1.8m as Underbelly wraps

On a competitive night of viewing, the last episode of Underbelly was a winner with 1.8m viewers. In Melbourne it took 584,000 viewers, and in Sydney there were 575,000.

The drama easily won its timeslot over The Good Wife‘s 843,000 and ABC’s Little Dorrit 716,000.

Seven’s lengthy Dancing with the Stars, scheduled from 6:30 – 9:00pm, pulled 1.42m while its movie Death at a Funeral was 749,000.

That wasn’t enough to take down MasterChef‘s 1.78m viewers. The Sunday edition was last week’s top rating show, but Nine’s drama is already eyeing the top prize for this week.

Elsewhere last night Doctor Who was 983,000, and Customs and RBT (1.37m / 1.32m) beat Merlin (1.09m). SBS scored 503,000 with FIFA World Cup: Germany v England.

GO! was a strong performer with a 4.5% share. The Big Bang Theory was it’s top performer on 357,000 viewers.

ONE was ahead of the rest on 2.9%, thanks to 248,000 watching the FIA Formula One World Championship, well ahead of the 97,000 watching it on TEN.

The Nine Network won Sunday night.

Week 27


  1. I know I seem to be in the minority here, but i really enjoyed underbelly. I think its great to see so many familiar faces of Australian TV on the one show.

    But yes, i was pi**ed that it ran over, just glad i decided to watch it as well as IQ it. They knew what time it was going to end, why not update the EPG.

  2. How about the fact that Underbelly ran 15mins overtime?
    I was recording this while watching the F1 & luckily flicked over to check it had ended before House started, only to find it still going.

    @secret squirrel : exactly my thoughts, although only gasped, its lucky there was a long runoff at that corner!

  3. Not a bad ending, i think that thing with Kim and the Rat was actually real, i think i saw a photo somewhere of the real Kim Hollingsworth with a rat on her shoulder

    Now we have to wait for series 4

  4. Underbelly was remarkable – who knew that everyone in the cross was murdering, drug dealing crooks, except Imbrahim, who was really just a nice guy who got to be ‘king of the cross’ through purely his nice smile.

    Did Imbrahim get a writing credit?

  5. The whole series was a load of crap. It has been on in my house as my partner watches it. He agreed this season was a total let down and last nights eposide was a boring.

    @Regan totally agree with the rat licking her blood…. WTF?? and why did they even bother with the rat anyway…. totally stupid !

    It was agreed last night there will be no more watching of any future Underbelly seasons in our house.

  6. I think for a show in its 10th season that is a tried format, maintaining 1.4mill over 2 and a half hours is pretty good, considering it was also up against tough competition.

  7. I’m a fairly progressive, open minded guy, but having the rat licking Kim Hollingsworth’s blood off her naked breast was a bit much I think.

  8. Not ratings related, but I for one am very thankful that S3 of ‘Underbelly’ is now over. What a tired, drawn out series.
    Last night’s montage of Kim Hollingsworth’s background, and the ensuing encounters with a rat topped off a very tedious finale.

  9. Yay for nine.. don’t rule me out as a fangirl yet, I did watch abit of 10 for masterchef and 7 for dancing with the stars, but it was the same old thing.

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