Bree beats cancer scare

Big Brother’s Bree Amer has beaten a cancer scare thanks to the efforts of a viewer noticing a lump in her neck.

The Wollongong doctor spent hundreds of dollars phoning Channel TEN and Ralph Magazine urging Amer to have a diagnosis -but the messages were never passed on. Eventually he made contact via the parent of a patient who was also a BB contestant.

“I had been feeling tired but I just put that down to being lazy,” Amer told the Perth Now.

“I also had some trouble breathing and the doctors diagnosed asthma. Apparently they didn’t notice the 5cm tumour pushing into my windpipe.”

A year later she has been given a clean bill of health.

“It was awful. It was a pretty stressful time,” she said.

Amer, who is now co-hosting Friday Night Download, says she is currently dating former BB housemate Bodie Czeladka.

Source: Perth Now.

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  1. Ah yes David, I should have noted the “a year later” line in there.

    Great to hear she’s okay; with the way it got discovered, she’s got to be one of the luckiest women alive.

    See, Friday Night Games DOES have a point! 🙂

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