Foxtel eyeing AFL drama project

Foxtel is said to be producing an AFL drama project as part of its new AFL channel for 2012.

The new channel, to be the feature of its new AFL rights deal, is to be based at Foxtel’s City Rd, South Melbourne studio, currently home to the Comedy Channel and 111 HITS. Last week TV Tonight revealed that staff had been offered their roles in Sydney as part of a relocation.

Foxtel is also said to be pursuing AFL commentators from television and radio, including Seven’s Hamish McLachlan and TEN’s Anthony Hudson. The Herald Sun¬†reports both have already met with Foxtel execs.

After TEN signalled its exit from the AFL, the new channel could be a good opportunity for some of TEN’s team.

The channel will also feature wall-to-wall footy-themed entertainment.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    This will not be the first time they will have a AFL channel. I am sure people remember FOX Footy Channel. As Ten has found out with ONE a neich channel needs more programing which suits the channel and it also needs to be relatively cheep to produce or buy. I am tempeted to go into another anti Murdoch tiraid of how their is a huge conflict of interest but i will not. I dont think Huddo will go to Fox i bet he will go back to Seven presuming Ten dump the Swimming Australia broadcast rights, which is a posibility.

  2. Here’s a suggestion for a AFL drama series: the Specky Magee books.

    Surely, there’s enough material in those eight books, plus any new Specky books in the future, to develop a strong drama series with longevity.

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