Linda Hunt joins NCIS: Los Angeles

lhCharismatic actress Linda Hunt will join as a regular cast member of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Hunt will play a hard-nosed former film industry technician who oversees the “backroom” support staff, providing everything from micro surveillance cameras to cars for the team.

Australian Shane Brennan who is the show’s executive producer says, “Nothing fazes her.

“But as tough as she might seem, she genuinely cares about Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and the team.”

Linda Hunt shot to fame in the Peter Weir-directed feature The Year of Living Dangerously and has more recently appeared in Without a Trace, The Unit and Carnivale.

She will fill the void left by the departure of Louise Lombard, who co-starred in the pilot in a different role.
Louise Lombard appeared in the backdoor pilot as Macy, but was dismissed last month. It’s still unclear whether she’ll be replaced.

Source:, Hollywood Reporter


  1. I love Linda Hunt, but pi**ed as hell that they got rid of Louise Lombard. She was the main attraction for me, as I’m not fond of “spy” type shows.

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