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  1. I thought Seven were already risking saturation airing the UK version of The Chase at 3pm and the Aussie version at 5pm – now they’re really pushing it with Beat The Chasers UK at 2pm as well!

    1. I think it’s to do with the competition Tipping Point. There’s the lead-in with Beat The Chasers, which is somewhat novel in Australia, so it’s relatively fresh. Then there’s also Pointless as well.

      Game shows are some of the highest rating shows that can be shown during the afternoon. It can be difficult at times to choose. Do I watch the UK version today?, do I prefer this version over that version?, am I in the mood for one game show over the other today?

      The scheduling is just as competitive as the game shows themselves.

      1. What happened to all that afternoon news between 2pm and 4pm that 7 & 9 insisted people wanted a few years back?

        All it gave us was white jacket-gate.

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