It Takes Two on hold?

Will It Takes Two join The Great Outdoors, The Outdoor Room and Make Me A Supermodel on the bench?

itt-juliaThere are question marks over the future of It Takes Two this year with a report today claiming it has been put off until mid-year, if it goes to air at all.

Last year the show took a seasonal average of just under 1.3m -which in this climate is worth greenlighting again.

But added with Dancing with the Stars, Seven may be struggling to convince people it can find enough celebrities for both franchises. For some time now there has been scepticism these shows are finding enough A-listers to balance against a flood of D-listers.

Seven may be opting to push them all into Dancing instead.

The network was always coy about which shows would be returning this year. So far The Great Outdoors, The Outdoor Room and Make Me A Supermodel have been reportedly shelved. What, for example, is the future of Battle of the Choirs?

Denyer is currently hosting Australia’s Got Talent which is pulling a good audience on Wednesday nights.

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  1. Not surprised here. Boring show, boring format, boring judges, boring “celebrities (and I use that term lightly), and very boring host.

    And A grade personalities, I don’t think so! Isn’t it weird that the majority of people that win Dancing with the Stars are people from channel 7? Coincidence, I think not!

    No more Grant Denyer? Gotta love it.

  2. A big fat meh for ITT, but Battle of The Choirs, despite you’d think targeting the older demos, was a pretty entertaining show. I watched about 3 episodes of it, and I would watch it again, it was pretty good.

  3. I hate these awful celebrity shows, but it’s great way to promote your network’s “stars”. Seven seems to have perfected the art like no other network.

    Surely they haven’t scraped the bottom of the barrel for Z listers just yet? Maybe they can a “best of” and bring them back for sloppy seconds?

  4. i don’t think that this will return. not because of the ratings or content of the show, just because it won’t fit into the year. tuesdays and sundays are full for the year and if an opening does come up i’m sure DWTS will take priority.

    have there been any updates on ‘the one’? i was surprised that it was not renewed straight away with the ratings it got but last time i checked it was still under question.

  5. i’d also like to know the future of The One, Surf Patrol, The Real Seachange, Bush doctors, Out of the question, this is your laugh, crash investigation unit. does anyone have info on these?

    “the one” definately pulled the numbers but seems to have been forgotten.

    also it is official that there will be no more rich list and gladiators. isn’t it?

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