CBS orders full season of Two Broke Girls

Good news for Nine with new sitcom 2 Broke Girls getting a full season from CBS.

CBS has picked up its new comedy series 2 Broke Girls for a full season.

The sitcom, co-created and exec-produced by Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) has pulled impressive numbers with 15.5 million viewers and scoring with 18- to 49-year-old viewers.

The show features two 22-year-old women from different backgrounds who wind up waiting tables at the same diner and strike up a friendship with the hopes of launching a successful cupcake business. It’s due to air in Australia on Nine.

The other co-creator is Whitney Cummings, whose own sitcom Whitney was picked up for a full season by NBC, along with comedy Up All Night.

Comedies are proving to be the winners this season with Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl picked up for a full season earlier this week.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Nine are idiots. Why not attempt a comedy block on Tuesday. I 100% agree with Ben on this one. Its the same competition as a Monday on Seven and TEN is basically mediocre anyway so why not try and forge a comedy block Tuesday?

    2 Broke Girls is a fantastic comedy. Lets hope Nine don’t treat it like Mike and Molly, Big Bang and Two Men. If it does then say goodbye to a great new comedy.

  2. First episode of 2 Broke Girls was ok at best. Watchable. I didn’t make it through much of the second episode.

    Seriously it’s such a lazy concept.

    Also is Whitney. First episode was a paint by numbers even more uninspired show. I watched a couple minutes of the second ep before switching it off. Lifes too short.

    I like Whitney Cummings from her comedy, interviews, but these shows are not funny or clever. I think he humour is from being not bad looking and crude. Which doesn’t factor in these shows comedy

    Up All Night, it’s not great but it’s enjoyable and has a lot of potential. Glad it’s picked up.

    New Girl, also not great but it’s quite watchable and like up all night, when on TV here in Aus I will be sticking with.

    There’s something too these shows. Unlike the first two, which are horrid, bland and totally uninspired.

  3. This show should be at 8pm Tuesdays just before Two and a Half Men!

    7:00pm The Big Bang Theory
    7:30pm The Big Bang Theory
    8:00pm 2 Broke Girls
    8:30pm Two and a Half Men
    9:00pm The Joy of Sets

  4. So glad to see New Girl getting a full season, that show is brilliant. Zooey makes it what it is obviously.

    Little shocked at Whitney… i love Whitney Cummings on Chelsea Lately but from what i’ve seen it’s pretty weak. Less “lol’s and more “heh”s….

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