

    I just think it’s a really cool channel.

  4. Suspected it was. Started watching it after FBI, L&O:SVU, etc. Missed some things. Will be watching no more. Pre-recorded news. What a joke.

  5. For those of you who are waiting for the good doctor to air on seven i just saw a promo that it starts Tuesday may 28 I haven’t watched it but when i see promos for it all I can think of is Norman bates as a doctor

  6. What has happened to Britain’s Got Talent it was being advertised as starting tonight on 7 Mate but it is no longer in the schedule I was looking forward to watching the show again as I always do

  7. Hi Guys, first time here, I am a fan of the US drama, The Good Doctor, which is about to finish in the US, after 7 seasons. I am wondering, why has Channel 7 as yet refused to air the final season, they don’t seem interested in airing it even on one of the digital channels. If they are not going to air it, allow Prime to show it? I know of a site or 2 that I might have to use if 7 don’t start to show it in the next month. There are only 2 episodes of the final season left.

    1. I saw a promo last night on channel 7 that it is coming back on 27 or 28 May. So still a few weeks to go and looks like it will start after it finishes in the US.

    2. They had 9-1-1 and Marlow Murder Club to put on first. This way they know all the episodes will be available, can screen them without production breaks and they will get a larger audience for them in Winter.

  8. You probably need to get the liquid paper out for the current poll and cover up Australia. Perhaps you can put Cyprus in our place, noting their representative was born in Sydney…

  9. And on another repeats issue-who on Earth still watches ‘JAG’ now? It’s been on high rotation constantly since 2010 or so and being shown as a filler so much the whole thing gets shown 4 times a year now!

    1. On the whole now that we have streaming . I think the minor digital channels like 10 bold that only show repeats and maybe only 3 different shows a day are largely become irrelevant. Remember when you could go through just the 4 main channels 2,7,9 and 10 and can normally find something to watch? I find myself going through all the channels and end up switching over to streaming due to lack of variable content.

      1. By now, anyone with the least interest in seeing it has had a decade and a half’s opportunity to see it’s 4×3, low res glory a hundred times…

  10. SBS has apparently dropped ‘Scrubs’ from the late Monday night lineup on SBS2-I rather doubted they would have the commitment to show all 10 seasons…

    1. It started getting pushed later and later after a few weeks. Last I saw it it was on after midnight and clashing with L&O: OC on Nine when I gave up on it. They mainly wanted it for streaming anyway.

    1. 9GO! is in high definition on Channel 99 here in Melbourne as well (just rescaned after discovering your post). Interstingly, 9GO! was originally on Channel 99 when it was launched before moving to Channel 93.

      Thanks for the tip-off.

  11. SBS has a relatively new channel on SBS On Demand, which is the visual channel for SBS Chill. It’s in a similar style to the French channel My Zen Nature. I think it’s a great way to relax and unwind with scenic and Slow TV content.

    It would be great to have this channel included on terrestrial free-to-air, as many TVs in hotels or motels don’t have smart capabilities, or for people that don’t have smart TVs.

    NITV is now duplicated with standard definition, though I’m not sure if it’s okay to replace that yet, as some people in Indigenous communities might not have upgraded to current technology yet.

    Though if there’s any bandwidth available, SBS Chill visual would be a great addition to terrestrial free-to-air.

  12. The commercial networks now have FAST or Linear Streaming, as many of you would be aware by now. This is a format that is yet to be utilised by ABC and SBS. Could it be a way for ABC and SBS to improve content output and gain more views by introducing Linear Streaming channels? For example, digging through the archives and having channels dedicated to shows like Mother and Son etc. Any thoughts and agreement about this?

    There’s a market for curated content. Sit back, relax and let experts program the content for you without having to think about which episode or season to watch.

        1. I’ve sent them an email about it. We’ll see what happens. It could be the app version. SBS Food has promoted it as the 24/7 channel for favourite Luke shows.

          1. It was the operating system on the TV. The TV is old now. It’s not very old, though it’s outdated.

  13. Hoping one of the TV Tonight family can help…. does anyone know why Law & Order: SVU episodes are not available on the Ten Play app? Thanks in advance.

      1. No repeat airings either on FTA either. They appear to be exclusively for sale at Apple, with S26 coming soon. Foxtel is only up to showing S23. Seven Flix is showing S10. Maybe you are supposed to watch them live.

        1. NCIS S21 eps are Error – Video Not Found. A repeat of S21.5 didn’t air last night on Bold. The EPG lists 21.6 next Tuesday’s ep as having aired instead. I only wanted to watch 21.7, though that looks like a clip show.

    1. It’ll be due to rights. Seven and Foxtel have the NBC-U output and have various series and seasons (it appears Seven have a lot exclusively and possibly requested/paid for such – of note it was doing really well on 7flix and 7Plus last year and presumably this year apparently before the new VOZ ratings stopped us seeing a lot of data). While FTA, STV, BVOD and SVOD are usually all licenced separately, it’s not always the case, especially when exclusivity comes into play. 10’s would be legacy, a ‘life of series’, which maybe they only have first run broadcast rights these days. It’s currently across Seven, 7Plus, Foxtel, Foxtel Go, Binge and Amazon Prime. And then there’s TVOD or first pay (iTunes, etc) which is different again.

      1. SVU would do well because it one of those shows were everybody has watched some of it and knows the characters and format, but don’t remember many of the episodes. It gets harder and harder to keep finding such shows.

      2. Messy rights deals like this where the one show has different seasons on many platforms can cause people to lose interest in a show, as it gets frustrating trying to find where they are or too much to keep subscribing to another platform. My wife loves all the Law and Order franchises, but struggles to find them, and when she does, some seasons are on one, some franchises on another, some not even able to find, etc… Luckily with the new ep of SVU on last week, Fetch recorded it for me, I would have just assumed we could get it on 10play after it aired like anything else we miss and don’t record.

  14. I was thinking Sam was doing a good job hosting Farmer till Nat Gruzlewski showed up …. So genuine and warm ….. was she pushed out for a higher profile personality …. I don’t see her on any other TV show ?

  15. Hey David, could you please tell me who is going to be giving out Australia’s “douze points” this year for Eurovision 2024?

    1. And in somewhat minor yet also significant at the same time ‘news’… Seven appear to have finally dropped their “HD” sport watermark add-on during telecasts, as seen on LCN 70 (7HD) Melbourne last night during Front Bar and tonight during AFL. Dates back to 2016 I believe when the main channel returned to HD (after it was only 7mate on the multiplex due to bandwidth/tech for years) and separately there was that “7HD” era between 2008 and 2009. It became a staple on-air look as part of Seven’s multitude of coverage over the past 8 years, bye bye.

  16. Have just finished Season 2 of Hotel Portofino. Wow.
    What an absolutely exquisite gem of a show. It seems to be one of those under the radar shows that doesn’t get the promotion or exposure that it deserves and it should! Beautifully filmed and written, superbly acted. Just can’t speak highly enough of it. Bring on season 3.

  17. Was catching up on the latest season of “Chucky” last night on 9Now and one of the adverts was for ABC iView (Always Free, Always Entertaining). Found that kind of strange for Channel 9 to be plugging ABC?

  18. Watching Channel 10 at the moment. Their on-air watermark has been repositioned to the top right corner of screen. Anyone know if this is a permanent move? 10Bold and Peach are unchanged (bottom right).

      1. It’s not a “watermark”. A watermark is translucent or transparent, such as ABC. 10’s is opaque, or solid, and is therefore a graphic, and is so bright it’s damn annoying.

          1. I’m definitely not a fan of the watermarks advertising other shows. It makes me change the channel at times. It’s such a big distraction.

          2. I usually cover the bottom right of my TV screen when watching channels with those distracting watermarks.

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