Airdate: The Pursuit

MaudeNickelodeon presenter Maude Garrett will host a weekend afternoon show to air on Nine.

The Pursuit sees 3 teams of 2 people race around Australia’s capital cities in a giant treasure hunt.

In one day, they will crack four cryptic clues that lead them to four secret locations, where the first across the finishing line gets the rights to go into the Grand Final.

The series is likely to be another branded, sponsor show with a prize of$25,000.

It premieres 4:30pm Sunday October 11th, to be followed by The Great Aussie Cook-Off.


  1. Straight Shooter

    Yes … the Great Chase was in cars.

    I hear this show is in cars … on foot … on water … whatever it takes to get to the finish line.

    About time we had a local A-Race type show … sounds like something the whole family can watch with Maude out front too … so I will definitely be tuning in to see what it’s like.

  2. Anthony Sullivan

    Like Maude Garret- a lot so it’s strange to see her fronting a 9 show (hope Nickelodeon allowed this)-will be very interesting to see how The Pursuit rates.

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