10 Peach, 10 BOLD rebranding as 10 Peach Comedy, 10 BOLD Drama.

Two more multichannels will be changing their names from next week, and it's a mouthful.

10 is rebranding two of its multichannels.

10 Peach will become 10 Peach Comedy and 10 BOLD will become 10 BOLD Drama from Wednesday June 12, to better reflect their broad programming.

Both were rebranded in 2018, having previously been known as ELEVEN and ONE.

“Did you hear the one about 10 Peach changing to 10 Peach Comedy? Featuring nothing but comedy classics, you’ll be laughing from the pit of your stomach,” a 10 spokesperson said.

“From Friends to Frasier, Becker and Big Bang, if you ap-peach-iate a good laugh, this is the channel for you!

“Plus, in a dramatic turn of events, 10 BOLD has transformed into 10 BOLD Drama, where every show has more twists and turns than the last.

“Do you want 24/7 access to the best local and international dramas the world has to offer? NCI-YES please!”

It isn’t yet clear if there might be some minimal programming changes, but Neighbours replays are not moving channels.

Not sure why we didn’t just brand as 10 Comedy and 10 Drama, but whaddo I know?

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  1. Just looked at the EPG for the end of this coming week. Peach Comedy will air non-comedy shows such as MasterChef Australia, The Drew Barrymore Show, Good Chef, Bad Chef, and Home Shopping. So Help Me Todd is also on Peach, it’s a comedy drama, a bit like Monk and Psych, but it’s one I’d have thought would sit in Bold Drama.

  2. As long as 10 Peach keep the classic 3 year old Bold & the Beautiful episodes going at 3.30am they can call the channel 10 Fruit Salad if they want. That’s all I watch of it as there is nothing else of interest to me. What about adding Married With Children now that’s a great classic comedy series.

  3. Never a good idea to use genre based names when you’ve other content to accommodate – have they learned nothing from ABC Comedy?

    Peach and Bold were always crap names but generic enough to allow each channel to air anything. Seems pretty dumb to rename them associated to two genres which are frankly dying on Aussie FTA TV. I guess live sport will be passed off as drama now.

  4. I have to agree with David in the article, why not rebrand to 10 Comedy and 10 Drama. But what will happen to the sport content on 10 BOLD? And does anyone know what will happen with Channel 16 when TVSN moves to Channel 77 on 1 July? Perhaps a sports channel (in HD of course) will be a good move to put the A-League on (a reincarnation of One HD?).

  5. (One of) 10’s problems is that they have such trouble admitting when they got a decision wrong. Perfect opportunity to actually rebrand to 10 Comedy and 10 Drama and they cooked it.

  6. My first thought – check the date to make sure this isn’t 1st April! David, they’re basically writing next year’s gag article for you….

  7. Back then I used to enjoy One HD in 2009-10. But when Lachlan Murdoch and the board came in 2011, they ended One HD as a sports channel and changed as One, though they still retain the Hd signals. One dropped to SD when Ten HD returned in 2016. When the rebrand came in, One was changed to 10Boss (and I wasn’t a fan of this name), a couple of months later it changed to 10Bold.
    Still miss the days of the green One logo more and more with every passing year.

  8. I think it makes sense from a marketing perspective to be more identifiable. If someone sees the channel in the list, they’ll know it’s a comedy or drama channel. If they’re not familiar, they might see Peach and not know, or guess that it might be a cooking channel or something else. There are more channels nowadays, so it’s good to stick out from the crowd.

  9. These channel name changes – first ABC and now Ten – are just bewildering if not totally unnecessary.

    Peach was always a stupid name, Bold not much better. Just go back to Eleven and One.

    Likewise at ABC, just do ABC2, ABC3, etc.

  10. Peach and Bold have become iconic and beloved Australian brands –
    Australians would be crushed if they were removed from their lives.

    Longer names also means bigger water marks… er… Colour Captions… um.. – so we can cover even more of your screens with our graffiti … er.. your treasured Channel 10 family channel names.

    (Found in the Channel 10 publicity first draft dumpster? )

    1. It feels like yesterday when none of the five networks filled our screens with watermarks. In an age of digital TV (where channels/show titles pop with up the press of a button), watermarks are even less useful.

  11. Totally agree David just drop Peach and Bold from the name, those names were ridiculous from when they were first used
    As you said… “but whaddo I know”?

    1. That name is reserved to be the name of the entire network, just like Nine Entertainment is the parent company for the Nine Network and all their channels / services.

  12. Have the people at 10 have nothing better to do than come up with ridiculous channel names? Peach was always a bizarre channel name, but now Peach Comedy. And then to keep Neighbours on a comedy channel, just ads more layers of befuddlement. Remember the 10BOSS attempt that failed after a matter of days?

    1. Funny your last statement – that’s exactly what I thought when I read the headline. Then again, they probably spent millions on a PR firm to come up with this rebranding strategy… and that’ll probably be step two in a few years from now (if they survive that long) e.g. drop Bold and Peach. God forbid they make such drastic changes at once by completely changing the names, it might confuse the viewer or two these channels still have!

  13. The problem doing this is they repay shows like Masterchef, Survivor, etc on these channels as well which dilutes the branding. If it’s a comedy channel air comedy not encores of non related shows.

    1. I agree, Peach and Bold complicates it further. Though Ten is a known brand in Australia. Unless they want to start fresh with Peach and Bold as separate entities that could be expanded with additional channels later as a remarketing exercise.

  14. Your not the only one David, just reading the title of the article I was thinking they could just remove Peach & Bold and have them as 10 Comedy & 10 Drama.

    I guess it so they can still use 10 Bold & 10 Peach in promos? Like for the A-league matches that have been on 10Bold.

    Instead of saying ‘watch on 10 Drama’ which could be confusing they can still use ‘watch in 10Bold’ and drop the Drama part from the promo 🤷‍♂️

    Still think a simpler and shorter name would be better

      1. It may not be Paramount for long. Skydance has reported upped it’s offer for National Amusements and a merger with Paramount. Skydance would mostly want Paramount Pictures Studios and it’s IP like Star Trek. What they would do with a Network overly invested in procedurals and loss making streaming service and foreign TV stations is anyone’s guess.

        Does it matter what they are called if all there are is continuous repeats of 20 year old shows? Evil S4 was listed on Bold, but it and the repeats of S3 have been dumped and replaced with NCIS repeats.

  15. Just rename it to 10 Fruit Basket, and 10 Boldly Overdramatic.

    If they had a chunk of Disney, they’d name a channel 10 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    Who does the market research on this stuff?! You’re wasting money, or you’re being pranked.

  16. Agree – what an opportunity to get rid of two of the worst channel names ever with 10 Comedy and 10 Drama! Also would have been a good time for Ten to put 11/Peach/Comedy into HD as well.

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